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Disco Biscuits 04/06/02
The NorVa, Norfolk, VA
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary AKG480/ck61>Luantec V2>AD2K+>DA-P1; Tansfer: D8(m)>COAX>Delta Dio 2496>Samplitude5.5(48kHz>44.1kHz)>CDWav>SHN(seek tables appended); Recorded by Tim "The Captian" Danielson; Transferred and Encoded by Steven Wolf; Tracking by Michael Conners, Steven Wolf, and Mike Schultheisz 
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The Disco Biscuits
Norva Theater
Norfolk VA

Source: AKG480/ck61>Luantec V2>AD2K+>DA-P1
Transfer:  D8(m)>COAX>Delta Dio 2496>Samplitude5.5(48kHz>44.1kHz)>CDWav>SHN(seek tables appended)
Recorded by Tim "The Captian" Danielson
Transferred and Encoded by Steven Wolf
Tracking by Michael Conners, Steven Wolf, and Mike Schultheisz

Disc 1:
(set 1)
01. Pre-Show DJ
02. Banter
03. Trooper McCue>
04. Spacebirdmatingcall>
05. Little Shimmy In a Congo Line^>
06. Jigsaw Earth*>
07. Save The Robots&>
08. Overture>
09. Aquatic Ape>
10. Shelby Rose$

Disc 2:
(set 2)
01. Banter
02. Save The Robots&>
03. Mindless Dribble>
04. Basis For a Day>
05. Superman Theme>
06. Basis For a Day>
07. Crickets>
08. Songs of [email protected]>
09. Basis For a Day>
10. Mindless Dribble

Disc 3:
01. Jamillia
02. Cheering
03. Costume Contest
04. One %

^ Inverted Version
* Middle Section Only
& Dyslexic Verion
@ Spacebird Tease and Basis Ending Fakeout
% First Time Played
$ There is some crackling at the end of Shelby that is from the PA, not the DAT or the transfer

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843da479eb904ad6f4fda273cab015c6 *db02-04-06d1t1.shn
51f44b013d040c58dcfe27ad1c631965 *db02-04-06d1t10.shn
a2808f6b76bef7550212410ef8889d57 *db02-04-06d1t2.shn
e242b1dc0eb8e75248708a4de50b0c81 *db02-04-06d1t3.shn
b0ebb393d7fe763fddb4b4a2c74cea68 *db02-04-06d1t4.shn
07dc39691099035bc46044887738d42a *db02-04-06d1t5.shn
5ea471ba05e96c35d99f596bfaf1f232 *db02-04-06d1t6.shn
46bc208c63636a119cdf8775e780208c *db02-04-06d1t7.shn
1598be88998b43bca11ce0a9c4bd262f *db02-04-06d1t8.shn
9f17245a1c7cb78bf2c12c38d9ee0c3d *db02-04-06d1t9.shn
d9bff7a64eb06005f80eaac713a62464 *db02-04-06d2t08.shn
169e8f43c5db4563273f844b6b9fd6c4 *db02-04-06d2t09.shn
150ee76a134611b6f63af2aa70e585ab *db02-04-06d2t1.shn
fff1c96e08d5eb848c67a3a959fd3823 *db02-04-06d2t10.shn
3eeb02f9f543d88812248d388320efaa *db02-04-06d2t2.shn
da2f4c0b358fae7d08d40fc922359ff6 *db02-04-06d2t3.shn
bec9bfb3fec23feaf0f1a1d2831ad0c7 *db02-04-06d2t4.shn
14f3c246233c24bcb700c24f34521469 *db02-04-06d2t5.shn
d847b824c094fc7b25453103115ab6a2 *db02-04-06d2t6.shn
464aacb194823760d4ef822fd77ddbff *db02-04-06d2t7.shn
5d09927a0e72ce105de5e811511cd511 *db02-04-06d3t01.shn
dc7056b7427604074bbbbbb15fbc8c5e *db02-04-06d3t02.shn
64501d4d6d0ab981871ef64121effa52 *db02-04-06d3t03.shn
f5cdcc18147ebc8370d81889e561ff79 *db02-04-06d3t04.shn

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Date User Comment
04/29/2002 Brad There is some weird noises during spacebirdmatingcall starting at approximately 1:24 and lasting a minute or so.
05/16/2002 Jamo When tracking, you should put 0's infront of 1 digit #'s so that track 10 doesn't follow track 1.
09/08/2002 nicolas caudle the weird noises/pops is the P/A crackling. these noises are on every source.