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Disco Biscuits 10/31/07
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
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Entered by SailorSaint
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AT4040 > R-4 
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The Disco Biscuits
October 31, 2007
Orpheum Theater
Boston, MA

Taped By: George Ewing

Tracked By: George Ewing and Rich Steele

Mastered By: Rich Steele

Source: AT4040 > R-4

Set I:

01. A Night On Bald Mountain (1) >
02. Down To The Bottom
03. Jamillia
04. The Overture
05. Once The Fiddler Paid
06. The Very Moon >
07. Voices Insane

Set II

01. Crowd
02. Eulogy
03. Bazaar Escape >
04. Mulberry's Dream
05. Above The Waves >
06. A Night On Bald Mountain >
07. Above The Waves
08. Hot Air Balloon
09. Encore Break
10. Toccata and Fugue (3) (Encore)
11. Therapy (Encore)

(1) 1st time played (Modest Mussorgsky); from Walt Disney's "Fantasia"
(2) last played on 9/30/2003
(3) 1st time played (Bach); from Walt Disney's "Fantasia"

Show Checksums
4cfd29fe0da6d027c60fde905165878a *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d1t01.flac
281ad8511b954012025c197251b1e6af *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d1t02.flac
95e6c2fa4bca4378574c3680b9768953 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d1t03.flac
b0114f674f4012c9e80358e489259c32 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d1t04.flac
51aa636a53d371dc5799c3bc9014f633 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d1t05.flac
f5ff160fa82bc52f9f7e3ef0304bc178 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d1t06.flac
effed3e096f2f7e7de75b84b256655e9 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d1t07.flac
bfb9931936ccd3c132da71877439b927 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t01.flac
c40dfd23bfabf1c6c99b5938db269d54 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t02.flac
c662b71c30eb60f7c37ad230be41d442 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t03.flac
ff3cbe61027f7f3a025763e7817a7946 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t04.flac
e29a9c323a27424e0e67274f613b61b7 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t05.flac
90ed4258375b8115d551a3de681690de *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t06.flac
e902d65f4f8b54c524dad2fdc082cc89 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t07.flac
b721c382f9ea4a0d25e5367dfd124d8c *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t08.flac
f3ea8fbf1e9db49273a9d9afb3cc3f3c *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t09.flac
612136babd88054fe739238dc16f2117 *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t10.flac
72ce8dd331e8c70d5a42d2e04e7c30dc *db2007-10-31.at4040-rm.d2t11.flac

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