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Gov't Mule 04/21/07
Jupiter Bar & Grill, Tuscaloosa, AL
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Source Summary Gov't Mule 2007-04-21 The Jupiter - Tuscalossa, AL (AKG 414ULS) 
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Gov't Mule
Jupiter Bar & Grill
Tuscalossa, AL

Source: AKG 414ULS (hypers / DIN) > R-4 Pro w/ Busman T-Mod

Location: FOB, 2' right of center, 20' from stage @ 10' high.

Set 1
1. Crowd
2. Bad Little Doggie
3. Mr. High & Mighty
4. Rocking Horse
5. Banks Of The Deep End
6. Thelonius Beck
7. Larger Than Life
8. Breakdown
9. A Million Miles From Yesterday
10. Thorazine Shuffle

Set 2
1. Crowd
2. Hammer & Nails >
3. Fools' Moon
4. Brighter Days
5. Ramblin' Gamblin' Man ^
6. Drums
7. Effigy
8. Mule
9. Soulshine

10. Crowd
11. Champagne & Reefer
12. Can't You See

^ Satisfaction Tease
* Featuring the "Pride Of The Crimson Tide" all Girl Dance Troupe

Total Time: 157:15:15

Notes: Minor level adjustment at beginning of track 2.

Editing: SoundForge 8.0: 24bit/48kHz > 16bit/44.1kHz
Resample to 44.1kHz: Anti Alias, Interpol accuracy 4
Dither to 16bit: Triangular w/ Noise Shaping, Equal Loudness Contour
Tracking: CD Wave
FLAC Conversion: Traders Little Helper (Level 6)

Taped, transfered and seeded by Jeff Hatcher (habit1973 at gmail dot com)

Go see Gov't Mule and buy their SH&T!
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cb24d7e6194f6f239fb2fe789f7e830a *gm2007-04-21jhatcher01.flac
5b93e1952435e8d8bb5ecfd1c3fa8889 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher02.flac
6d5392c1463b157e17e845d28d66b23e *gm2007-04-21jhatcher03.flac
e1e2d6a09fb72545eefef01974c41f4d *gm2007-04-21jhatcher04.flac
6b6cfd308c298b2f35203575190e1841 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher05.flac
4c348ac9fdfb34bd5bd93c39e3836811 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher06.flac
4316c31bd62e36b2f0cde0068f7fe48d *gm2007-04-21jhatcher07.flac
6cf3ec42b653f37061bfae75ee392661 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher08.flac
f405acf91527da4a66e54ecdb70a164f *gm2007-04-21jhatcher09.flac
849dd605bf71408fbe04781e0e19b242 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher10.flac
35b08c1888991b3ad51f190144c53856 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher11.flac
52b12af6109b177785626617d996c8d2 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher12.flac
bbd5df0636518860c23dcc83b73cd66b *gm2007-04-21jhatcher13.flac
8ee69b41d3b104692dfa9597bd99cb57 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher14.flac
a9374110f78606037a2450d161b2537e *gm2007-04-21jhatcher15.flac
75ef32006aa1a0582ff1b039c52cfafd *gm2007-04-21jhatcher16.flac
e3af1b1078aad15660dd3b6fe90c7e61 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher17.flac
5888254339cd5363bd01905ec69db99d *gm2007-04-21jhatcher18.flac
cae45f2cc77ffd22fc06a286fe8afeb0 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher19.flac
9265ac85ed59efaa74ad816a037b9c28 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher20.flac
547f269e689669c4433304d5b5b25e71 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher21.flac
f4c9b91af1fe260461a413977eb6f024 *gm2007-04-21jhatcher22.flac

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