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Yonder Mountain String Band 06/17/07
Whiskey Roadhouse - Horseshoe Casino, Council Bluffs, IA
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Source Summary 16 bit sbd>744t (24/48) dpa4011>v-2>744t (24/48)
Location:left frot of sbd
Taped & Transfer by Steven Propp 
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06/17/07 (Sun)
Whiskey Roadhouse Horseshoe Casino
Council Bluffs, IA

Source: sbd>744t (24/48) dpa4011>v-2>744t (24/48)
Location:left frot of sbd
Taped & Transfer by Steven Propp [email protected]

Set 1: Part 1(Lord Only Knows)>
Crow Black Chicken,
Spanish Harlem Incident,
8 Cylinders,
Whipping Post>
Romance Blues,
Thing You're Selling,
Near Me,
Going Up,
Different Day,
Traffic Jam>
I Am The Slime>
Traffic Jam

Set 2: Get Me Outta This City>
Ain't Been Myself In Years,
Loved You Enough,
Catch A Criminal,
Long Time,
And Your Bird Can Sing>
Sideshow Blues,
New Deal Train,
Going Across The Sea,
Eli Renfro,
Come Together,
Deep Pockets,
Ten E:

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85254199754c7ff77dd19c9d8f51925e *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t01.flac
0920bf279b5685b5ffaa2124c7627519 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t02.flac
f72fcd565ea160b2b5580d46e416a913 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t03.flac
e7d0c24b8cf5277fd7c42e9c66afc6e6 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t04.flac
6304dc29c86f42c1ce564bbb15533e5a *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t05.flac
7e9db22dfe3bd8f88cec9b09624b736e *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t06.flac
3e4b76b5af89220735980dce0ebca032 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t07.flac
a80ac12950ed41019c30d3fe063993ca *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t08.flac
2944a0a63dcb429bba18427abc126061 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t09.flac
4bec04bb80cb0333de0710ad3b947a9a *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t10.flac
59b52f2f9b03632f4295681539d8b900 *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t11.flac
af1084e70fdb65eaded4883a8dcb2acc *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t12.flac
4cd9d957ccab2e7661258db44a74feef *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t13.flac
8abe9077ced1db6d266a959a9e77502a *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t14.flac
b4e22fdf53020e92e453adffbd9fe03f *ymsb07-06-17 Set01 matrix t15.flac
d2b1eb51fb623e44c7af59866d5f78e5 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t01.flac
54aed1919c5c0688c26fa1b4ca5872d2 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t02.flac
20c5d785b141e07319bebc7d651a6da6 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t03.flac
9fb819be077bbb64a35913a130c7a0c1 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t04.flac
f3282b5cc0a0b51cd8bec928e692ecf6 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t05.flac
b2a1c4d4a709f2406d3d4b98b71597e1 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t06.flac
b88684c886212c373f248212352dc107 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t07.flac
9bc02a26ac9d3ef7b5c65235d526175a *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t08.flac
3d04211af83caa499032a7352780738e *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t09.flac
b99cfb42c16c125fb65d4be286e59691 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t10.flac
40956630ac518cf8d504c4c7fee33598 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t11.flac
fa546fbd80cac15a6d04d7a2ec9124f7 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t12.flac
07a547e55b1f89b62020a64ebd1314f6 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t13.flac
e31c6b3412af14ac212ca6cd3d350e1f *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t14.flac
1d54e47bc4bb6797a42130d1f48349b1 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t15.flac
0325cc4497ce8d728311d9451b3668e8 *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t16.flac
44bc0337fdfc8e2ac831be3eb31278da *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t17.flac
50d74d32a985639ac0b94c2a870320bb *ymsb07-06-17 Set02 matrix t18.flac

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