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String Cheese Incident 04/12/02
UIC Pavilion, Chicago, IL
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Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Microtech Gefell m210 > mv-100 > SBM-1 > D8; Transfer: Tascam DA-20 mkII (master dat) > Tacascam cd-rw2000 > EAC (master cdr) > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
UIC Pavilion- Chicago, IL
April 12, 2002

source: Microtech Gefell m210>mv-100>sbm-1>d8
conversion: tascam da-20 mkII(master dat)>tacascam cd-rw2000>eac(master cdr)>.shn
taped/converted by [email protected]

Disc 1
1. Restless Wind
2. 100 Year Flood>
3. Parker's Blues
4. High on a Mountaintop
5. These Waves
6. Sing a New Song>Jam(1)>

Disc 2
1. San Jose(1)>
2. Ozomatli Rap(1)>
3. San Jose(1)>
4. Drums(1)>
5. San Jose
Set II
6. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)>Jam>
7. Joyful Sound>Jam>
8. ¬°BAM!
9. Panama Red

Disc 3
1. Wake Up
2. Black & White>Jam>
3. Way Back Home
4. E: The Mighty Quinn

(1)w/members of Ozomatli

Show Checksums
48e74d5b570ebef74508f6a8cdb3f1b7 *sci2002-04-12d01t01.shn
a85551f9bbab7c91a84e1c02fccec85e *sci2002-04-12d01t02.shn
d935870a22f7eb205fb7467260887e40 *sci2002-04-12d01t03.shn
e8c9dfc2d764e908f23024cb19f7e666 *sci2002-04-12d01t04.shn
b003faff7426e7d6a85de31c70e60dd0 *sci2002-04-12d01t05.shn
64dc577dc6f10d00291179eebfbb7b99 *sci2002-04-12d01t06.shn
584a6c76c158037c5559e5d0133ba532 *sci2002-04-12d02t01.shn
503579458d131847889f736608a1977f *sci2002-04-12d02t02.shn
bd42abded1fd5f257e535e33a6c8eb0b *sci2002-04-12d02t03.shn
4af0d1ab37a5241eb8a2eb3d0e79c68e *sci2002-04-12d02t04.shn
027935eb065c77a4af767caab3a4ff63 *sci2002-04-12d02t05.shn
441b0c9555f513b2dab53814ee71ff13 *sci2002-04-12d02t06.shn
8ccd81eb76e2fd3daef8c347003baab3 *sci2002-04-12d02t07.shn
a716fece232945ae7bcb380e1be14d5d *sci2002-04-12d02t08.shn
a03cc6b9c8cf2bea88533d431ed003c3 *sci2002-04-12d02t09.shn
169b43ec79e412d80a988d0a7e5c9218 *sci2002-04-12d03t01.shn
07c4d0c58f3a84180216b9ba4bb10706 *sci2002-04-12d03t02.shn
e156c9f47658b7f6c839bd8032677275 *sci2002-04-12d03t03.shn
e92eae0e999bbb64c9dfcfd73632692d *sci2002-04-12d03t04.shn

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