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North Mississippi Allstars 01/25/08
The State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
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Entered by vanark
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary flac16: AKG 414(hyper)>722@24/96>fw>sf8>FLAC(8) 
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North Mississippi Allstars

The State Theatre
Falls Church, VA

Source info:
AKG 414(hyper)>?borrowed cables via drfob?>722@24/96
Transferred: 722>fw>sf8 for track splitting and dithering (16 bit files)>ffe @level 8

Taped by:Nate Evans
[email protected]

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dafd2e3d46ed48639aac07e5cdbb69f4 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track01.flac
59628fb765e34d022044d9ac74364e1f *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track02.flac
e2258c69b9e889b6173f00680f8d2d21 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track03.flac
8b6c423005a0b7f45769a68ba6773406 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track04.flac
7b226029cfd6bbc5042ee04c4051b3f5 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track05.flac
4e4be89c298331b40d6504a48c306a92 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track06.flac
41343b53c96c60bb9f2d0396f7fc0801 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track07.flac
0bf6fb2e8f66f9481ee54eeb1979bf55 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track08.flac
e2a561ca5dcc819369258d0eb93bde51 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track09.flac
d6cbadae90a884b06a9c10daf35215ba *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track10.flac
8abc4186d1ef0b9cf4c28fca6d3de138 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track11.flac
795bfa807b07d6559640e1a8874fb251 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track12.flac
fa8b57b31df9e709711ce31b2792d257 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track13.flac
0c57959b67f776194fa7cec2036e7e48 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track14.flac
b423b5ff5301ad711c9a31cf3fcb53ac *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track15.flac
5c0e7964311bfac0433a07139a4742fb *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track16.flac
39c7ddaa6df2fe761c80a322e1a94557 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track17.flac
f9b866edddf1a4151b1c66a0e081d881 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track18.flac
5af044b67810648e2b4d1d74e378e226 *nmas 1-25-08 16bit track19.flac

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