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Zero 06/06/92
Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA
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Source Summary Source info: Pretty much unknown. Soundboard > DAT master > CDR (method unknown) > EAC > shn
Recorded by Jon Horton.
Matering = CDR > EAC > Cooledit 96 Open/Append > EAC (retracking) > shn
EAC > mastering > shn > upload to by Scott Goodwin  
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Starry Plough, Berkeley, CA
6/6/1992 - Complete show (update)

D1 / Set 1
Baby, Baby
Cole's Law
> Tangled Hangers
Unknown Jam (If you know it, please email me!!)
Tear Tags

D2 / Set 2, first
End Of The World Blues?
Home On The Range
Little Wing
> Berm?
Gregg's Egg's

D3 / Set 2, second
Mercury Blues
Tongue 'n' Groove

Note: One of these tunes in the second set is obviously not Berm, but
I think one of them is!  Please correct me (via email)!

Source info:
Pretty much unknown.  Soundboard > DAT master > CDR (method unknown) > EAC > shn

Recorded by Jon Horton.

EAC > mastering > shn > upload to by Scott Goodwin
(whoisstevekimock at

Matering = CDR > EAC > Cooledit 96 Open/Append > EAC (retracking) > shn

It took me twelve years to find this recording.  Four years of semi-serious searching
for it.  It is the show that really got my attention about this band.   Is is the best
Zero show ever?  Likely not.  Is it my favorite?  Yep.  It's a nice soundboard of a
solid show.  I actually found the taper in possession of the master after four years of
blatant begging for this show.  Finding it was really, really, nice.

I EACed this recording from the Master CDRs and reassmbled the entire show.  Levels
did not require normalization (saturated?) and may be a bit hot here and there (from
the master DAT?  The world may never know...).  Seems CDR master was made from a
standalone CDR, and remastering simply removed the chatty parts before songs and placed
them at the end of songs.  I.E., when you hit "track up", you get to the beginning of
the next tune, not three minutes of Martin 'chutting up'.

More Notes:

This was my first Zero show.  I had never even heard of this band at the time, and saw
this Berkeley show in the middle of a classic six-week 'out West' tour with a friend of
mine from Tennessee, after the Vegas Dead shows of 1992.  We'd done five weeks on the
road, living on Noodle-Roni and our wits in a tent and a Honda Sedan, seeing America.  
When we got to Vegas, our hosts suggested a variety of musical things to do, Primus at
the Greek, Dylan at Cal Expo, "But,there's this pretty sweet band playing just down the
street you guys might like..."

Lights went down, mind was blown.

Setbreak found me sitting on the curb out front, having a smoke, sitting between John Kahn
(I think) and Steve Kimock.  "Hey, you guys are fucking great," I offered.  

"Thanks," says Steve.  "You're not from here, are you?"

"Naw.  I'm out here from Tennessee."

Oh, Jeeeezus!"  Says Steve.


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c7c28fe0b7c2a040f41c9b4cb0710d69 *zero1992-06-06d2t05.shn
2c3af2cb7d3e1132fb10cbdfb0970d09 *zero1992-06-06d2t06.shn
ef9c7418f80eaec8d9c02a817ab219fb *zero1992-06-06d3t01.shn
a95f9f2ce9f6dbea0192436893d6b43f *zero1992-06-06d3t02.shn
2cc687385318b0a009cf1ebef2509eaa *zero1992-06-06.shn

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