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Gov't Mule 06/09/07
Docks, Hamburg, Germany
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Source Summary Source: AU, M (Neumann KM 184s>Tascam HD-P2>CF [email protected], 24 bit)>HD>downsampled to 44.100kHz, 24bit>WAV>FLAC, right side of board 
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Government Mule
SAT, June 9, 2007
Docks, Hamburg, Germany

AU, M (Neumann KM 184s>Tascam HD-P2>CF [email protected], 24 bit)>HD>downsampled to 44.100kHz, 24bit>WAV>FLAC, right side of board


CD 1
1st set: Thorazine Shuffle, Time To Confess, Million Miles From Yesterday,
Gameface>Jam>Mountain Jam>Gameface, Fools Moon, Bad Little Doggie, Mr. High And Mighty, Brand New Angel   2nd set: Child Of The Earth, Banks Of The Deep End

CD 2
2nd set cont.:
32/20 Blues, Fallen Down>The Other Ones Jam>Drums, Lay Your Burden Down>
Smokestack Lightning, Mule>Soulshine   encore: Out of The Rain, Gonna Send You Back To Georgia
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bd9d9a57680c0e29e4a69405b044d05b *gm060907d01tr01 Thorazine Shuffle.flac
a143b7c541a60dbd64e1a812c59c4d3e *gm060907d01tr02 Time To Confess.flac
11abc395af462053fa0bd08d201f1280 *gm060907d01tr03 Million Miles From Yesterday.flac
10f18f82d86c536bd9e3079ca9f4cd77 *gm060907d01tr04 Gameface_.flac
1bd11e6127e0ae2e5d55b0f009d5a25a *gm060907d01tr05 Jam_.flac
adda551d012a76bc7de5aef6736bc167 *gm060907d01tr06 Mountain Jam_.flac
5f7cbcb4348c2ef233fff636944228a2 *gm060907d01tr07 Gameface.flac
953faba0603f49bbf8f38626fd5e39ef *gm060907d01tr08 Fools Moon.flac
d5a9293278ee86972d332df3e948b8fa *gm060907d01tr09 Bad Little Doggie.flac
6db6d0c810005724c153b43ccdd3b9b6 *gm060907d01tr10 Mr. High And Mighty.flac
cdc3b908de7ff75412cf08e51d8b036f *gm060907d01tr11 Brand New Angel.flac
6ff01a1d8730ece28cc894f77c959a10 *gm060907d01tr12 Child Of The Earth.flac
d8968370a5870b405f4e4373760b49f7 *gm060907d01tr13 Banks Of The Deep End.flac
e494e603a95245f38eeb0e7978b701f1 *gm060907d02tr14 32_20 Blues.flac
5182ee5a1ef79cb2fde7e0a26a700407 *gm060907d02tr15 Fallen Down.flac
156bec821ec05854ab35f0eb79944534 *gm060907d02tr16 The Other Ones Jam.flac
583b3fdc1825a2d4e1b57dae572e3a52 *gm060907d02tr17 Drums.flac
e59e40931da55fd1a87ea2accfa5f1a4 *gm060907d02tr18 Lay Your Burden Down.flac
f0aaf86d83f21d3288c76af12069c9de *gm060907d02tr19 SmokestackLightning.flac
3016a95f1f915a338b6ce160c305e78e *gm060907d02tr20 Mule.flac
ecaad28ca12dab647d295ffc9c0af803 *gm060907d02tr21 Soulshine.flac
06f238f5bd1dec899a4f73d2b38856ef *gm060907d02tr22 Out Of The Rain.flac
b4d22da9879836708cd145c33e502175 *gm060907d02tr23 Gonna Send You Back To Georgia.flac

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