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Wilco 02/19/08
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
Checksums md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary FM>(Sony STR-K502P)>Recorded to PC using Creative Labs Sound Recorder>Wav files split using Wave Splitter>converted to Flac using flac frontend 
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The Riviera
Chicago, IL USA

Lineage: fm(Sony STR-K502P)-Recorded to Pc using Creative Labs Sound Recorder-Wav files split using Wave Splitter-converted to Flac using flac frontend.

1. Intro 2:20
2. Outta Mind (Outta Site) 3:36
3. I Must Be High 3:18
4. Impossible Germany 6:24
5. Radio Cure 5:17
6. Leave Me Like You Found Me (live debut) 4:43
7. Company In My Back 4:28
8. Handshake Drugs 6:20
9. War On War 3:43
10. Shake It Off 6:49
11. Summerteeth 3:37
12. In A Future Age 3:37
13. ELT 3:32
14. A Shot In The Arm 4:36
15. Poor Places 5:23
16. Reservations 3:56
17. Spiders(Kidsmoke) 12:22
18. On And On And On 4:26

19.--Break-- *

20. Hotel Arizona 5:03
21. Too Far Apart 4:33
22. Was I In Your Dreams? (w/horns) 3:27
23. Misunderstood 6:25
24. Someday Soon 2:46
25. California Stars 5:23
26. Hate It Here (w/horns) 4:53
27. The Thanks I Get (w/horns) 5:24
28. Walken (w/horns) 4:34
29. I'm The Man Who Loves You (w/horns) 4:15
30. I'm A Wheel (w/horns) 3:37
31. Kingpin 5:56
32. Outta Site (Outta Mind) 2:59

