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Solar Circus 07/14/91
The Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ
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Entered by Michael Townshend
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary SBD-> Panasonic SV-255 DAT -> Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit -> FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper 
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Solar Circus

The Fast Lane
Asbury Park, NJ

SBD-> Panasonic SV-255 DAT ->
Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit ->
FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper

Set 1
1. Intro [00:29]
2. Mr Charlie [05:14]
3. The Core [06:26]
4. Path To Your Heart [05:35]
5. Heartbeat Rhythm and Time [06:06]
6. Tabla Rasa [04:20]
7. White Rabbit [03:17]
8. Twilight Dance [08:15]
9. Bertha-> [07:42]
10. Good Lovin' [07:17]

Set 2
1. Tuning [01:38]
2. Shakedown Street-> [08:28]
3. Feeling Alright [09:27]
4. Legalize It [07:35]
5. Scarlet Begonias-> [10:10]
6. Fire on the Mountain [10:47]
7. Not Fade Away-> [07:15]
8. GDTRFB [06:58]
9. Big River [06:07]

Solar Circus
Mark Diomede Guitar, Vocals
Steve Greene Guitar, Vocals
Sue Cohen Vocals
Ken Golojuch Bass
Bruce Wigdor Keyboards
Brad Hall Drums

The Fast Lane was a typical sleazy Jersey shore bar.
Actually probably more sleazy than most. It was dark,
dank and disgusting. I remember a central bar and the seating
area made of large carpeted steps. It was the kind of place
that was better experienced with VERY dim lighting and had
none of the seedy appeal of the Court Tavern.

Above is my best guess as to the lineup. The setlist is
dominated by Dead covers, but there are a couple of
interesting songs with the addition of Sue Cohen (former
wife of Steve Greene) on vocals. "The Core" is the Clapton
song from Slowhand with Sue and Mark trading vocals. "White
Rabbit" builds gradually to a fantastic climax with Sue doing
her best Grace Slick. "Heartbeat Rhythm and Time" is one of
my favorite early Solar songs and I was very happy to find
a version on this tape. "Path To Your Heart" is an early
Solar Original with Steve on vocals. Finally, I've always
loved the way Mark played "Legalize It".

Typical Sunday night at the Jersey Shore.
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ecc6485fbc1006ff98b9d4c7a334fe1e *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t01-Intro.flac
baeaaf17d9bfb7a81d972d7482d2acc4 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t02-Mr-Charlie.flac
01b6fabb4861fbb9b8b6579e8b33ad14 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t03-The-Core.flac
d870d3063707a7560aaffcfe166e3bd2 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t04-Path-To-Your-Heart.flac
2029ea02db3e827315a4b05bee790c92 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t05-Heartbeat-Rhythm-Time.flac
3df9361f4ed69437064649391462c9e4 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t06-Tabla-Rasa.flac
402851d7b519d38326a8e34b360f2d68 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t07-White-Rabbit.flac
d4aa679215a2521017b765953cac0369 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t08-Twilight Dance.flac
c598f49741925df16bf2a7db6f8d8c54 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t09-Bertha.flac
3a4b03629c544c4d2c072deb2f7d0063 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d1t10-Good-Lovin.flac
23b09faf4fe35ad0026694a7b2667ecd *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t01-Tuning.flac
174835507d7cb7b73756296e2e12a17d *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t02-Shakedown-Street.flac
cc03fef2ed3eb7f46e3953c59faaf1dc *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t03-Feeling-Alright.flac
591de79e4ca62d68683e2f981dd6040e *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t04-Legalize-It.flac
5695d4330172a5d4d45bcd3a2bc17fd2 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t05-Scarlet-Begonias.flac
124e081a5ac4463063ac1777387e8af9 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t06-Fire-On-The-Mountain.flac
9f3adcfb5f4d998866488ccf205366c9 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t07-Not-Fade-Away.flac
bda29574bcf82c05c2e6d3b0f645f7d3 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t08-GDTRFB.flac
609709ce2039540269631eb322a75615 *Solar Circus 1991-07-14d2t09-Big-River.flac

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