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Phil Lesh & Friends 09/23/07
Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Shure sm-89 shotguns > marantz pmd 670 > PCM 44.1 wav 16 bit>D8. Taper: Scott Fraser 
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Phil Lesh and Friends
Greek Theatre
Berkeley, California

Shure sm-89 shotguns > marantz pmd 670 > PCM 44.1 wav 16 bit>D8

Recorded with mics directly at the stacks, left of soundboard. This is one of the 1st shows I've recorded in over 2 years. The sound at the Greek is weird from what people tell me.  I know Cotter the soundguy
was having slight issues with the sound during the 1st set, but got it covered by the end of the  set and for all of set 2. But you know sounded so good to me!! It was nice seeing Mark Karan out there as well as Barry Sless. Mark was backstage for  most of the 2nd set strumming along to the songs. There was alot of bandmates families there.
Jackie Greens family had the VIP section that was set up next to the SBD booth. Phil's whole family was there too. His brother, sister and wife Jill were all hanging out behind the SBD during the 1st set. Wavy Gravy was dancing around blowing bubbles for the majority of the show. Robin Sylvester from Ratdog was seen walking around the venue too. I am sure there were alot more people there but didn't get to see them.

Taper: Scott Fraser
Thank you Lou for the patch
Transfer: Master DAT> cdwav (to track and make edits)> FLAC

Band lineup:
Phil Lesh: bass, vocals
Jackie Greene: guitar, keys, vocals
Steve Molitz: keys, organ, vocals
Larry Cambell: guitars, sitar, Peddle steel
Jon Molo: drumz

guests: Barry Sless: Peddle Steel
Mark Karan: guitar and vocals (encore) WELCOME BACK MARK!!!!!!!!!

CD 1- tracks 1-9
CD 2- tracks 11-17 (10 OMMITTED)
CD3-tracks 18-23

Good Morning Lil Schoolgirl>
Good Lovin>
Why Don't We Do It In the Road>
The Weight
Cumberland Blues
Superseed (IMO Jackie's ode to Bob Dylan)

Mexican Girl (Jackie Tune)
Candyman (Jackie also on keys)
Fire On the Mountain
St Stephen

Hard Rains A Gonna Fall (glitch 11:55...after song)
Eyes of the World
Sugar Magnolia

Phil speech, band intos

Show Checksums
Phil Lesh 9-23-0701.flac:ee5e3f50a7477e87c64ae2d0e2288cff
Phil Lesh 9-23-0702.flac:e8c6488269f853f961804d56c4f06cc3
Phil Lesh 9-23-0703.flac:27094f2f682174616ecad22aac238fa1
Phil Lesh 9-23-0704.flac:287b6a5081ff807a27d6847cb93349b2
Phil Lesh 9-23-0705.flac:e77035bb9160339e2163a2e88bc3b64f
Phil Lesh 9-23-0706.flac:3d759062b9600a18399182f2c55e27e5
Phil Lesh 9-23-0707.flac:c0ac51112ab2f82cd59fa53d4c8b1bf7
Phil Lesh 9-23-0708.flac:c9181a2840fe4d7fa45a55da432265ee
Phil Lesh 9-23-0709.flac:cf373a6094aa6645b689357e44c2adb7
Phil Lesh 9-23-0710.flac:5f05bd53be03e0a30149cd77c17a68eb
Phil Lesh 9-23-0711.flac:42dddce4eadc9da1e4858dd15a8dde52
Phil Lesh 9-23-0712.flac:adce79ebcd581a045b878569193d40de
Phil Lesh 9-23-0713.flac:6068c867c8e8accb4a3f075e0fa0ba13
Phil Lesh 9-23-0714.flac:8f2c688691da5e1b20204211b0e71aee
Phil Lesh 9-23-0715.flac:9d74c7c8b2dc9bcef220c814d7a5ccc9
Phil Lesh 9-23-0716.flac:944a3edc7471c679d204915838830665
Phil Lesh 9-23-0717.flac:42ddbc9d5adec42e2feb9f25c3b2b6ab
Phil Lesh 9-23-0718.flac:00bda8f8257b023d623472949dbab6e5
Phil Lesh 9-23-0719.flac:0dbdd35b5a4f62369470deff3e1ad912
Phil Lesh 9-23-0720.flac:18da68657bbea7eab6131982fff26818
Phil Lesh 9-23-0721.flac:6df12e9b23e74536555f2d8880a6daa6
Phil Lesh 9-23-0722.flac:2848e3c46a75ef3f1380d715e2c1b12f
Phil Lesh 9-23-0723.flac:6f6b2de1d2044666d9cc97efd5a00f0a
6ca408df5d0fc1288b51ed85000db003 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0701.flac
e0ab1c1cc83f1d3c61d43b175e4011ac *Phil Lesh 9-23-0702.flac
b09feca07052c1394d535f64dc30fa23 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0703.flac
bb050dad6b4fad2dd75c48a350107719 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0704.flac
904325208d2c365efc0c65b3db5794d8 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0705.flac
7a2d99e2ffc88fe56929372964321885 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0706.flac
1f1a13c4e24e1e4861da4bb8f758ec77 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0707.flac
1a936178ca8ff1cbad82497cae9cbbf5 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0708.flac
0f6b4270c88641f03595b59b9ecb3047 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0709.flac
9026b4104097784b9816f0cee1d5cf10 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0710.flac
5a5a9e8c8f2917a285a652a9c894ebd6 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0711.flac
bb6a3901f68d095eab3fe8ce41bbdc79 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0712.flac
5254bbd85ad76771062c2a818a6b1aac *Phil Lesh 9-23-0713.flac
56f9e9d476a21a757c45a4eeb53a2b2e *Phil Lesh 9-23-0714.flac
c5d592bed56d1b9d8bdbce4203912423 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0715.flac
dde9e4e7eb8c5f84e135d7ef9ae0d6c3 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0716.flac
17cedf33a48933eebe7e7bcd34ce668f *Phil Lesh 9-23-0717.flac
9c7b32a0ba0c7501a477465594ed6991 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0718.flac
465ed21a81950abb46fb271deb30f57c *Phil Lesh 9-23-0719.flac
eb87ab3db3af1e33e55166f70e357466 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0720.flac
26d4695e1ac1fa927a952286cb111644 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0721.flac
0cd464aff27cc0bfba5c19e4c19f6c8a *Phil Lesh 9-23-0722.flac
af8df799f0d3f2233a6b253b939efe32 *Phil Lesh 9-23-0723.flac

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