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Grateful Dead 07/16/66
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
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Source # 89555 Other Sources
Entered by Gary Field
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 1 / 2
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary flac16; Recording Info: SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat -> Sonic Solutions -> CD; Transfer Info: CD -> EAC -> SHN -> WAV -> FLAC; Transferred and Edited By Charlie Miller. This is a fix of shn id 21063 
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Grateful Dead - July 16, 1966
Fillmore Auditorium - San Francisco, CA

Recording Info:
SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat -> Sonic Solutions -> CD

Transfer Info:
CD -> EAC -> SHN -> WAV -> FLAC
(2 Discs Audio / 1 Disc FLAC)

Transferred and Edited By Charlie Miller
[email protected]
January 16, 2008

-- Fixed the flaw in Dancin' In The Streets
-- This is a fix of shnid=21063
-- Thanks to David Gans for the source discs

Set One:
d1t01 - I Know You Rider
d1t02 - Big Boss Man
d1t03 - Standing On The Corner
d1t04 - Beat It On Down The Line
d1t05 - In The Pines
d1t06 - Cardboard Cowboy
d1t07 - Nobody's Fault But Mine
d1t08 - Next Time You See Me
d1t09 - He Was A Friend Of Mine
d1t10 - Cream Puff War

Set Two:
d1t11 - Viola Lee Blues
d1t12 - Don't Ease Me In ->
d1t13 - Pain In My Heart
d1t14 - Minglewood Blues ->
d1t15 - Sittin' On Top Of The World
d2t01 - You Don't Have To Ask
d2t02 - Cold Rain And Snow ->
d2t03 - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl ->
d2t04 - It's All Over Now Baby Blue
d2t05 - Dancin' In The Streets

    length     expanded size   cdr  WAVE  probs   filename
     3:23.67      35966828     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t01.wav
     5:13.47      55323788     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t02.wav
     4:08.08      43766060     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t03.wav
     3:23.03      35816300     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t04.wav
     5:46.63      61182620     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t05.wav
     2:29.44      26387132     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t06.wav
     4:12.24      44509292     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t07.wav
     3:33.12      37601468     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t08.wav
     5:35.58      59230460     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t09.wav
     5:59.50      63445244     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t10.wav
     9:44.29     103085852     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t11.wav
     2:44.34      29009612     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t12.wav
     4:28.53      47399900     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t13.wav
     4:09.08      43942460     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t14.wav
     3:38.49      38570492     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d1t15.wav
     5:06.42      54077228     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d2t01.wav
     4:59.36      52828316     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d2t02.wav
    10:43.24     113481692     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d2t03.wav
     5:10.33      54761660     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d2t04.wav
     6:30.58      68932460     ---   --    ---    gd66-07-16d2t05.flac
   101:01.67    1069318864 B                      (totals for 20 files)
Show Checksums
50d6f42585374a28931ca8b968a70ce6 *gd66-07-16d1t01.flac
6cd6c7bf87c935e1db686cabde73bbaa *gd66-07-16d1t02.flac
17d9ad2fdbb5900436c16d2825eede6d *gd66-07-16d1t03.flac
8f92abcb61c69094e4c7b1de34bb7f98 *gd66-07-16d1t04.flac
2cb784032798c6f6b4e8d8450337495d *gd66-07-16d1t05.flac
4c655db0b8fed7b84c92dfe869894cfa *gd66-07-16d1t06.flac
f03ad4bdddb949c34a15b14519435925 *gd66-07-16d1t07.flac
384dc8edc04747d78d57fa9f93d51839 *gd66-07-16d1t08.flac
72cf7c10ee589953c9b9244a76a6c979 *gd66-07-16d1t09.flac
aabafd1bb8a2ae922622e72f7a47bf85 *gd66-07-16d1t10.flac
6c469009c2f7398997c398e4b5f5784d *gd66-07-16d1t11.flac
65937112d59ae0bb0db9ff6a268e41fa *gd66-07-16d1t12.flac
f03c9f3e54c6f19ee235819130b32b3d *gd66-07-16d1t13.flac
744f58abddfbb22d7e0227150a346516 *gd66-07-16d1t14.flac
533720af0196d37ec16fb93c6e0a597d *gd66-07-16d1t15.flac
dfd366cbb83bac539f1d47a3243927c8 *gd66-07-16d2t01.flac
702711dea0e399a98974c4f6f3246e50 *gd66-07-16d2t02.flac
2e361021821c05102819b562f1f0c138 *gd66-07-16d2t03.flac
6fb580f85ae0e24538366a11399df226 *gd66-07-16d2t04.flac
0b8595dced287b1c53aa9c4252e051b9 *gd66-07-16d2t05.flac

