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Phil Lesh & Friends 11/08/07
Nokia Theater, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary nak 100 mics > sony sbm1 > sony d-8 taper : steve t ''aka'' the big red bag ''aka'' duct tape king ''aka'' cheese danish & decaf  
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phil lesh & friends, nokia theater, new york, ny  2007-11-08

taper : steve t ''aka'' the big red bag ''aka'' duct tape king ''aka''
cheese danish & decaf

nak 100 mics > sony sbm1 > sony d-8

disc 1 : 1st set
02-i'm so gone
03-mexican girl
04-pride of cucamonga
05-deep elm blues
06-bird song
07-alabama getaway

disc 2 : 2nd set
01-playing in the band
03-cold black devil
04-feedback > caution
05-new speedway boogie > jam

disc 3 : 2nd set con't
01-unbroken chain
02-scarlet begonias
03-fire on the mountain
04-phil rap/ band intros
05-a hard rain's a gonna fall

do not convert to lossy format
do not sell

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2bd8d033ca1531983527bdf1cb9ba585 *disc101.flac
0eb342652ce9db88fcd6f275db97c852 *disc102.flac
7ef6e46017dc198399a382cc29093a83 *disc103.flac
9ac6b2b1ddca31e9f17ceb0e4a5c0004 *disc104.flac
9c548d0c51875ca4f4d576eb111b07e8 *disc105.flac
f584f9a014c09e910bf641e70d3da8d0 *disc106.flac
ee0952e9dd5c7f688b5b835a05e613da *disc107.flac
9970c2921f84b6891064ad883647b9fc *disc201.flac
4b6080eab256c17879da46b01af4b877 *disc202.flac
69027b42ef0d42800a9b8e9e436dac32 *disc203.flac
4ef2aa9a42a0649ead0473c27edd4af4 *disc204.flac
361c6d8039f8aec1a918d8bd6243771c *disc205.flac
041e39b9ad59f7423b7f2a165cb1aa5b *disc301.flac
148ba07b5a6a6cdaa5a8bfa795057d7b *disc302.flac
85a86d2ca269920908fdd0526e71a574 *disc303.flac
2f84f8be3249deedc2cdfe2913c77325 *disc304.flac
6df8336d2e7e2986a62e6420977d6014 *disc305.flac

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