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Phil Lesh & Friends 11/11/07
Nokia Theatre, New York, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary taper : steve t ''aka'' the big red bag nak 100 mics > sony sbm1 > sony d-8  
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phil lesh & friends, nokia theater, new york, ny 2007-11-11

taper : steve t ''aka'' the big red bag

nak 100 mics > sony sbm1 > sony d-8

disc 1 : 1st set
01-golden road
02-chest fever > jam
03-brown eyed women
05-bird song

disc 2 : 2nd set ( acoustic)
01-attics of my life
02-til the morning comes
03-jerusalem ridge
04-deep elem blues
3rd set (electric)
07-cumberland blues
08-jam> uncle john's band
09-cryptical envelopment
10-dark star jam

disc 3 : 3rd set con't
01-morning dew
02-i know you rider
03-the other one
04-cyptical envelopment
05-dark star jam
06-sugar magnolia
07-phil rap / band intros
08-unbroken chain
09-brokedown palace

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3560b6456df24a0fbbe3f354baf748db *disc101.flac
c8b50c344e572e71f0916f6bc2f70368 *disc102.flac
a391ce4a700b544121b7206b3b8a95b5 *disc103.flac
fd18324593a04a8773628313bdb09319 *disc104.flac
60f65ed4e30bac5cd76fab66630f5e80 *disc105.flac
ac213f4ebe9438fcb78bf2be51914a3e *disc106.flac
eb1921c2f7ae118370ee907bb6f11ef2 *disc201.flac
d65e9e1221e09955659b898367b57063 *disc202.flac
0cf6d842141b4ffaf9253717ced12fa2 *disc203.flac
a7853c25bd98f34b7fbd6b89722e0067 *disc204.flac
d7024c8f59efe01b670a50eadbcc1a5f *disc205.flac
d1c63b5c646dd1b1922743085ec67f6b *disc206.flac
f6bf200bba95e0c05cff30ab806bcbe8 *disc207.flac
369017a3603246ed87e92a3acd28edc9 *disc208.flac
00617c700e99ad63d3a5a51b00ef8b27 *disc209.flac
357f79f25dacde456d71fa85880fdcc4 *disc210.flac
7909a5826452bbfc81a03e884785a195 *disc301.flac
3a30f85957966c6420f95e5c8c993964 *disc302.flac
25c7e2c396663f3f8cc0886fc8302b17 *disc303.flac
ce36d2952ee614b7b877139e9c14fcae *disc304.flac
80543d557d9e94ed8e66e7045bd1920b *disc305.flac
eae16e9cb0a3f6d92647541f64cf9633 *disc306.flac
fe7bc9550ede82cd5c1818ca7eda09ed *disc307.flac
5e5785a3e6e7f001ed7f287cf8a88b64 *disc308.flac
bb08b8b106cf164e4dd062ef2502ce35 *disc309.flac

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