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Yonder Mountain String Band 10/28/07
Liberty Hall, Lawrence, KS
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Entered by mark burnell
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Source Summary Source:dpa4011>v-2>744t 24/48 Location:balcony right side. Lineage:744t>wavelab5>cdwave>flac5 Taped by Steven Propp [email protected]  
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Liberty Hall
Lawrence, Ks.

Source:dpa4011>v-2>744t 24/48
Location:balcony right side.
Taped by Steven Propp [email protected]

Set I
Blue Collar Blues
Out Of The Blue *
California Cottonfields
Winds Of Wyoming
Sidewalk Stars >
Bolton Stretch >
Sidewalk Stars
Amanda Rose
99 Bottles Of Beer
Things You're Selling
If There's Still Ramblin' In The Rambler (Let Him Go) >
Sometimes I've Won >
Casualty >
Two Hits & The Joint Turned Brown >
Ramblin Reprise >
Goodbye Blue Sky

Set II
Whipping Post
My Gal
Fine Excuses
It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry
Down The River Road
Kentucky Mandolin >
Hill Country Girl
Naughty Sweetie
Saro Jane
Keep On Going >
King Ebeneezer >
Keep On Going
Half Moon Rising
Roll On Blues
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whole show
07d1543d3dcf17b688a5332576263cba *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t01.flac
262fc8d391f9b7620969e7766d40c234 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t02.flac
cdfcfc6e6aba89e242eb3fc1c772843e *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t03.flac
66af3c16031578751962cac9d7ccdcbb *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t04.flac
72beb2bf996e560fe27538ad10965c2c *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t05.flac
ab8b00f2ba7386fa5f6e91af88805fbb *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t06.flac
29759610394256e5b51251fabb8a7c6f *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t07.flac
4ca2d13eeb64951e436a9cc438117edb *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t08.flac
1d1769adf2580a29c142d123d2eb0ade *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t09.flac
41faf3dff68c2716abe3a5b99b93af51 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t10.flac
592b80fb6fdda3319fdf55648f5ee3f7 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t11.flac
3ce11a48d8510a5655e00c94d83c04f9 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t12.flac
1cb5abd2d4bf1e3cfcfd35bcf22e6815 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t13.flac
73ee2e26af2281d52ebb93a3c62f47a3 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t14.flac
60f5b1595629106d9dc70e13f04ae11c *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t15.flac
05ed7eee8d2eedbf257f097490d88f0c *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t16.flac
0cc2c58a00b54faca186022b259d61fd *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t17.flac
dd91c7f4e8ef0a77005d460abf550da4 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t18.flac
102630b8c8c74636b12f94af1b164b95 *ymsb07-10-28 Set01 t19.flac
784b4af2fa3f0b4b8d39c187f2ed2d57 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t01.flac
fb12c0bb3d9692f73682030a917ee308 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t02.flac
22c01544cf9da49df4b72581b97c62df *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t03.flac
f49441e08db3f522c8d2aaeff1627926 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t04.flac
89297bf839f361a3f80f3971a32a4f1c *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t05.flac
684fb3a11df79731b39b7a877b59b0bc *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t06.flac
04120e735e1475d7952c4751d9a8b88e *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t07.flac
fb75dccc4fa3c48eb826547ad1511d9d *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t08.flac
3fe879272b0a440ef2478ba502f8b124 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t09.flac
3becf4e8e705d7cad3c784f9d00ebed7 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t10.flac
8877499f0b88aeb1671a52e20869b41f *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t11.flac
d00274e61bb6df8c63ec84f62eacc0e7 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t12.flac
c53e4c0a9e5db54e42aded9983e77b81 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t13.flac
40ff74d71b7e5d3468346e3a7e74a4e5 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t14.flac
32978e1b9e9e7d1dcb6a606874c29849 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t15.flac
08148271281dbf5536f1d469cdf96efe *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t16.flac
355b8a2afcda26f26c5d0deaedfaafb4 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t17.flac
12336db2b451039675a20cc4ae64bafb *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t18.flac
3f8b4304fee2f8a7f0fa84ffa39ef652 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t19.flac
b0e309f9923e818b1e510244e3f98af8 *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t20.flac
3208658a4e778df30abdf38f744d887e *ymsb07-10-28 Set02 t21.flac

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