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Robert Hunter 12/31/82
Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA
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Entered by Greg Yurkovic
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Source Summary flac16: AUD MC (Sony UCX-S 90 Metal, unknown deck/mics.) > WAV > CDR > EAC > FLAC 
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Oakland Auditorium
Oakland, CA

AUD MC (Sony UCX-S 90 Metal, unknown deck/mics.) > WAV > CDR > EAC > FLAC by Tom Shyman

01. Bill Graham Intro. > Who Makes The Moves?
02. One Way Out*
03. Got Love*
04. Promontory Rider*
05. I Can't Dance*
06. Save The Whales*+
07. Streetwise
08. Level With Me*
09. St. Louis Blues*
10. How Blue Can You Get?*^
11. San Francisco*^=
12. D.I.N.O.S.A.U.R.*^=

  Line up : Robert Hunter  - vocals/guitar
            Barry Melton   - vocals/guitar
            John Cipollina - lead guitar
            Peter Albin    - bass/backing vocals
            Spencer Dryden - drums

    with special guests..

           * Nicky Hopkins  - Piano
           + Joe McDonald   - Lead vocals/guitar
           ^ Kathi McDonald - Vocals
           = Steve Douglass - Sax

  Opening for the Grateful Dead
  'Level With Me' cuts in with only the first few seconds missing (tape flip)

  This AUD master tape is owned by me, but I didn't record the show. Before me, it owned by Jeff S. Recently, Jeff said this wasn't one of his own recordings, but he picked it up at a flea market just a few weeks after the show! He transferred the tape to his own CDR for his private collection, then gave it to me as a gift! One has to believe there is a SBD of this show as well, although it never has appeared.

  I did no EQ'ing or editing on this. This is a 'pure' recording of what the twenty one year old tape sounds like. As you will hear, it is still in amazing shape! As always, this is for trade only and NOT FOR SALE!

  This FLAC was premired on CipQuick, an online group specializing in John Cipollina recordings, with a zest of using the best known sources. You are welcome to check us at...

  Endless thanks to Jeff S. for the source tape! This is for you!

  Questions? I can be reached at [email protected]

  -Tom Shyman
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dc70fc6ddab62dc19ac273e3862ae897 *dinos1982-12-31d1t01.flac
c5ed55df9f6604fdb9d2095e189e2078 *dinos1982-12-31d1t02.flac
479c049626799d984049603124206fb8 *dinos1982-12-31d1t03.flac
773967e50a8fb9d4fe2553849bae41ad *dinos1982-12-31d1t04.flac
3905c4bd83fd648dcb9a4f0dccbca155 *dinos1982-12-31d1t05.flac
8387f1abf3d65ce2fa45a3dc9c62bf9c *dinos1982-12-31d1t06.flac
098ae1dda02c0c19419910e0f93ab9da *dinos1982-12-31d1t07.flac
4254c342b3f54cf35e21b50fbadb26e3 *dinos1982-12-31d1t08.flac
c689bda727d48ddec789da9071f95d9f *dinos1982-12-31d1t09.flac
cd58587457ef29c20cacb458e11d9a52 *dinos1982-12-31d1t10.flac
23c817ed9423d424e63ebc07bdc547bc *dinos1982-12-31d1t11.flac
491ea6b392164bd20c8833431b5d49e7 *dinos1982-12-31d1t12.flac

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