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Gov't Mule 06/02/07
Hunter Mountain, Hunter, NY
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Source Summary Source: 2- Sennheiser MD421-u5-2's>Digi-Mod-UA5(@44.1khz)>Nomad JB3(@44.1khz)
Transfer:JB3>Nomad explorer>WAV>Poulderbits (fades/track cuts)>Flacfrontend>flac16 
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Govt Mule
Mountain Jam -
Hunter, NY

Set 1
Play With Fire with Machan & Michael Franti
Mountain Jam->
Wild Horses
That's What Love Will Make You Do with Jake Cinninger
Streamline Woman
Mother Earth
Mr. High & Mighty

Set 2
Endless Parade
It's A Man's World with Uli Bella on Sax & Asdru Sierra on Trumpet
Larger Than Life
Rockin' In The Free World with Josh Clark
Time To Confess

Out Of The Rain->
I'll Be The One->
You Can't Always Get What You Want->
I'll Be The One Reprise

Source: 2- Sennheiser MD421-u5-2's>Digi-Mod-UA5(@44.1khz)>Nomad JB3(@44.1khz)
Transfer:JB3>Nomad explorer>WAV>Poulderbits (fades/track cuts)>Flacfrontend>flac16
Taped Left of soundboard at 12ft high
Taped and transfered by: Muletaper
6-8-07 (seemless) sbeok... :)

Notes: there is some "clipping" from running one of the channels a little hot( i notice this in a few places and have not had time to run the original waves thru wavlab 5.0 to reduce the peaks.I will REMASTER this with DAE at some point(Digital Audio Editing) but does not hurt the list IMO,I was asked by NUMEROUS folks to seed this...

so here it is... NO DAE(I never use DAE in ANY of my recordings)
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gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 01.flac:cb07fa9f26b2c254457edd33a709928c
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 02.flac:1db5c96d7aeed1d984de4ef9f5ba8276
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 03.flac:18d61111e1335146c2463df7e6b14ab4
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 04.flac:f9f975801a4b8b43acd488c528bc2566
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 05.flac:af600563be85668afb403452fe61b373
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 06.flac:1be1ff4c2b68c9539c16c1aaf2c5d961
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 07.flac:c560caabf155ef0d4b1800208a8ec4d3
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 08.flac:df90db24ae38d9072c50e74a4e68111c
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 1 - Track 09.flac:a159f2ce0ad0aaea9bb7e825df3af425
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 01.flac:24552f9c9b7e01c077e3b647a70f80da
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 02.flac:f99d5819356317ffb54c66a20d0c294d
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 03.flac:4168d977d1a89ab086a73818dbd99fd3
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 04.flac:bb7f4b0ce8eec9882db53ea5e015fa9e
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 05.flac:7063ebb4f525c4ba0d7a0040f2cc632e
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 06.flac:34e5c80cf052e24819f3c69bea6340cf
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 07.flac:85365a897fbfbd9350451d89cefebf4d
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 08.flac:012541aa46af272e960b836d940309f6
gm2007-06-02-md421-u5-2's set 2 - Track 09.flac:fb2bcd0ec0a4384ad80f429b80ca7980

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