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Phish 12/04/99
Firstar Center, Cincinnati, OH
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Schoeps CMC641> Lunatec V2> Apogee A/D1000> DA-P1> Phillips 870> DAE w/EAC (checked with Hexedit)> CDWAV> Cooledit> CDRWIN> CD-R; via S. Cardner (Gwilada) to PCP; with 11/2/96 radio set filler (pre-FM SBD> DAT> CD-R); (note don't have filler md5s here) 
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Phish at the Firstar Center, Cincinnati OH 12/4/99

Source: Schoeps CMC641>Lunatec V2>Apogee A/D1000>DA-P1>Philips 870
All SHN's created by Scott Carnder

(To facilitate fitting all the information onto two discs, the shorten
files for disc 2 have been split up. Simply save both portions to a single
folder, then unshorten.)

Disc One
Set One
1. Heavy Things 5:40
2. Simple 9:55
3. Yamar 7:54
4. Guyute 10:30
5. Tweezer> 11:25
6. Dirt 4:19
7. Loving Cup 8:08
8. Julius> 9:43
9. Tweezer Reprise 4:23

Disc Two
Set Two
1. Down with Disease> 9:53
2. Split Open and Melt* 19:54
3. Moma Dance 8:53
4. Farmhouse 6:34
5. TMWSIY> 3:58
6. Avenu Malkenu> 3:08
7. TMWSIY 1:33
8. When the Circus 4:21
Comes To Town
9. David Bowie 15:43

*The "boo"'s following this song are for some shirtless idiot who ran on
stage, then crawled under the piano before being hussled offstage by Carini
and other security. Moments later, there is a loud popping sound- this is
Trey stabbing a large orange balloon (with "Peaches" printed on it) with
the headstock of his guitar.

Filler on SHN discs:

Phish at the Coral Sky Pavilion, West Palm Beach, FL 11/2/96

Source: Pre-FM SBD>DAT>CD-R>DAEw/EAC>Hexedit>SHN

These songs were broadcast nationally in March of 1997. All songs feature
Santana percussionist Karl Perazzo.

1. Yamar (1st set opener) 9:38
2. Cross-eyed & Painless>(2nd set opener) 23:47
3. Run Like An Antelope 13:49
4. Waste 6:03
5. Harry Hood 14:21
6. A Day in the Life 4:50
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0d5383437011cde47c738a81042cf14b *ph99-12-04d1t7.shn
81b39bca519a242109dd5f9b8b7c6ee5 *ph99-12-04d1t1.shn
bcf9683d1a588dbc5940e5d12f963854 *ph99-12-04d1t3.shn
cf74e5e184dc88b264df7dfb42d9e230 *ph99-12-04d1t4.shn
34bc9b2feddd69724ca75b2447554a4e *ph99-12-04d1t5.shn
aa8323985b83a3d26db4cda176a580df *ph99-12-04d1t6.shn
7b9d8170b77537ab22d1bd16d621701d *ph99-12-04d1t2.shn
c0e4c0d4f78c717d9bb6e79ce25b35bb *ph99-12-04d1t8.shn
53748cd684e131e286a8d6e0f3a7a354 *ph99-12-04d1t9.shn
116d26802737ede37c1377bc49f26103 *ph99-12-04d2t2.shn
3862feaaa74ba1eb3a523a15216b297a *ph99-12-04d2t3.shn
274e334c0793456d1ac543fca6c755e8 *ph99-12-04d2t4.shn
292f2f10982b669d5b3cc355cc094dd6 *ph99-12-04d2t5.shn
c8088d0a8bd973c03ae33c154853b104 *ph99-12-04d2t6.shn
f0ae0ca6259ff9d09daad0e7ecf83ea0 *ph99-12-04d2t7.shn
b46d6bea4077e1239234e9e61053ab05 *ph99-12-04d2t8.shn
5bce0f594aceb65500275495a205cfd5 *ph99-12-04d2t9.shn
0b409872f0e4e1aca0736d0b89db0e22 *ph99-12-04d2t1.shn

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