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North Mississippi Allstars 05/23/08
House of Blues, Chicago, IL
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Entered by vanark
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16: Akg 414Xls > Edirol Ua-5 (T-Mod) > Optical > Iriver H120 > Usb > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > Wav > Flac 
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North Mississippi Allstars
May 23rd 2008
House Of Blues

Time: 170 Minutes
Quality : A+ / A
Recorded : Akg 414Xls ( Wide Card) > Edirol Ua-5 (T-Mod) > Optical > Iriver H120
Transferred: H120 > Usb > Magix Audio Cleaning Lab > Wav > Flac
Location > FoB, Dfc, 50 ft back
Taped & Transferred: By MarkE

Disc 1
Intro > Going Down South
Shake >
Eaglebird >
Blow Out
I'd Love To Be A Hippy
Shake Em On Down
Mean Ole Wind Died Down
Keep The Devil Down
Hear My Train A Comin
Sitting On Top Of The World

Disc 2
Psychedelic Sex Machine
Stompin My Foot
Tear This Building Down
All Along
Drinking Wine All Night Long
Mississippi Bolweevil
Run Along
Sun Goes Down
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
Po Black Maddie >
Skinny Woman
Drum Solo >

Disc 3
No Mo
Bang Bang Lulu
All Night Long
Snake Drive

Thanks to the band, and Ryan for the tapers pass.. Great show.. They just dont stop playing.... Luther is gonona give Warren a run for his money on "gigs played" this year.. The opening act (Jimbo Mathus) and his lap steel player sat in on 2 songs.. I forgot which ones.. Any hekp with any setlist blunders are appreciated.. Im still getting these guys song titles dwon... This is an excellent recording.. HOB has such a great sound system, it really shows itself in this recording.. If your a fan, check it out...

Show Checksums
23b8afefc3d7b2026fa1a87857fb26c9 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\01 Intro _ Goin Down South _.flac
d1604652b48d85cd901279ccbcc53ecb *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\02 Shake _.flac
13f2a39f2a47ae795119530345ead529 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\03 Eaglebird _.flac
787fa6b9b0d383cedee4c411921bd9ba *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\04 Blow Out .flac
b79857a2815bae64a42000037b079e05 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\05 I'd Love To Be A Hippy.flac
a58cc8eca758107e2bce0f4c65699a04 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\06 Shake Em On Down.flac
31b429593841c98b791b466205aea501 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\07 Mean Ole Wind Died Down.flac
638518139a5a6295f78145f8375a61f5 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\08 Keep The Devil Down.flac
4f07cdf04033fda74be383dbf11eac6b *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\09 Soldier.flac
733b7f8d8e5194fa63cee4638b1a6c91 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\10 Hear My Train A Comin.flac
74c69432de2b1494cf60de9497f74932 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac1\11 Sitting On Top Of The World.flac
09b34b06269a06ab5ce240bee93ddc68 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\12 Psychedelic Sex Machine.flac
eeaa7325b387b935304947b865c87bfc *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\13 Stompin My Foot.flac
c6c6a13bfc3e3f37fc836b5b181e283d *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\14 Tear This Building Down.flac
af4692c662c8f95ae0bda12513e1184a *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\15 All Along.flac
f0b26169b2f8b248195b8dce7e92e0bd *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\16 Drinkin Wine All Night Long.flac
2b858e2502813d4b8dff54ca722ef01e *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\17 Mississippi Bolweevil.flac
710048e192a4bc62ba8701e50a32dbc2 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\18 Run Along.flac
a574900862d24120da5c993d50645d4f *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\19 Sun Goes Down.flac
6ef888dc7883e10611387da9497e50c1 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\20 Everybody Needs Somebody To Love.flac
169fc0582dfd15a7eacfc3bbb8d781ac *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\21 Po Black Maddie _.flac
eb108e2634f804054349408d22baa359 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\22 Skinny Woman.flac
0ef1993df14e47dc59f7734a7027988a *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\23 Drum Solo _.flac
577736212a9581b388589fe16f1e0519 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac2\24 Sugartown.flac
33ead78cae182ddcf9ac7b3e58b2c5fb *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac3\25 No Mo _ .flac
a3b9ad05ddfcaad5b3bb7823002aa1a4 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac3\26 Bang Bang Lulu.flac
4654c0d0063326228e0f620fd39a621b *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac3\27.flac
1371a466e9f0108412773de02ee81fb3 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac3\28 Crowd.flac
ea5e2c96271cd0de6661092e2537e866 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac3\29.flac
14b9c6cc779f6cc5bad16ef91b870bcf *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac3\30 All Night Long.flac
704af0bd243d2652b368b31b105dac72 *NMAS 5-23-08 Flac3\31 Snake Drive.flac

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