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Phish 07/25/92
Stowe Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT
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Source # 8852 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 0 / 1
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Source Summary shn16, 44kHz; SBD > DAT > SHN 
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7-25-92  Stowe Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT

Source: DSBD > ? > etc, etc > SHN (still sounds good)

1.  Runaway Jim
2.  Foam
3.  Sparkle
4.  Stash
5.  Rift
6.  YEM
7.  YEM continued
8.  Llama
9.  Funky Bitch
10. David Bowie
11. David Bowie continued

David Bowie is a bonus track from another show.
It's speculated that it is from
4-17-92 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA.

Show Checksums
d950f20f43ddc9602936a62e893011a3 *ph92-07-25t01.shn
86f6f0b01487e3d9d20d7e7ddd98dba2 *ph92-07-25t02.shn
b4f17d6906c09aeefde1199e3a4ff55f *ph92-07-25t03.shn
5b83fd9ed18ba6145d7d42fd0b728355 *ph92-07-25t04.shn
8f35152e41a3998d14546a076e9c959b *ph92-07-25t05.shn
f708d65813513863383bfee4dc92aa4d *ph92-07-25t06.shn
516f3c863a0bd7179b67d7b1abccf28b *ph92-07-25t07.shn
3ce74815977c7d2885935caabfb84fd9 *ph92-07-25t08.shn
dd5cb44be596f186ce166a8d755e6ee2 *ph92-07-25t09.shn
dfaaf68ae4c89af6fcd7c7202b760944 [shntool] ph92-07-25t01.shn
6c2c64de2d70c4fa37f922af3b4aa3dd [shntool] ph92-07-25t02.shn
2e481044339a2ab006ebd333e90e6ffd [shntool] ph92-07-25t03.shn
370453f75aae39524f3928e2fca72647 [shntool] ph92-07-25t04.shn
f7b117577dceac5e594a1348bc67cc60 [shntool] ph92-07-25t05.shn
f60a0aca0cb8aa41f6f66e7c9f64867f [shntool] ph92-07-25t06.shn
386f1527c7fc24b631ded1afce7da8ab [shntool] ph92-07-25t07.shn
6cbf8ba8652cbc74f6b97c011c657f5f [shntool] ph92-07-25t08.shn
9374134919c3899f9bd89ef708a3eb65 [shntool] ph92-07-25t09.shn
678a8901715218de79cf2f4814b4b6dc [shntool] ph92-07-25t10.shn
85e0c0cc4ee097c2fb1f45ccfaee1138 [shntool] ph92-07-25t11.shn

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