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Grateful Dead 10/09/89
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA
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Source # 92005 Other Sources
Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 3 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary DTS Audio 5.1 Mix; 4 Source Mix - SBD (ShnID = 80840), SBD (ShnID = 80840), AUD2 (ShnID = 17704) and AUD3 (ShnID = 443) 
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**Formerly The Warlocks**
Grateful Dead
Hampton Coliseum
Hampton, VA
October 9, 1989

- 3 Source Mix -
DTS-Audio-CD 5.1 Mix

Disc 1 - Set 1

01 [01.16] Tuning
02 [07.54] Feel Like A Stranger
03 [05.24] Built To Last
04 [09.29] Little Red Rooster
05 [08.07] Ramble On Rose
06 [06.43] We Can Run
07 [04.39] Jack-A-Roe
08 [11.26] Memphis Blues  
09 [11.13] Row Jimmy
10 [08.07] Music Never Stopped
TT [74.18]  

Disc 2 - Set 2a

01 [01.16] Tuning                        
02 [10.55] Playing in the Band >  
03 [10.43] Uncle John's Band >
04 [03.49] Playing Reprise  
05 [12.08] Dark Star >
06 [11.00] Drums >
TT [55.57]  

Disc 3 - Set 2b

01 [05.48] Space >
02 [08.52] Death Don't Have No Mercy >
03 [04.40] Dear Mr. Fantasy >
04 [03.50] Hey Jude >
05 [10.23] Throwing Stones >
06 [09.24] Good Lovin'  
07 [06.14] Attics Of My Life
TT [49.10]  


Source Info

SBD (ShnID = 80840) - SBD > DAT (48k)
Transfer Info:
DAT (Sony R500) > SEK'D Prodif Plus > Samplitude Pro v8.01 > FLAC
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
[email protected] - August 26, 2006
Patch Info: The following songs patched from Cassette Master SBD
Little Red Rooster, Ramble On Rose, Jack-A-Roe through Row Jimmy

AUD1 (ShnID = 31211) - Tapers Section Recording On Stand
Recording by: Rob R
3 Nak CM300 - 2 CP4's and 1 CP3 arranged X/Y direct to DAT > SHN
SBEs on Set 2 repaired using shntool v.2.0.3 (10/11/2005)

AUD2 (ShnID = 17704) - Unknown Location FOB
Schoeps CMC421 > DAT > CD > EAC > ADDAWAV > CDWav> WAV > SHN  
Conversions done by JR Fishman

AUD3 (ShnID = 443) - Unknown Location FOB
Schoeps CMC421 [note change info from previous] > DAT > SEK'D
Prodif 32 > SoundForge 4.5 (Level Increase & Resample (48>44.1) >
WAV > CDWave > SHN
Conversion by Trey Howland

Thanks to all the hard work from the folks mentioned above with
their loving care getting these sources out.  Also a thanks for
some of the images used in creation of the artwork.  I found them
years ago on the net and do not have any way to properly credit.  


Notes on the Source Material

SBD (ShnID = 80840)
Perfectly balanced and flawless SBD recording and perfect transfer
by Charlie Miller.  This is the SBD source with the songs patched
using an upgraded cassette SBD. These patched tunes are also in near
perfect condition.  Other than some slight speed flux it was hard
to even know these tunes were sourced from a cassette.  The patch
job, splice into the DSBD source, was very well done.

AUD1 (ShnID = 31211)
Nice sounding above average tapers section recording. Made directly
to DAT. Nice balanced sound, no flaws and a clean transfer.

AUD2 (ShnID = 17704)
After a few DSP tweaks (primarily level adjustments and some D'EQ)
I found this FOB to be the best of the 3 AUD recordings.  That is
why it has the largest % mixed into the stereo matrix and why it
has a lion's share mix in the rear channels for the 5.1 versions.

AUD3 (ShnID = 443)
Another great FOB slightly more "muddy" than the other Schoeps
source recording.  I believe the 2 FOBs were made in different
locations b/c of the overall sound and time travel btwn the kick
drum and the high hat I think AUD2 was a bit closer than this
FOB.  Plus there are different sounds from crowd, cheers, etc.


Tech Notes

FLAC/SHNs were decoded to wave. Wavmerge was used to reassemble
the tracks back to 1 long wave.  CEP2.0 was used to align & synch
all of the sources.  CEP2.0 was used for the multitrack mixdown
on the front, surround and Sub/LFE channels.  SF8.0 used to EQ
and adjust the volume for the center, surround and LFE channels.
SF8.0 was used for the EQ setting on AUD2 pre mixdown.  Surcode
CD Pro DTS was used to encode to DTS.      
- Mixed by [email protected]
- FLAC conversion done 24-MAY-2008
- Original mix SHN conversion 8-SEP-2004 (ShnID = 26235)  
- Artwork at 300dpi by [email protected]
- For best results print at the highest resolution onto glossy
photo paper.  Design for use in a clear double jewel case.


