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Solar Circus 08/10/91
Arrowhead Ranch, Parksville, NY
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Entered by Michael Townshend
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: SBD-> Panasonic SV-255 DAT Transfer: Tascam DA-20 -> Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit -> FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper  
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Solar Circus
w/ Buddy Cage
Arrowhead Ranch
Parksville, NY

SBD-> Panasonic SV-255 DAT
Tascam DA-20 -> Soundblaster Audigy 2 (44.1K/16 bit) -> Cooledit ->
FLAC Frontend -> traders little helper

Solar Circus

Mark Diomede Guitar, Vocals
Steve Greene Guitar, Vocals
Sue Cohen Vocals
Ken Golojuch Bass
Bruce Wigdor Keyboards
Brad Hall Drums
w/ Buddy Cage Pedal Steel Guitar

Set 1
Harder They Come
Path to Your Heart
After Midnight
One More Saturday Night
Gates of Heaven
Mountain Marlane
Obsession ->
Beat It On Down The Line

Set 2
Sisters and Brothers
Let Louis Love
The Core
Dear Prudence
Playing in The Band*
Dark Star*
White Rabbit

Set 3
Loves's My Thing
One More Time*
Twilight Dance*
Shooting Tequila

* unknown Flute Player

Another great weekend at the Arrowhead. This one is especially
nice as it includes Buddy Cage on Pedal Steel, Sue Cohen on
vocals and even an unknown flute player on some songs. The rest
of the lineup above is my best guess. They played 3 sets on Saturday
night and then played another set on Sunday around noon. They played
the Saturday night sets inside and the Sunday set outside on a cement patio
over by the pool. Between the Saturday and Sunday sets they played
over 4 hours and 40 minutes.
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0449469b0aeaff2f2d5cafa6dd36d20c *solar 1991-08-10d1t01-Intro.flac
0fd6aa56dd6128693451ef57812f4a58 *solar 1991-08-10d1t02-Festival.flac
bc9cec9d5d40f5f48635a82fe8cc4540 *solar 1991-08-10d1t03-Harder-They-Come.flac
0943005830b99e5d79d38af511c37294 *solar 1991-08-10d1t04-Path-To-Your-Heart.flac
b0de47a50e51a518fb89a41df0dde3f2 *solar 1991-08-10d1t05-After-Midnight.flac
e4b8e03b7a00ab0f34e5ffb61887802d *solar 1991-08-10d1t06-One-More-Sat-Night.flac
8368c79ba7834cd35a41e3fb57b0f8e2 *solar 1991-08-10d1t07-Gates-Of-Heaven.flac
93c54908b08d151124789149e75c136c *solar 1991-08-10d1t08-Henry.flac
150898b9d3c013087dddf7d9ef2be321 *solar 1991-08-10d1t09-Mountain-Marlane.flac
6a7e57a3b2160e6e8f8ef847598af126 *solar 1991-08-10d1t10-Obssesion.flac
83c31ab2562fc6e317ba36c5bae45785 *solar 1991-08-10d1t11-BIODTL.flac
2dd591779a758392ffe0e4dc10c074e1 *solar 1991-08-10d1t12-Outro.flac
5ab4b779cb02cef89f5e67056207b9c1 *solar 1991-08-10d2t01-Intro.flac
56b649b22995252e5bcfd64fb77c2a06 *solar 1991-08-10d2t02-Let-Sisters-Brothers.flac
66e2f15ad24e2725d0161985d98cc4bf *solar 1991-08-10d2t03-Let-Louis-Love.flac
d24f884ec02e4fd0a2a993693f076e98 *solar 1991-08-10d2t04-Tuning.flac
089b3c85c7e18c729ef75e808d511f95 *solar 1991-08-10d2t05-Think.flac
02008918db4d84fea197e9452b484274 *solar 1991-08-10d2t06-The-Core.flac
d5832b4f021abb526f402f26ef25f296 *solar 1991-08-10d2t07-Dear-Prudence.flac
aee51935eb25c3097c20da618fb88cbd *solar 1991-08-10d2t08-Legalize-It.flac
abdc6ec1890ae10b5d3b524510f8e55c *solar 1991-08-10d3t01-Playing-In-The-Band.flac
fffec592a152c8912c42a092189f8251 *solar 1991-08-10d3t02-Dark-Star.flac
8998c89bed43801de41b761ae43219b9 *solar 1991-08-10d3t03-White-Rabbit.flac
bba040ec7427eaa05a2db35a26df71e2 *solar 1991-08-10d3t04-Intro.flac
b9a17f8e56ebbdc505c73a44f7e76c8a *solar 1991-08-10d3t05-Loves-My-Thing.flac
a42649e9ca797c14aa502d948fc23587 *solar 1991-08-10d3t06-One-More-Time.flac
143dbe1c3d9123cff5b01a205bb1b0bb *solar 1991-08-10d3t07-Twilight-Dance.flac
d2fedd7303991edaac1384e707840c71 *solar 1991-08-10d3t08-Tuning.flac
6bad472da4b52ac0fcaeca6e4ec78783 *solar 1991-08-10d3t09-Shooting-Tequila.flac

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