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Gov't Mule 10/21/07
Alabama Theater, Birmingham, AL
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Source Summary Source: AKG 414uls (Blumlein) > Neve Portico 5012 (silk) > R-4 Pro w/ Busman T-Mod
Location: FOB (taper's section) / 8' high 
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Gov't Mule
Alabama Theater
Birmingham, AL

Source: AKG 414uls (Blumlein) > Neve Portico 5012 (silk) > R-4 Pro w/ Busman T-Mod

Location: FOB (taper's section) / 8' high

Set I (71:45)
1. Blind Man In The Dark
2. Mr. High & Mighty
3. Brand New Angel
4. Mother Earth
5. Painted Silver Light >
6. No Need To Suffer
7. Little Toy Brain
8. Sco Mule *
9. I Think You Know What I Mean >  
10. When The Levee Breaks >
11. I Think You Know What I Mean

Set II (81:58)
1. I'll be The One
2. Banks Of The Deep End
3. Fools Moon
4. Fallin' Down >
5. Other One Jam >
6. Drums
7. Taste LIke Wine
8. Larger Than Life >
9. If 6 Was 9 # >
10. Larger Than Life
11. Soul Shine
12. Crowd
13. Million Miles From Yesterday

* Smoke On The Water Tease
# Who Knows tease

Warren Haynes - guitar, vocals
Matt Abts - drums
Andy Hess - bass
Danny Louis - keys, vocals

Notes: Super nice couple of sets. Great show! You can hear a slight rattle during the quieter parts when the low end gets real deep. The soundboard area was made of plywood and being right up against it you could here the rattle at times. I checked both of my sources and the sound is present, I just happened to like this one better.

JW Mod AKG 460/ck63 > Hydra Cables > R-4 Pro w/ Busman W-Mod source also availble.

R4 Pro > HD @ 24bit/48kHz > SoundForge 8.0
Resample to 44.1kHz: Anti Alias, Interpol accuracy 4
Dither to 16bit: Triangular w/ Noise Shaping, Equal Loudness Contour
Fades applied at beginning and end of set
CD WAve: Tracking
Traders Little Helper: FLAC Conversions (Level 6)

Taped, transfered & seeded by Jeff Hatcher (habit1973 @ gmail dot com)
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f1e650b55b10f74284a3922f7c832474 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t01.flac
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f27d1ed15924ed57971c0e6a01e36cce *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t03.flac
c491b57d1a6c80342a99335ab74993c5 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t04.flac
c9853ff0586553e19512e264c8dc1f8b *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t05.flac
1a80936c486df757b0a485eebba8d176 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t06.flac
546b7e5e8bbd317894b47e3d06611432 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t07.flac
88a63655bdbb88eaba899aca908c0d41 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t08.flac
e5473f8fdd3b64e7223af26414aa9c65 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t09.flac
68c1d2d56fcbcdae2bb2e20c94087a16 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t10.flac
72510ee3407cce8c9b6197ea3662dc8b *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s01t11.flac
a91e6469b1ba0a10667ee31c9c1e0ac5 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t01.flac
1d960f979ab4e78c1c80a4f7659bf450 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t02.flac
80928ffba48e26d95da1483e91384390 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t03.flac
0d5c20ef16c1369b5b53ae4579304c5a *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t04.flac
45c04551c3b5fad44aaedbe9b3d17d2e *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t05.flac
c17de3daf44b83c51444fd12bd3c5a96 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t06.flac
c84ed350a41fc17c8e1fbdb76f5f5f88 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t07.flac
5680ddaa9254fc4cbedf85896481f84d *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t08.flac
eff7566cffb23bd338a559fcaf7328f6 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t09.flac
c980542f891f41e934c5d8fcaff78860 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t10.flac
c563e910fe2ea8b602935bcb90748bb4 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t11.flac
6b5f85989ccfc9b1e8b095e7f5e53669 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t12.flac
93d15d27dd142c20df5e2258322a96f4 *gm2007-10-21jhatcher414_s02t13.flac

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