DTS-Audio-CD Info

Left Channel SBD+AUD1 Matrix - 85%-SBD, 15%-AUD1
Right Channel SBD+AUD1 Matrix - 85%-SBD, 15%-AUD1

Mono Mix -5db SBD DEQ'd

Left Channel AUD2+AUD3 Matrix - 70%-AUD2, 30%-AUD3
Right Channel AUD2+AUD3 Matrix - 70%-AUD2, 30%-AUD3

Mono Mix -3db SBD+AUD1+AUD2+AUD3 Matrix DEQ'd
60%-SBD, 10%-AUD1, 20%-AUD2, 10%-AUD3


Multitrack Mixdown Settings

Front Matrix  

SBD -1db
AUD1 -7.5db

SBD -1db
AUD1 -9db

Rear Matrix

AUD2 -3db
AUD3 -8db

SBD -3db
AUD3 -8db

Sub/LFE Matrix  

SBD -2db
AUD1 -11db
AUD2 -7db
AUD3 -8db

SBD -2db
AUD1 -10.5db
AUD2 -7.5db
AUD3 -8db  



Right Channel +1db to even things out on the SBD source

The following songs were patched from Cassette Master SBD: Little
Rooster, Ramble On Rose, Jack-A-Roe, Memphis Blues and Row Jimmy.
The cassette SBD patch material is excellent and the source change
is undetectable.

Level adjustment and some Digital EQing was applied to the AUD2
source prior to mixdown.

An occasional smack can be heard on these recordings that seem to be
coming from a drummer hitting the rim or poor mic placement on one
of the drum kits.  This happens approx 5 times throughout the show.


Editorial Comments

Fun time at these 2 shows.  I drove down during mid-terms week
at URI with myself and 4 very good friends.  We drove my 1967
Mercedes 230s - a classic.  We decided on that trip that the car
could shrink or expand to fit our needs.  You didn't really drive
this car, it drove you and you tried your best to negotiate. I
left a full pack of smokes on the rear bumper of the car and when
we stopped again for gas 300 miles later the smokes were still
there.  Now that is a boat of a car!

A person in our group had family that lived in Virginia and was
able to send his brother to venue and buy tickets for us in
advance of the show.  A good thing as the first night was a very
hard ticket.  Another group of URI friends also made the road trip
and did not get into the Saturday night, Oct 8th show.  We stopped
by their hotel room but it was not a pretty scene.  Some very
dissapointed, grumpy folks that had no desire to speak with us
about the great show. The next night, Oct 9th everyone got it.  
It was the night for the heads as the weekend warriors left after
Saturday's show thinking they'd seen "the" show.  Wrong!

It was a very cool parking lot scene at Hampton to say the least.  
Everyone buzzing over these last minute shows added to the Fall
Tour.  Under the original name The Warlocks ta-boot.  The Dupree's
handed out that weekend had an announcement that said something
like "Do you want to hear some oldies?  Get ready, here they come".  
Someone at Dupree's Diamond News obviously had some inside info.



Jerry Garcia (guitar, vocals)
Bob Weir (guitar, vocals)
Phil Lesh (bass)
Brent Mydland (keyboards, vocals)
Mickey Hart (drums, percussions)
Bill Kreutzmann (drums, percussions)


Additional Formats

This show is available in the following formats:

1. The SBD and three AUD sources listed above at 16/44
2. CD-Audio Stereo SBD+AUD1+AUD2+AUD3 Matrix Mix at 16/44
*3. CD-Audio Stereo AUD1+AUD2+AUD3 Matrix Mix at 16/44
4. CD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound DTS-Audio-CD at 16/44
5. DVD-Audio Stereo SBD+AUD1+AUD2+AUD3 Matrix Mix at 24/48
*6. DVD-Audio Stereo AUD1+AUD2+AUD3 Matrix Mix at 24/48
6. DVD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound at 24/48 (6 channel x 24/48)  

*Considering circulating these very nice all AUD matrix mixes.
Show Checksums
340b3f53250b895a776f70908e8b5eed *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t01.flac
afe1416d1367ccec6abf5ef4bd7fd227 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t02.flac
ded863c6af46857192b2206c22bcff2a *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t03.flac
c8d3759b1c5a649dd787e3c8c76df036 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t04.flac
9e0a0fbe6abd6076ffc9f5098a13312c *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t05.flac
ae3c3df08b8d06b5b85ebbbbc4d450fb *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t06.flac
3536e93a269bf2862dd9c355b281888b *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t07.flac
232aa7d039887324c699b1087f8cfb1a *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t08.flac
f68c94179fb8fc3f062bfe2c7a0d8167 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t09.flac
0b7f5bc1370469aec355232e09ebb2a0 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d1t10.flac
a73e01851ca0268d6da86c3343ac3927 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d2t01.flac
611a78b4e0dbb72310b9ddf18ac47b14 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d2t02.flac
dac05f1d673020845d3d9be74e8b80fe *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d2t03.flac
77dfcd856842880c67f24ac8de18fe9f *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d2t04.flac
af2787c4599330c2b22aa7754c32a818 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d2t05.flac
3024be2d4bf44cbb864a45ea8f733413 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d2t06.flac
b620c249a3b1cb709a11bd7e21f8e2bc *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d3t01.flac
b6f33f9751c6fc61e16470f30819bb00 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d3t02.flac
bf4653b96ea0a0596d7059ba2f8e2674 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d3t03.flac
c965f9bb954c6ac49523a5df36729d96 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d3t04.flac
b488f9648efa2bb4c6585a89c99a3e01 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d3t05.flac
bc7a583e76083fd4485652f6004d6f70 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d3t06.flac
b5b3d09380e261dc3c453d20b9e7b776 *gd1989-10-09-haugh-dts-d3t07.flac

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