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North Mississippi Allstars 02/15/08
Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
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Entered by vanark
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Source Summary flac16: Peluso CEMC6 (CK21)>Kind Kables Ultra Stealth>SD 702>CF> >Microtrack>PC>Cool Edit Pro 2>CD Wave>Flac 
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North Mississippi Allstars
Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

Source: Peluso CEMC6 (CK21)>Kind Kables Ultra Stealth>SD 702>CF
Specifics: X-Y, 24/48, behind board~DFC @ 7'
Transfer:Compact Flash>Microtrack>PC>Cool Edit Pro 2>CD Wave>Flac
Taper: Cooze & Root Productions (Ronni & Amaro)

***16 Bit Version***

Disc 1

(13:06) 01-Few Lines>Drop Down>Someday
(04:46) 02-Devil
(03:49) 03-Yo Mama
(04:00) 04-Dryland
(10:48) 05-Died Down
(04:14) 06-Teasin'
(06:04) 07-All Along
(04:41) 08-Wonderful
(21:39) 09-Po Black>Sugar
(05:26) 10-KC Jones

(01:18:30) Total

Disc 2

(08:47) 11-(not sure)
(04:27) 12-Eaglebird>Blow Out
(09:16) 13-Meet Me
(01:38) 14-"Chris Talks"
(13:58) 15-Mark On Bus>Bo Diddley
(07:15) 16-I Don't Live
(03:35) 17-Love and Happiness
(02:35) 18-Encore Break
(03:35) 19-Electric Wash Board Jam
(05:27) 20-Had My Way
(06:34) 21-Ass

(01:07:08) Total

NOTE**Thanks to NMAS, their management, Vanark, Colorado Crue, and of course
the Fox Theatre staff for helping me with accommodations. Once again I'm
trying out new gear but I think I got a good pull. Please correct the setlist
if you have to, I was going off the pic I got of the setlist. I'm sure I've
got some wrong. Enjoy!

***Never Pay For Any Recordings***

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01-Few Lines~Drop Down~Someday.flac:479045549145249c2930f349f1cae552
03-Yo Mama.flac:eb6032fed3073858bc60308f78d00ae5
05-Died Down.flac:126332e7d3338a8b05cf5f2a946eedf2
07-All Along.flac:dd30b544e8b91e53a726bf27034c06af
09-Po Black~Sugar.flac:7cbfd678f12118a0ba22a9ed46356d8d
10-KC Jones.flac:aeed87821f10a74a222e626e85bfd996
11-(not sure).flac:f653b9fa3ded20d7216a807955665736
12-Eaglebird~Blow Out.flac:43119d21d76c02e4495af56429c75937
13-Meet Me.flac:675653af4bf273909fb301d6e6af8a60
14-'Chris Talk'.flac:12bc7212c90ed91aba1b633709e8933c
15-Mark On Bus~Bo Diddley.flac:59c67ab43d83c3413cdb8a57db745788
16-I Don't Live.flac:32db4a073d8d6bd8c0cc76589c23d4d0
17-Love and Happiness.flac:cf95d4ce59940eb1c5c97706ce653b0b
18-(Encore Break).flac:6c296aa4b85e90f2f449ddf6bdd23b22
19-Electric Wash Board Jam.flac:cb5044f9f6eb468d9ed40704214526d4
20-Had My Way.flac:042755282e87bbdf096d1832f1562d09

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