33. Inane DJ Chatter/Crowd Noise 3:23
34. The Late Greats 2:55
35. Outro 4:47

*Not included
Show Checksums
e7355f0ca1fecd844ef369c5ae91642f *01-Intro.flac
95cf10deb7f2030c0f78281fe947d13e *02-Outta Mind (Outta Site).flac
255586fc76bedd59172bfb7f28aa8405 *03-I Must Be High.flac
4d7e03e398f807ac4f381f2bb337eaaf *04-Impossible Germany.flac
b4440c8451d1b2e7b59495a5de7aee8a *05-Radio Cure.flac
e5dd8358f44f73d7abc4838531e07f15 *06-Leave Me Like You Found Me.flac
c54dc39096f490d4b971f79ff21d6580 *07-Company In My Back.flac
56781f5df3ccb06bbb5c9c6a6499f3c5 *08-Handshake Drugs.flac
b0dd97f54de22ac4233fe746609bcfe7 *09-War On War.flac
1f3e578b4edcd944f0e626d0e3604918 *10-Shake It Off.flac
22c0f24dd26cbf8e141df97ec105d802 *11-Summerteeth.flac
985bb381301ce07b15d8c87701094fe5 *12-In A Future Age.flac
51ec83c2e59159f8e445abf77ef88e57 *13-ELT.flac
f08b6d13cf10574b5c76a59201b23a8d *14-A Shot In The Arm.flac
709f4d9617436e40ae631861c5bebe9f *15-Poor Places.flac
500fe35195e67b9c68e9a15694d191f9 *16-Reservations.flac
35d1d2c6028cd78313b688abffa13d92 *17-Spiders(Kidsmoke).flac
a493c0fe687e07d3b125a69a4c79d769 *18-On And On And On.flac
b360db5f15f67dff930ba3d5ec4bc92d *20-Hotel Arizona.flac
a01bb98a1bc42b0fd81f3e9e2d82bff0 *21-Too Far Apart.flac
07b09ca4681a74d5105296cf39c74c2d *22-Was I In Your Dreams.flac
55acaf7c636f69b0fe26b340bba9cce3 *23-Misunderstood.flac
cc8002d893b80983a97a5a5e7c735a26 *24-Someday Soon.flac
b0b84430f1a72d9bf1b364f51bc82725 *25-California Stars.flac
a8209ce96f59b59aec6a27b9ab4d3db6 *26-Hate It Here (whorns).flac
3be4596574644efd9c482cb3b39e483b *27-The Thanks I Get (whorns).flac
ef55d7333d5516f909169720dda63be2 *28-Walken (whorns).flac
5164de96c23beb5a1bb432cf114947ef *29-I'm The Man Who Loves You
030be8c07eca4312995d13f896caf850 *30- I'm A Wheel (whorns).flac
9f547aadc473e1429226950f0c871e8b *31-Kingpin.flac
e44d4292f2b67bbfaa941a931c84c246 *32-Outta Site (Outta Mind).flac
74953ecb1f1f86aecaadbbcf6daf853e *33-Inane DJ ChatterCrowd Noise.flac
be8fedb8cd058927c6763347cb19aac5 *34-The Late Greats.flac
ae6c525dc85e69e3017e3ac4f193cce0 *35-Outro.flac
9be660f09de856258652387addff04dc *Wilco 02-19-08 WXRT FM broadcast.ffp.txt
7d8e847990d586cedb5898a300b3fc75 *Wilco 02-19-08 WXRT FM broadcast.txt
02-Outta Mind (Outta Site).flac:6a0e2c15bd29ce64c874972efa8ca53d
03-I Must Be High.flac:68ed0389c00eb5e7b63ccdb184d4b749
04-Impossible Germany.flac:b52985afb4b0c4dd493e8d3e1f3ef1c7
05-Radio Cure.flac:654b7deee359b8782364ad102bd9d3ed
06-Leave Me Like You Found Me.flac:4fff6d9e11eb35fd7a96fefcccc9a741
07-Company In My Back.flac:ecca07b5d74efa5451949df063251f6a
08-Handshake Drugs.flac:5ef78ee997b9072bbe32476a764c0c2c
09-War On War.flac:a0e75b992c68e753472908cb0a94af7c
10-Shake It Off.flac:4cca43dd35b2b051e9c8ba251b03d953
12-In A Future Age.flac:af8e4af30dcde6da38dff9ceccfaaab5
14-A Shot In The Arm.flac:e72b066b4453dbd98e2765f604026c4f
15-Poor Places.flac:174ceb050210b2e8076f9c58cbd7a51d
18-On And On And On.flac:dba24ee64ad5d444ece8d543795ab789
20-Hotel Arizona.flac:62558b7439ba358bd2b2dcdb0db7453f
21-Too Far Apart.flac:5ad76f9ebc27892669b7305ef7399aa8
22-Was I In Your Dreams.flac:e7a5b70a5fb6c210f3a84e1eefa204ad
24-Someday Soon.flac:ae7277b788be820d4db66ea0c133b1a0
25-California Stars.flac:5f9afa01b036c80c5f4e3d2a74eef6f3
26-Hate It Here (whorns).flac:ee369e7ae61563db10819404ba57e31f
27-The Thanks I Get (whorns).flac:b32a343f8852037ba2b22419f3be26dc
28-Walken (whorns).flac:6a4742ff355751214f31ecb903fa8397
29-I'm The Man Who Loves You (whorns).flac:1a84a7c3b320bbdfad116b2207444387
30- I'm A Wheel (whorns).flac:beee755f9f47e73802662710c52ac90d
32-Outta Site (Outta Mind).flac:ce4a3066c575d9f753dc56464bb225f5
33-Inane DJ ChatterCrowd Noise.flac:dd1d5c0bdc34e7aab0f1032d9c55e537
34-The Late Greats.flac:ef76a2adc78d1e24ff5f286d18e618d6

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Date User Comment
05/16/2008 jthomas0237 Thanks to the people at Viachicago for the set list. Thanks to My Dad for making sure that this recording was up and running while I attended this show!