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The Word 12/26/07
Webster Theatre, Hartford, CT
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; AKG C34 > AETA Mix2000 > Korg MR-1 DSD (Recorded at 1bit/2.8 Mhz, Cardiod 90 degrees XY, HPF engaged on AETA 80 hz; FOB on soundrail of sbd, 40 feet from stage); Audio Gate > CD Wav > FLAC; Taped by Carl Beck 
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The Word
The Webster Theater
Hartford, Ct.

Source: AKG C34 > AETA Mix2000 > Korg MR-1 DSD
Recorded at 1bit/2.8 Mhz, Cardiod 90 degrees XY, HPF engaged on AETA 80 hz
Location: FOB on soundrail of sbd, 40 feet from stage
Taped & Seeded by: Carl Beck
Transfer: Audio Gate > CD Wav > FLAC

Set List:

God I need help with the set list!

NOTE: There are some pretty severe gain adjustments during the first three songs. I did not want to edit the original file but I would recommend normalizing when you burn to CD.

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59342f675a1fa3f07caa5d42cb795db8 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET101.flac
f0d4f1f3e99530b973156b6ff2163a6b *WORD 2007-12-26 SET102.flac
f03b2a11ab2fc295e3649d14ba874f60 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET103.flac
f9c3c4b1631b940017069c550e2849bf *WORD 2007-12-26 SET104.flac
16ad55b8047ef11a30a59aab2f78eb11 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET105.flac
b5ce5944a7c72c2f6623d010b65b0982 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET106.flac
62f7ce56f23bf199fd8d94fd4f1988e5 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET107.flac
e371c0817ed19e4fb7aef790497bd7b7 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET108.flac
33c6e7446d1e6fe2c08f833dbd56e8e3 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET109.flac
a05b953b52aa91c8f2b185852d6402ac *WORD 2007-12-26 SET110.flac
77bc1de6105ccd4d6e11bb04c7c0503a *WORD 2007-12-26 SET111.flac
0fe8f41b4437e4d6f51ccae4929f57c8 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET112.flac
794ce2fd172c35569feb61eb9fcd6881 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET201.flac
83e260cc48b0b22d984cb94c801384b6 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET202.flac
30f9613806933089c0374994de5ef5ca *WORD 2007-12-26 SET203.flac
b60fd1b5dbfc2c69b50e63165b9afc9c *WORD 2007-12-26 SET204.flac
44b4780c98e2df293e943518cc9d8bab *WORD 2007-12-26 SET205.flac
97d481498ca950e7d6db32eb5d04b190 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET206.flac
68ae825b672d156ba3c91e57e68f0c7d *WORD 2007-12-26 SET207.flac
2bab1aa13bad8e256fe7ac741774846a *WORD 2007-12-26 SET208.flac
4f7a139ccb5ae61c0683ea43638c7eb8 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET209.flac
6e01b7d26a365b0fadd51a63806431bb *WORD 2007-12-26 SET210.flac
b66b3a003453744a9d316c1d6f12e13c *WORD 2007-12-26 SET211.flac
530e01028cebb03530b5239b31deaa06 *WORD 2007-12-26 SET212.flac

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