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Grateful Dead 10/03/87
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
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Source Summary SBD> CM> DAT> CD> EAC> SHN (mkwACT); DAT>CD Transfer By David Hollister; see notes in info file; this version circulated by Keith Bode, but is distinct from previous Hollister/Bode seeds of this date; d2 tracked for 80 min 
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Grateful Dead
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, CA
DAT>CD Transfer By David Hollister

Disc 2 requires an 80 minute Disc, and every second of it.

SET1 Disc 1
1.  Tuning
2.  Hey Pocky Way
3.  New Minglewood Blues
4.  Candyman>Addams Family Tuning
5.  When I Paint My Masterpiece
6.  West L.A. Fadeaway
7.  My Brother Esau
8.  Bird Song
9.  The Music Never Stopped

Disc 2
1.  Maggie's Farm>
2.  Cumberland Blues>
3.  Looks Like Rain>
4.  Terrapin Station> Drums>
5.  Drums>
6.  Space >
7.  The Other One>
8.  Stella Blue>
9.  Throwing Stones>
10. Turn On Your Lovelight

11. The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo) [4:30]

Lineage comments by David Hollister
I believe they sound good enough to be from PCM, but I suspect they are not
because of the cuts.  On 10/4, there is a cut between Desolation Row and
Aiko-Aiko, which is at about the 40 minute mark.  Sounds too suspicious to
be anything but a cassette flip.  Then there's a cut between Drums and Space
if I recall correctly.

So, I'm labeling them as MCass>DAT>CD.

All three DATs I got were labeled "DS>D", which implies digital, but no
specific mention of PCM.
Show Checksums
776e62bc7a54591225f48262a22e1d93 *gd87-10-03d1t01.shn
f0332f0811985d295ed1f8d100d92cbe *gd87-10-03d1t02.shn
5c8336d2f02cf2e162d28f6225e58281 *gd87-10-03d1t03.shn
d0d5e0d3ea7e6cfaf7952c52174cc204 *gd87-10-03d1t04.shn
aa1d7eb94581fcd66a1313a976e87032 *gd87-10-03d1t05.shn
19373fe69fafc02874998b5086413cef *gd87-10-03d1t06.shn
ecd541b47c51692ae191a4eb410cf767 *gd87-10-03d1t07.shn
25f1bc56c4fc61b04913dc6f41f7e9d1 *gd87-10-03d1t08.shn
f8c0c1d2f0b4fcef023ddd85be92a292 *gd87-10-03d1t09.shn
7ff63715c8d12caf98ca08eef3116ec0 *gd87-10-03d2t01.shn
176404a5c7fc7123f94bc8c49106287f *gd87-10-03d2t02.shn
7f0b8fa6a814dd64af0faf3e2cb953fd *gd87-10-03d2t03.shn
cf5820a65f4db8dba625ccb5f7923144 *gd87-10-03d2t04.shn
5d038f9c855f32fd7358ee44962676b2 *gd87-10-03d2t05.shn
cbc624ee0c6702ba0fe523f2788a2079 *gd87-10-03d2t06.shn
becc6e176be2b7ab614506e5ed5374e3 *gd87-10-03d2t07.shn
b87e86da84eb5494ac810afbabde649d *gd87-10-03d2t08.shn
6304a30ca0fe5aa75f38fcbf15483e27 *gd87-10-03d2t09.shn
e93673361314dd9dc6fbb7f23a00b0de *gd87-10-03d2t10.shn
c0520e15fad0794ddc3ab2f793ade830 *gd87-10-03d2t11.shn
800d83a7a1229de56f2371115a17c92c [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t01.shn
5a6a9297a2657ee3aef2399a97aa6947 [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t02.shn
96932bc1d5ed699830de67dc5f04b0db [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t03.shn
ab21634887163f1e34d39472df24ddea [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t04.shn
7deb47cb1c55a74d2956359dd24f93da [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t05.shn
644f1dd17dcd66d35e30e2a1498459a5 [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t06.shn
65ad5c90c2d3b5a17706d3de8b99bd2a [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t07.shn
7a848304a3f33ebc10c558cb0444e60b [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t08.shn
9f0a413ca7996d3ca6c855e8602e4148 [shntool] gd87-10-03d1t09.shn
dac60d6cff8187877e48a62c0c82279a [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t01.shn
b7d4a6628934bba0d81f2128abab5666 [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t02.shn
f1ba786bf6ea44004f34663aaaf2a81c [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t03.shn
19fe63e9dd8f3712f61a16de19cbf617 [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t04.shn
48b5716b5b6e6505ace67a605b9cb6da [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t05.shn
3210c7925de089e65aa4ec48cb365bb8 [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t06.shn
cfbe6c10ca710e2e9b83e7ec73dc1d21 [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t07.shn
b9229079a0c5a9dfeb18dc463a28e6d9 [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t08.shn
669927c813b8ec34b3fd214b23241b90 [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t09.shn
20c28f64195ccda61d26767056281279 [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t10.shn
ad05ad61d527f5ca63b59adbb668b8bd [shntool] gd87-10-03d2t11.shn

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