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North Mississippi Allstars 02/02/08
The Cubby Bear - Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL
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Entered by vanark
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16: AKG 414xls (Hyper) > Edirol U-A5 (T-mod)> Optical > Iriver H120 > USB > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > Wav > Flac 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Cubby Bear

Time: 2hr 58min 06seconds
Quality: A
Taped: AKG 414xls (Hyper) > Edirol U-A5 (T-mod)> Optical > Iriver H120
Transferred : H120 > USB > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > Wav > Flac
Location: About 25 ft back dfc
Taped & Transferred By MarkE


Disc 1
The Meeting>
Mississippi Bolweevile>
I don't live today>
Take yo time Rodney>
I'd Love to be a hippy>
Keep the devil down>
Mean ol' wind>
Shake Em' On Down>
Everybody Needs Somebody>
All Along>
Po Black Maddie %>
Skinny Women>Keys Jam> %
Po' Black Maddie> %

Disc 2
Going Home >* %
Mississippi Mud >* %
Washboard Jam > * %
Horseshoe Lake> *
Back to Dixie #>
Eaglebird #
Blowout #
Stray Cat Blues #
Never in all my days #
In my Time of Dying #
Po' Boy #
Meet Me In The City #

Disc 3
All Night Long #
Lovelight #
Going Down South>
Snake Drive

# = W/ Alvin Youngblood Hart
% = W/ Joel Cummins (Umphreys McGee)
* = W/ Kris Myers (Umphreys McGee)

Wow, what a great band!!! Recording came out excellent.. I always had bad luck at the Cubby Bear. Usually dosent sound so good, but this night sounded GREAT!! And a 14 minute "Washboard Jam is a good thing..Great to see an old taper buddy Jerry, and always good to see Bri, Doobs, ~A~, Sandy and James!! It was the 1st time I caught these guys live, and for sure not the last.. Also thanks to the band for having such a great taping policy. Not many bands go to the length that NMAS go to for the tapers.. Support the band!!

Show Checksums
77a0de6f42753b85d0ab01ebc4aaa1ab *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\01 WXRT Intro.flac
967a495405a3ed99a54ff8ecbd204d41 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\02 The Meeting _.flac
a546058d1cbce82895b919a0c46373dd *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\03 Mississippi Bolweeville _.flac
4efbf10f62e50d347420935ca07d6461 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\04 I Don't Live Today _.flac
7e2275ed615002397546e0c6a1ee944e *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\05 Shake _.flac
5ca582306e1474cc1ef744b07c3ff0ac *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\06 Take Yo Time Rodney.flac
7b3ba08e9400ee1abc2b238f70f48db2 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\07 I'd Love To be A Hippy.flac
d92aa483ead7f4f3a730dbf95f91101d *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\08 Keep The Devil Down.flac
7279ec7af90d6aa15944226280fcb6bb *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\09 Mean Ol' Wind.flac
f7e1d9d67a16cfd347f56b6c3c901ebb *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\10 Shake Em On Down.flac
9b374c9c045e5ad402562e96a0651461 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\11 Everybody Needs Somebody.flac
a912a37deb45b1c37cac16eefaf3b180 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\12 All Along .flac
3bc2178f4063c2eeb24cc3606dc2ef4e *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\13 Po Black Maddie _.flac
f68e1952f79613ea3e467e9f7e424dec *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\14 Skinny Woman Keys Jam _.flac
72838ac5fff42d92d801fb45d23e84b5 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 1\15 Sugartown.flac
fc797d167d860691de9f57d771621793 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\16 Going Home.flac
7e70d802c5bd31b7401956bfa36af5a9 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\17 Mississippi Mud.flac
0b904136967fb8b01ae69ceab26007ab *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\18 Washboard Jam.flac
dff0b10246f2ae31d81632750cdb1be8 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\19 Horseshoe Lake.flac
7d2d6d180bd07bb255e6f6e7756be143 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\20 Goin Back To Dixie.flac
88cb077cced0ab16873bac4913ad01eb *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\21 Eaglebird.flac
2ef26937f4ac916f3b5053494537f8a5 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\22 Blowout.flac
44356df6789c7bb5f9c5a184ff5fa8f5 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\23 Stray Cat Blues.flac
45b1b80dd8504914312375481c35c893 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\24 Never In All My Days.flac
cd39ff5c9814ca3eb1b821314deee66f *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\25 In My Time Of Dying.flac
d1e25c472c3292a08349079a60f93075 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 2\26 Po Boy.flac
e2d588d7c79f3dfac0d1ab3607f7978a *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 3\27 All Night Long.flac
c0bd15d0c9edd3fb419e8aebd761b28b *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 3\28 Lovelight.flac
7e06c5ee650db84f0dc9753bc651320f *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 3\29 Crowd.flac
7ec2fe1e021f8a16afd186001239e4b5 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 3\30 Soldier.flac
1a9e7673c8f3db5f1447c519b096b081 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 3\31 Going Down South.flac
29c8f18148734e9a73fcb2acfbd57298 *NMAS 2-2-08 Flac 3\32 Snake Drive.flac

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