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Ween 02/21/02
The Point, Bryn Mawr, PA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SHN: MK4V's-> SXM2-> SBM1(mod)-> D100 (front center table)->?->SHN 
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February 21, 2002
the point
bryn mawr, pa

MK4V's-> SXM2-> SBM1(mod)-> D100 (front center table)

taped by Bobby Bourbon


set 1 disc 1

1) "crowd"
2) squelch the weasel
3) what deaner was talking about
4) chocolate town
5) pony
6) aids
7) you were the fool
8) freedom of 76
9) pandy fackler
10) shes your baby
11) right to the ways and the rules of the world
12) dont get too close 2 my fantasy
13) back to basom
14) flutes of the chi
15) joppa road
16) the mollusk

set 2 disc 2

1) mutilated lips
2) zoloft
3) "intro"->
4) cant put my finger on it
5) fancy pants
6) all things must pass (george harrison cover)
7) help me scrape the mucus off my brain
8) if you can save yourself, you can save us all
9) tender situation
10) someday (1st time ever)
11) birthday boy
12) papa zit
13) el camino
14) someday (2nd time ever)
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b6ca48096eb451547d4878a5ecdc943b *ween2002-02-21d01t01.shn
2995a2250fdcd4c5aff1801e60537fb8 *ween2002-02-21d01t02.shn
54d84c84883fa4af18735290ede10a04 *ween2002-02-21d01t03.shn
d6eede7a7811d5964863c6e9b1b61afb *ween2002-02-21d01t04.shn
d35ee920d7c096165f54c2064d6c5515 *ween2002-02-21d01t05.shn
ec3499c1bfba4892f747d16c93badb3f *ween2002-02-21d01t06.shn
065bcae894aeca0f69bc11e3b6d07728 *ween2002-02-21d01t07.shn
5d43fcef0bd27965bf7f462b186f1082 *ween2002-02-21d01t08.shn
d483ae952e1ff7c0770f8277492faad9 *ween2002-02-21d01t09.shn
695b5d9227198fbf4f29c68e8bba7b04 *ween2002-02-21d01t10.shn
4b317aa6fe466fa6cfb68d435edb4ae7 *ween2002-02-21d01t11.shn
755b8cdd8a47f57315c03a89f57485cd *ween2002-02-21d01t12.shn
fd60ffb418cf8297fd7c7dfe7ad98a76 *ween2002-02-21d01t13.shn
843ad01ef13f2e112e67cdd9dec7ffc5 *ween2002-02-21d01t14.shn
75e3c8745bb08a85d7c9a95f0d2fd578 *ween2002-02-21d01t15.shn
ba592240dd8e1630880f4359dc68f161 *ween2002-02-21d01t16.shn
f7295576365116bc542ecc45ebadac2d *ween2002-02-21d02t01.shn
1ba9821ef0d99d7b2a1e018195235525 *ween2002-02-21d02t02.shn
7095091ec41ab87179a87dd67ff50e7b *ween2002-02-21d02t03.shn
103ae4186ac282170199468f77e45e05 *ween2002-02-21d02t04.shn
d3e0dfbaa975b243d90513da89710b57 *ween2002-02-21d02t05.shn
e25cda64b43191acd627a836a243a562 *ween2002-02-21d02t06.shn
3831944cb680c47b35534fd5a2ad05c1 *ween2002-02-21d02t07.shn
78702f94b634e3faa51e60c21c61ed7a *ween2002-02-21d02t08.shn
11b09e2462f6f87c62a9c2a03e177e6a *ween2002-02-21d02t09.shn
d9dc9b2c29206dc775d7a6a466ca231d *ween2002-02-21d02t10.shn
d8e2768e12f3019dd4a04c3c5521e9f1 *ween2002-02-21d02t11.shn
1a1e43de9bb2b421b1a341548cd40caa *ween2002-02-21d02t12.shn
b7dd1f98b37c20cda173de959624c6a2 *ween2002-02-21d02t13.shn
d10b488be539a2bf9f0287b948d9b4b9 *ween2002-02-21d02t14.shn

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