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Grateful Dead 04/04/69
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Source: SBD>FM>MR>C1>DAT>CD 
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Grateful Dead
APR 04, 1969 Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA


Disc 1
Set 1
1. Good Morning Little School Girl
2. Doin' That Rag
3. Cryptical Envelopement->
4. Drums->
5. The Other One->
6. Cryptical Envelopement->
7. Death Don't Have No Mercy
Disc 2
Set 1
1. Lovelight  
2. Dark Star->
3. Saint Stephen->
4. The Eleven->
5. Feedback

This show was brodocast live on KPFA-FM Berkeley.
The FM brodocast, from which the circulating tape derives, cuts in during Good Morning Schoolgirls.
The cassette master of from the FM brodocast from which these timing come has cuts, both brief, during
Cryptical reprise at 6:20 and 7:09. At 10:48 into the Viola Lee Blues the dead's instruments lose power,
Bobby says "it's seems someone is tryng to tell us something"
and they finish the tune with a chorus of vocals only

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35e1eb4a862add57b3066d942377d011 *gd69.04.04d2t1.shn
1324257db749bee97803cc5e453f1fbb *gd69.04.04d2t2.shn
4a1af27df9e6ffdbe232a569b5164295 *gd69.04.04d2t3.shn
46fb530b0e7756c07c392c73da0db02a *gd69.04.04d2t4.shn
042f63625e5e7a86f05a66e0d2939aee *gd69.04.04d2t5.shn
d4071443feb7a7624193b2790c84d1dd *gd69.04.04d1t1.shn
3426b37fd27ae969432e9e9634822d6a *gd69.04.04d1t2.shn
23dc9f703dc67371842ab2faa2791cbd *gd69.04.04d1t3.shn
0043bf1a21a01cfe199684487ff27140 *gd69.04.04d1t4.shn
aa778680ed8e79e634d34f9862083223 *gd69.04.04d1t5.shn
13b4485fbe11fd84d2029ef77c0d430e *gd69.04.04d1t6.shn
f760fafb78ae24faf504deab5cfa515d *gd69.04.04d1t7.shn
91f699f74cf12fdeeba9480ae215c476 [shntool] gd69.04.04d1t1.shn
bf1b43f4a24557472dfd4b14edac4fa2 [shntool] gd69.04.04d1t2.shn
3608872d185ada6b00ecb7f2f2c351b1 [shntool] gd69.04.04d1t3.shn
3093783fc807445a60b32519e1cdfb99 [shntool] gd69.04.04d1t4.shn
fbe4c6f6f0252947ab09e6a77582b395 [shntool] gd69.04.04d1t5.shn
a575bbe62ccc3a35f88c0211944346a6 [shntool] gd69.04.04d1t6.shn
9d4d4710be2f4e497ddede40175ca564 [shntool] gd69.04.04d1t7.shn
8a166cb6f845ac136f67cb953761b8a0 [shntool] gd69.04.04d2t1.shn
c58cfd38733b4d701caa32a49511222f [shntool] gd69.04.04d2t2.shn
1ffc17f561b74491a59859f51613a07e [shntool] gd69.04.04d2t3.shn
b47f92565c0d3415c8720739664fc179 [shntool] gd69.04.04d2t4.shn
e9f42c33552c6b7f44004d70b0b2fdc4 [shntool] gd69.04.04d2t5.shn

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Date User Comment
10/04/2007 joesamaritano Can someone explain the Note in the txt file? Is this the better source?
10/04/2007 Wharfrat73 As far as I can tell this is the exact same source. For some reason the comments (from Deadlists IIRC) from 4-6-69 were included in the info file. Also there are 2 copies of the same checksum. If you have shn ID 1314, there's no need to seek this one out.
10/04/2007 charlie miller Actual source info is SBD>Master Reel>Cass>Dat>CD.
06/04/2008 charlie miller The note on the info file is for 4/6/69.