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Squirrel Nut Zippers 06/20/96
Regency Park, Cary, NC
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Source Summary Source: Soundboard DAT
Recording by Cheddar
DAT to CD transfer by Robbie Dunn 
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Squirrel Nut Zippers
Regency Park
Cary, NC
June 20, 1996

Source: Soundboard DAT
Recording by Cheddar
DAT to CD transfer by Robbie Dunn

Total time:  [75:39]

01 Bad Businessman
02 Danny Diamond
03 Prince Nez
04 The Interlocutor
05 Club Limbo
06 I've Found A New Baby
07 Trou Macacq
08 Lover's Lane
09 Twilight
10 Memphis Exorcism
11 Got My Own Thing Now
12 Meant To Be
13 Put A Lid On It
14 (???)
15 Hell
16 Flight Of The Passing Fancy
17 It Ain't You
18 (???)
19 La Grippe
20 Good Enough For Granddad

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88904f167302deb5b9835766884e7971 *snz1996-06-20t01.shn
1232af078b476f0fad9c5903770debb1 *snz1996-06-20t02.shn
f64e8c377dc06cfa7ab2dcac5e138bee *snz1996-06-20t03.shn
c2cbc54f16b3c0b4a5c7f1df2012d6ea *snz1996-06-20t04.shn
4ce92606d4dc904b7581cf68da597a81 *snz1996-06-20t05.shn
f62c906e9475e3700d651e70233ea694 *snz1996-06-20t06.shn
63ea0958ba545c37af8d900e383d67aa *snz1996-06-20t07.shn
7bd1b31d27f41b97a11a12c79ac901c0 *snz1996-06-20t08.shn
9a37f90dbe674398727a541161502e57 *snz1996-06-20t09.shn
f776b833daa8b2b7e19395f7e473cca0 *snz1996-06-20t10.shn
d14091969d7b45c55f05941cdc96c5ac *snz1996-06-20t11.shn
71bb9d8faf8fcd3bb11443d5719e433b *snz1996-06-20t12.shn
25e6356530a231ba60964c0ebc939b4b *snz1996-06-20t13.shn
4a2fc8307d8adf863bb7710757646ed6 *snz1996-06-20t14.shn
696217abb9291e62aaa88d70721e39b3 *snz1996-06-20t15.shn
00563e8639ba8eb4dbb7e5f49fea2478 *snz1996-06-20t16.shn
7549228a914a3a51494a07cbfb7311cd *snz1996-06-20t17.shn
334fb0d57d974a7e7600cbc87108a739 *snz1996-06-20t18.shn
fb088a192ae197fdc51a03bddedebb44 *snz1996-06-20t19.shn
d66d81c12cd9a75df06508ff0e7710d0 *snz1996-06-20t20.shn

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