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Gov't Mule 12/31/07
Beacon Theatre, New York, NY
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Source Summary Lineage: DPA 4022>sonosax sx-m2>3.8mm Rt.angle>(Oade mod 6DB)Edirol r-09
Conversion: PB>BBE maximizer>L3 ultramaximizer>24bit/48.0khz. dithered>16bit/44.1khz>SBE>xact 
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Gov't Mule
Beacon Theater
New York, New York

Taper: Bluntforcetrauma
Lineage: DPA 4022>sonosax sx-m2>3.8mm Rt.angle>(Oade mod 6DB)Edirol r-09
Conversion: PB>BBE maximizer>L3 ultramaximizer>24bit/48.0khz dithered>16bit/44.1khz>SBE>xact

Location: Orch LFT. CTR row A.
5th row from stage- Warren's side.
10ft. Stand

The 3rd night and final night of the Gov't Mule run at the Beacon.  Traveling up from Florida for a New York, New Year's vacation. See the sights and take in the shows.  Taking gear along for the ride was certainly an additional concern, but in the end its all good.

Set  One

Disc One

01. Brand New Angel
02. Mr. High & Mighty
03. Lay Your Burden Down
04. About To Rage  
05. Banks Of The Deep End
06. I'll Be The One
07. Time To Confess

Set Two
"The Winter Of Love"

Disc Two

01. MLK Intro
02. Dear Mr. Fantasy
03. 2,000 Light Years From Home
04. Sunshine Of Your Love
05. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
06. Little Wing
07. Spanish Castle Magic
08. You Keep Me Hangin On
09. Morning Dew
10. When The Music's Over

Disc Three
01. Ed speaks
02. Lets Spend The Night Together
03. Light My Fire
04. Cold Sweat
05. I Was Made To Love Her
06. Born Under A Bad Sign
07. You Dont Miss Your Water
08. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
09. All You Need Is Love

Set Three

Disc Four

01. You Dont Miss Your Water Reprise
02. Expressions
03. Losing You
04. Mule
05. Reblow Your Horn
06. Dont Step On The Grass Sam
07. Blind Man In The Dark
08. Encore Break
09. Sad & deep as you


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Show Checksums
gm2007-12-31d1t01 Brand new angel.flac:bf1a5c1282d72e0223f9de8b7dcbf2c8
gm2007-12-31d1t02 Mr. High & Mighty.flac:8061d07c4012cdec239aa1f671468732
gm2007-12-31d1t03 Lay your burden down.flac:6ea59e059de9e3610bead2252a9ac0d6
gm2007-12-31d1t04 About the rage.flac:3bd7d86d1254faa86d6c0531cab7f92b
gm2007-12-31d1t05 banks of the deep end.flac:f4047a658b0f56a89f0bdd9a63d6eb13
gm2007-12-31d1t06 ILL be the one.flac:8f998a8e8f2af0728a4b17e83826e11d
gm2007-12-31d1t07 time to confess.flac:5f3188575f360c8c1f849b617e91d068
gm2007-12-31d2t01 MLK Intro.flac:cd801cfd2697b4c37c833aa62d53c487
gm2007-12-31d2t02 Dear Mr. Fantasy.flac:766e4571ed215c32b68364eac9620f6d
gm2007-12-31d2t03 2,000 Light years from home.flac:683091c9ef87487e102bf312866f54a2
gm2007-12-31d2t04 Sunshine of your love.flac:c3f855284b50674d0d2f224aa25382cc
gm2007-12-31d2t05 Lucy in the sky with diamonds.flac:6cfce6bd4b364e54668e54f772e9d89f
gm2007-12-31d2t06 Little wing.flac:754a7f26678146f26258b677916eef47
gm2007-12-31d2t07 Spanish castle magic.flac:aab3016661638c3b01165b88cc182193
gm2007-12-31d2t08 You keep me hangin on.flac:e175287bb70c833563cbd950b7edcef4
gm2007-12-31d2t09 Morning dew.flac:d21196e26009fdbe1e2f7a951df138c5
gm2007-12-31d2t10 When the music's over.flac:821e36188fb2ab5c0ae007cf80b98b23
gm2007-12-31d3t01 Ed speaks.flac:25afbb9e3c877a462c1bb5a673d45228
gm2007-12-31d3t02 Let's spend the night together.flac:de8c5e579d9583e8bab2c57d3370e860
gm2007-12-31d3t03 Light my fire.flac:e6c880b424bb55999206666134d0e645
gm2007-12-31d3t04 Cold sweat.flac:f1289c3a56a7d2529df98390476a7dfe
gm2007-12-31d3t05 I was made to love her.flac:5604c0f4c4f342b12b57b233856f1df0
gm2007-12-31d3t06 Born under a bad sign.flac:6b7da82b28ede48746fc3ad4d1d8384c
gm2007-12-31d3t07 You don't miss your water.flac:4a2c3456d3c0be58f7eb4a5b9d8647d4
gm2007-12-31d3t08 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.flac:77b81c5296f4b8fc03bdfa3bfce96427
gm2007-12-31d3t09 All you need is love.flac:b5b32df1ea6849ea6c74d0f31a98382f
gm2007-12-31d4t01 You Don't miss your water reprise.flac:d095a862241071bad67cc486d254e893
gm2007-12-31d4t02 Expressions.flac:4f0fb72342f3600a868baa2d86c1af48
gm2007-12-31d4t03 Losing you.flac:f052f541df76a148ecc2b330b30fe9ab
gm2007-12-31d4t04 Mule.flac:2c42853f83afd00fb6e889caa9c05250
gm2007-12-31d4t05 Reblow your horn.flac:fe95ac6f528a8c190b3a8304dbbde9a4
gm2007-12-31d4t06 dont step on the grass sam.flac:694e33f3cc24f15a4fb5ad4e3e4ec7c0
gm2007-12-31d4t07 Blind man in the dark.flac:6f73bc30ff14661c3ae477919c129106
gm2007-12-31d4t08 Encore break.flac:f0c9652ecb72af9962a693459b88b3ff
gm2007-12-31d4t09 Sad & deep is you.flac:31a0a43433482060326f351306f315de

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