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Other Sources (comments)
SBD > RTR > PCM > SSSB; via... (5) Shntool fix of original (0) SBD -> Reel Master (10 Inch... (1)
Date User Comment
02/03/2008 st33ve As discussed at Deadlists, there's confusion concerning what was played 7/16 and what was played 7/17, and what was Set 1 and what was Set 2.

Last year I downloaded 2 mp3 sets from GDLive that I believe are 13958 (which is Viola Lee Blues thru Baby Blue) and 13959 (which is Big Boss Man thru Next Time You See Me).

89555 has all the tracks in both 13958 and 13959, plus several additional tracks.

I've pulled up and compared Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (13958 vs. 89555) and Big Boss Man (13959 vs. 89555) in Audacity. In each case, when you line up the two, they stay perfectly time-synched for their entire length (although the left & right channels are swapped), so they must have the same source.

But in each case the other source has substantially more high-end than 89555. If you focus on the cymbal, the amount of "missing sound" in 89555 is pretty striking. I suspect NR, but I'm no sound engineer. In any case, if someone could furnish Mr. Miller with lossless versions of 13958 and 13959, I'd think a combination of those with the added tracks from 89555 would make for a nice (easy) upgrade.
02/03/2008 st33ve Correcting my earlier comment, I now realize that, besides supplying 4 additional tracks, 89555 also adds a lot of between-tracks time that was cut from the GDLive versions, and also has complete (rather than chopped) versions of BIODTL and In the Pines. So I hereby withdraw the word "easy" from the last sentence of my first comment. (But I continue to think a combination that used the other sources as much as possible would be a significant upgrade.)
02/03/2008 st33ve As a final note (or so I hope), (1) the mp3's I got from GDLive are all dated 10/18/99 (in case that helps nail down their source), and (2) the version of 89555 I'm comparing them to is the vbr mp3's from Internet Archive.
02/03/2008 charlie miller I NEVER use NR.
02/03/2008 st33ve Charlie --

I assumed you weren't the NR source (if it is NR) -- meaning that if NR was applied, it was applied before your source got to you. But I've compared a few more tracks since my previous posts, and in every case the time-synching is absolutely perfect (to the millisecond), so the 1999 GDLive mp3's and your source must have a common ancestor. And given that the GDLive mp3's have considerably more treble (and hiss), and assuming you didn't do anything that cut the high end, that leads me to think there must have been some intervening processing by somebody in between the common ancestor and your source. (I assume it couldn't be just an intervening tape generation or the speeds wouldn't match precisely.)

To further correct my original post, the 2 GDLive mp3 sets I downloaded have the exact same tracks as Serafin's (and dated the same -- i.e., VLB thru Baby Blue dated 7/16 and BBM thru NTYSM dated 7/17), but the intro and stage banter before and after VLB are broken out as separate tracks (plus, as I mentioned in my 2nd post, BIODTL and In the Pines are incomplete), so the GDLive mp3's were apparently from a source not listed at db.etree (rather than from Serafin). Maybe somebody else knows if a lossless version of the "enhanced treble source" is available for further upgrading.

PS: While I've got your ear, thanks for all your contributions.
02/03/2008 charlie miller It is also possible that the GDLive source was EQ'd which is why it sounds brighter.
06/27/2008 cool_breeze Anybody know if the beginning of IKYR is cut? It sure sounds like it.