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North Mississippi Allstars 02/19/08
The Granada, Lawrence, KS
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Entered by vanark
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 3 / 2
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Source Summary flac24:MG210>R4@24/44.1>Wavelab(DSP,Tracking)>Flac 
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North Mississippi Allstars
The Granada
Lawrence, KS.

Source- MG210(FOB,LOC)>R4@24/44.1
Lineage- R4>Wavelab(DSP,Tracking)>Flac

-This is a 24 bit fileset-


1. Soldier
2. Goin' down south
3. Keep the devil down
4. I'd love to be a hippie
5. Mean Ol' Wind Died Down
6. Shake 'Em On Down
7. Circle The Sky
8. Po black maddie > Skinny Woman
9. Drums >
10. Sugartown
11. Eaglebird
12. Blow Out


1. In my time of dying
2. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
3. Meet Me In The City
4. Mississippi Mud
5. Hear my train a comin'
6. Hey Bo Diddley > Who Do You Love?
7. I don't live today
8. Love and happiness
9. Long Way From Home > Rooster's Blues

Notes- One set. Alvin youngblood Heart opened. Alvin youngblood Heart sits in most of pt2.

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501f0e83f6cb475629ec539cb47bb213 *nma2008-02-19pt1t01.flac
b94e7ce804a22af6ed9322c92a009a76 *nma2008-02-19pt1t02.flac
9fcd678dd8bed91fbaf607567fe7ee0f *nma2008-02-19pt1t03.flac
436e104ca4f0601331219ea13f1615d7 *nma2008-02-19pt1t04.flac
647ac875c1d18af7dd47866cc29e81d9 *nma2008-02-19pt1t05.flac
54a55e7805c0edfc5bd1f39d41560ca1 *nma2008-02-19pt1t06.flac
89c1b023f33387f3c27815896e101e77 *nma2008-02-19pt1t07.flac
06fa404fc7697b72e97a2588f364b2d8 *nma2008-02-19pt1t08.flac
267b28bd67899c9ad2d351dbc1fdaa0e *nma2008-02-19pt1t09.flac
8a497fd93023b5115e9589a9bd0a2902 *nma2008-02-19pt1t10.flac
fa477212baa76579460aee220be120d3 *nma2008-02-19pt1t11.flac
542378f2eacf570dec97f7fa19d3e4e8 *nma2008-02-19pt1t12.flac
7350170246e9ce1556555c81c4b88baa *nma2008-02-19pt2t01.flac
6723b29ae213c616e1621e59a8bcf553 *nma2008-02-19pt2t02.flac
6d16709ce369c0f1bc664495d358654f *nma2008-02-19pt2t03.flac
f1b275e501204625dfea5e1d5493a03d *nma2008-02-19pt2t04.flac
46f9361c89743fd2857d0f5684dea65b *nma2008-02-19pt2t05.flac
89e8085fda3ca82ec56effa350dbb95d *nma2008-02-19pt2t06.flac
fca4546dad95922481f6ac2285d52d57 *nma2008-02-19pt2t07.flac
0aafb02980d863e2fde40d2e2fb0fceb *nma2008-02-19pt2t08.flac
5e9f0bd5038d6112f38f78b4a04b57fd *nma2008-02-19pt2t09.flac

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