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Gov't Mule 07/12/07
Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
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Source Summary AU, CFCard, M>(Neumann 184s>Tascam HD P2>CFCard, 24bit @ 192000Hz)>HD>WAV> Midiman Audiophile 24/96>WaveLab 6>downsampled to 24bit, 41100Hz>FLAC 
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Government Mule
THU, July 12, 2007
Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

AU, CFCard, M>(Neumann 184s>Tascam HD P2>CFCard, 24bit @ 192000Hz)>HD>WAV> Midiman Audiophile 24/96>WaveLab 6>downsampled to 24bit, 41100Hz>FLAC

taper: Uwe Dehnel (UD), [[email protected]]

CD 1
Million Miles From Yesterday
Thorazine Shuffle
Patchwork Quilt
Don't Step On The Grass Sam
Slow Happy Boys
I Believe To My Soul
Mr. High & Mighty
I'm A Ram>
Love Me Do>
I'm A Ram
From A Whisper To A Scream
Third Stone Jam>

CD 2
Rocking Horse
Keep From Crying*
Wang Dang Doodle*
Beautifully Broken
Goin' Down Slow*
Can't Hold Out*

* w/ Hook Herrera
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e02e3b6732c84d28335b66c2dab24597 *gm071207 d01tr01 million miles from yesterday.flac
bfe31f592021cf190847090acd38922d *gm071207 d01tr02 thorazine shuffle.flac
850c9c719ba68ac329f32f4d0c5d1736 *gm071207 d01tr03 patchwork quilt.flac
95323483497d3abf350489635c1dd6db *gm071207 d01tr04 don't step on the grass sam.flac
e35bd8c304c7d77e11e556268845747f *gm071207 d01tr05 slow happy boys.flac
50bbaa04179e8bd210c1a88b24d218a6 *gm071207 d01tr06 i believe to my soul.flac
fcc634641ccd1d4f2abbdfdaa944f981 *gm071207 d01tr07 mr. high and mighty.flac
3a89e959800f5d24826a6cfd00017c02 *gm071207 d01tr08 i'm a ram.flac
b7e9542c527ae3d3846727f6dce766f5 *gm071207 d01tr09 love me do.flac
291f74adfe67e94ef5f10e408b96d9e7 *gm071207 d01tr10 i'm a ram.flac
50880ce6977631d47518935e55bdbed5 *gm071207 d01tr11 from a whisper to a scream.flac
dd1ae623161d5c4231d0568583833606 *gm071207 d01tr12 trane.flac
4c90c1f0fc28a51772a871715b8896d6 *gm071207 d01tr13 third stone jam.flac
72e234b7750a32ba38f63ee8403cb60b *gm071207 d01tr14 trane.flac
9f9cf582abcb3651cb5fe7acc4ef1436 *gm071207 d02tr15 rocking horse.flac
1233e86bcb17d477a6480e8e46956196 *gm071207 d02tr16 keep from crying.flac
b196c1a8cc3743b934c6ee1a4195455a *gm071207 d02tr17 wang dang doodle.flac
4f34abc6cad5a4a3775c3c6c62a8599c *gm071207 d02tr18 drums.flac
b47a9743911330f8625f090b56df487b *gm071207 d02tr19 beautifully broken.flac
8f01350977e6fef4ac33d2de4284b6c8 *gm071207 d02tr20 sco-mule.flac
9cba666c2c04eb52a0c10f8eead5e165 *gm071207 d02tr21 soulshine.flac
c0e1c6c610645458a22eb30a792aec43 *gm071207 d02tr22 goin down slow.flac
0d491fe5f515e1dfa6d0468279a4acdb *gm071207 d02tr23 can't hold out.flac

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