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Solar Circus 04/14/95
Count Basie Theater, Red Bank, NJ
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Entered by Michael Townshend
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Source Summary Bands Archive DAT Master (SBD + Processed AKG414 Mix) See data in source for all info 
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Solar Circus
Count Basie Theater
Red Bank, NJ

Source:  Bands Archive DAT Master
Dan Tepper: Sound Engineer
<=>Dan Tepper's - Matrix Recording<=>
(SBD + Processed AKG414 Mix)

Tansfer/Mastering: Tascam DA-30 -> DAW -> M-Aidio 66 -> wavelab @16/44.1 (levels check/adjust) -> CDwave -> flacfrontend L8 -> Checksums/shntool via. Traders Little Helper

-/\-ONE SET-/\-

[00:52] 1. Solar Space ->
[05:41] 2. Daybreak
[05:41] 3. Circle of Light
[05:41] 4. Twisting and Turning
[05:41] 5. Coast ->
[05:41] 6. Hungry Moon
[05:41] 7  Shelter
[05:41] 8. Mountain Marlane
[05:41] 9. Shades of Blue

Show Total: [45:46]

^^^Opened for Widespread Panic^^^

Transferred, mastered and lossless compression by [email protected]

A GEMS production -+-+- -+-+-January 2008
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8fdfcb05b94887b59a717ef3e66b41cb *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t01-Solar Space.flac
2a8020a50b48ab6ed8b3c6e853e86afc *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t02-Daybreak.flac
68105c5d3f7d1c8ca04c3b3143b318f2 *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t03- Circle of Light.flac
07d7cbf8bc499fc62ccba692456ecf37 *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t04- Twistin' and Turnin'.flac
b609cddb911d6f3b7ba61fe6de3d9113 *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t05-Coast.flac
72d1d949333ef22c2df41bd07d5741d8 *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t06-Hungry Moon.flac
c97944b002bdd1640e30f9262e610134 *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t07- Shelter.flac
df1e4294b279c82f648644697765264b *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t08- Mountain Marlane.flac
107b3cdc044fb571d7af3b56591bb23a *Solar Circus 1995-04-14t09-Shades of Blue.flac
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t01-Solar Space.flac:262b11eb7a1440296dccd5dc855a3032
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t02-Daybreak.flac:fa0f92470238fbc8b80c6e74602594d9
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t03- Circle of Light.flac:9a4f13855aca0d900afc2613052e2413
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t04- Twistin' and Turnin'.flac:c3ffe4ee841a22ab365fddd3cd13ff10
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t05-Coast.flac:480bd086a8a8c40d76e42537dcf04059
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t06-Hungry Moon.flac:967eef094d7c39a1b3a305ead4f8c499
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t07- Shelter.flac:cb319b89d4aa22b39c0f1b1f09b03e25
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t08- Mountain Marlane.flac:2c763d5a8a43c006c76a18406159126b
Solar Circus 1995-04-14t09-Shades of Blue.flac:ff636a27e84eed451a41fee3e8c9eab1

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