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Phil Lesh & Friends 10/05/07
Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL
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Source Summary Source: Nakamichi 330 mics with shotguns > Sony D-100 > HK CDR20 > Silver Disc Lineage: EAC > Soundforge (levels, EQ, patching) > CDWave > dBPowerAmp (FLAC)  
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Phil Lesh and Friends
Riviera Theater, Chicago, IL

01. Deal
02. Mississippi Half Step >
03. Jam >
04. Deep Elem Blues
05. Loose Lucy
06. Walkin' Away
07. Cumberland Blues
08. Seven Jealous Sisters
09. Cold Rain & Snow
10. Cosmic Charlie
11. China Cat Sunflower >
12. Eyes of the World >
13. St. Stephen >
14. Millenium Jam >
15. Mountains of the Moon >
16. Midnight Rider >
17. I Know You Rider
18. The Golden Road >
19. Sugar Magnolia / SSDD
20. Donor Rap
21. Tom Thumb's Blues

Phil Lesh, John Molo, Steve Molitz, Jackie Greene, Larry Campbell

Source:  Nakamichi 330 mics with shotguns > Sony D-100 > HK CDR20 > Silver Disc
Lineage: EAC > Soundforge (levels, EQ, patching) > CDWave > dBPowerAmp (FLAC)

Tech Notes:
Taped DFC Balcony, mics aimed at stacks.  EQ applied in Soundforge: Parametric EQ High-End Shelf -8 db above 16K, parametric EQ -2.5 db @ 85 & 115 Hz at 1.1 octave width each, and then parametric EQ +2 db @ 600 Hz w/2.3 octave width.  Recording started a few seconds into Deal, so I patched a half a minute of audience noise and the first four bars from another LMA source, the balc, sp c4's(bass rolloff) recording, thanks.

General notes:  As of now there are two excellent sources of this show on the Archive, the Balcony sp C4 recording and the Neumann SKM150 OTS source.  I offer this recording as a compromise alternative.  I found the balcony recording to be full of rich mid-range detail but low on any real low bass.  The Neumann's had plenty of bottom end, but sounded a little muddy and (as noted) very chatty.  This hypercard old-style recording was a nice compromise in that it captured good detail across the whole audio spectrum from the quiet balcony.  Some relatively gentle eqalization revealed a startling amount of detail throughout, so that it is rich and punchy whilst also being crisp and clean.  Let me know what you think!  

This is an experiment: I have found the dense sonic mix of a P&F concert can overwhelm many microphones, unless they screen out the offending waveforms.  I was curious if hypercards could take a more accurate sample, which would then provide good information for the equaliser to work with.  It's certainly an interesting compromise.  In future, I think there's also a role for hypercards in a multi-mic or multi-channel mix...  By the way, I chose my eq settings to replicate what I would have liked to do to the sound on the night. ie. notch it down about 3 db between 50 and 150 Hz... and then I brightened up the top end of the bass to replicate Phil's tone more closely.

One more note:  the Jam out of Mississippi Half-Step became it's own track when I listened closely and found it had nothing to do with the song either side, instead it moves through several developing stages... a very interesting piece of music.

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5aa908fbc05df99582248f6aff244a2b *plf2007-10-05d1t01.flac
0b31151c8f08400afe8fe2b48f2c4eaa *plf2007-10-05d1t02.flac
556c4175576c80eeee8fb55273d42198 *plf2007-10-05d1t03.flac
bb6c5e6f0227245f212544a7d63ccce0 *plf2007-10-05d1t04.flac
7af8c6b67aa986f01dad0feb803ca42c *plf2007-10-05d1t05.flac
61ac6960aa30b6036f7630551a7f7fce *plf2007-10-05d1t06.flac
cbcda3322443111927c59d1de60a94b0 *plf2007-10-05d1t07.flac
c3a292a5264755f7415c3ba34cbcb969 *plf2007-10-05d1t08.flac
ae6834587a79fa99c82e794963ed3410 *plf2007-10-05d1t09.flac
02dc5076b5d9878d6aef75adad2155b6 *plf2007-10-05d2t01.flac
5a5ee772ebfe7543703b8d4c66f2a588 *plf2007-10-05d2t02.flac
a52fa7eb3dd4ff1f76810af76a1c8afb *plf2007-10-05d2t03.flac
f4199cced6c147e4fad81d0b00a54315 *plf2007-10-05d2t04.flac
9255eefec5cb4457c563a4be93d44db1 *plf2007-10-05d2t05.flac
f75cf5c920d959a10c852a5f68223489 *plf2007-10-05d2t06.flac
3828f54564fbe0e6071135952ebb0f4d *plf2007-10-05d2t07.flac
80155fcad947a4dd589b78df8719c477 *plf2007-10-05d2t08.flac
fdf85620ba760f94dfd883863e0caeac *plf2007-10-05d3t01.flac
ebb2821a5cb89f9f40db847f308ac178 *plf2007-10-05d3t02.flac
12f00120e162d34b39dfd0ecbe2f5c2c *plf2007-10-05d3t03.flac
30007523db3397fbc83e771e9bcc8556 *plf2007-10-05d3t04.flac

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