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Grateful Dead 03/22/87
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16; Nakamichi CM-100 mics with CP-4 shotgun capsules. Floor, right side (Jerry's side) of SBD. All transfers and Mastering done by Jamie Waddell on the GEMS Edit Station Trac'ed Cdwave Flac'ed level 8 TLH 
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Grateful Dead
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA

Nakamichi CM-100 mics with CP-4 shotgun capsules.  Floor, right side (Jerry's side) of SBD.

All transfers and Mastering done by Jamie Waddell on the GEMS Edit Station
Trac'ed Cdwave
Flac'ed level 8 TLH

Set 1
Disc 1
01  crowd/tuning
02  Hell In A Bucket >
03  Sugaree
04  It's All Over Now >
05  West LA Fadeaway
06  El Paso
07  When Push Comes To Shove
08  Cassidy >
09  Deal

Set 2
Disc II
01  crowd/tuning
02  Sugar Magnolia >
03  Scarlet Begonias >
04  Fire On The Mountain
05  Estimated Prophet >
06  Drums >
07  Space >
08  The Wheel >
09  Black Peter >
10  Sunshine Daydream
11 Crowd
12  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

This was my first trip to Hampton, I went there with my
girlfriend (now wife) and our friends Neil M. and Mike Rice (RIP
Mike).   On this, the first of a three-night run, I recall
getting into the show right when the doors opened, which was
VERY early in the day, several hours before show time, plenty of
time to set up, stretch out, and explore the coliseum. Hampton
is a great venue, with a round space-ship exterior, gently
sloping arena seating, and wide entryways and corridors.  It is
perfect for taping, and just as well suited for dancing around
the halls.  Anyway, we set up the taping gear just to the right
of the soundboard, and we had plenty of room to move about.
Between Mike, Neil, and us, we each took turns guarding the
recording gear, and we also took turns dancing madly around the
This was the first East-Coast appearance of the Grateful Dead
post-coma, and the crowd was very welcoming to the band.  I
recall on this particular night, the East Coast crowd was
treated to their first "When Push Comes To Shove"...and unlike
later years, the crowd on this night payed noticeably close
attention to this new song....even the hall dancers crowded into
the entryways to check it out...  The entire show was a lot of
fun, and the second set was a real blow-out, with the Sugar
Mag>Scarlet>Fire opening, all the way through to the baby Blue.
Well...I don't remember much else about this show, other than
what the set list tells.  I do recall staying in a hotel on
Virginia Beach, I believe it was off-season pricing, and we had
an ocean-front room...nice digs for us landlocked midwesterners.
I don't recall it, but my wife says we saw a ramp-riding
skateboarding demonstration of some kind near the hotel...
Well, Hampton did not disappoint, and, as is usually the case,
fun was had by all. Enjoy our recording of this fabulous
show....and Mike, wherever you are, thanks for the memories.
Greg Holtz
November 2007
Show Checksums
fba349d42e5288673e169ac2008a4a30 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t01.flac
db02970ef10db9528bc747ddd9be4814 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t02.flac
5025b5220b9a2d038d77e0cf3ecda3e2 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t03.flac
182662f00f15c183ea797339f12a40e3 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t04.flac
b7b5a89a9e188e80892537556bd91a28 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t05.flac
30c128a4ee3768bbe7b29b87d33d57fd *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t06.flac
f25e79d3fb422df47072997e9e2f2e58 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t07.flac
48f5ef41e0707a9b930ea41afa0a4098 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t08.flac
fd2083608abadd3f993b17d08c84c75c *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d1t09.flac
7b60f7d28abfe4034e15a6f01e018495 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t01.flac
8484f257969dcf33ee4499af21c43157 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t02.flac
712a1f9406872da4de66f16f1d605647 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t03.flac
87ac8ae3f26952666e978fa02fdbda09 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t04.flac
12ebd9314d91b5c28d19a58ac627c425 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t05.flac
672553ab5e24409cc440634b3e7407fc *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t06.flac
7f0d78dcc0eebb7965b33b664bc713b8 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t07.flac
93f62d4cc70f448908b3b3f2fc3bd7cf *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t08.flac
5c5aac456369f9d0236d856d08d6ec12 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t09.flac
78f6d286cb29fa653ed120ea84509b0e *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t10.flac
a2c48e5978f6fbed1b1ff97b411507b7 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t11.flac
cdc18a8de417f69a66b5eb72988ddc70 *gd87-03-22.GEMS.d2t12.flac

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