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Medeski Martin & Wood 01/15/99
The Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
Checksums ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; b&k4022s > Lunatec V2 > Apogee A/D 1000 > Tascam DA-P1 (DAT) > HHB > CD-R (Mics mounted on sides of taper's hat standing 15 feet from center stage on floor); CD-R > EAC > flac 8; Taped by Chaffe McIlhenny; via dimeadozen 
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Medeski, Martin & Wood
January 15, 1999 (Fri)  
Bowery Ballroom
New York City

    Set 1:
Bowery Reserve IX
Note Bleu
Bowery Reserve X
Cape Verdean Blues *
Brigas Nunca Mais
Home Is Where You Get Across +

    Set 2:
"Billy Beats - (Temple > Monkey)"
Buster Rides Again
Start / Stop
Toy Dancing *^
Bowery Reserve XI *^
Psychedelic Sally *^
No Ke Ano Ahiahi
Church of Logic #
Bowery Reserve XII #
Hey Joe #

* with Josh Roseman - trombone
+ with Chris Whitley - guitar and vocals
^ with Vernon Reid - guitar
# with Danny Blume - guitar
Part of 2nd Set with DJ Logic
(information taken from

Also I must mention that there may be repeated material between say the end of D1 & the beginning of D2. Chaffe did his transfers to a studio grade HHB CD recorder and he would track "on the fly" thus making certain IDs in the incorrect places, but ALL of the material is included so it is possible for you to reassemble and re-track the show to your liking (and you should feel free to do so). I haven't listened to these discs in years (I did check them during this transfer and the EAC logs are here too) so I really don't remember what the situation is. Lastly, there may well be some filler at the end of D3 (if there is, I DO NOT know any info pertaining to it. This may all seem a bit much of an explanation, but I'm trying to head off any confusion on the other end before it begins. TAKE HOME POINT: It's all here; the entire show.

b&k4022s > Lunatec V2 > Apogee A/D 1000 > Tascam DA-P1 (DAT) > HHB > CD-R (me)

Mics mounted on sides of taper's hat standing 15 feet from center stage on floor

Transfer: CD-R (me) > EAC > flac 8 (you) / checksums created with TLH

Taper: CM (Chaffe) // Transfer: COUSINit

I met my friend Chaffe at the December 6, 1996 MMW show in Asheville. It was the 2nd show that I'd ever taped with my new Sony D8 DAT recorder. My other taping buddy Jay Hahn had a set of PZMs that we used to record that show. This was before Chaffe had his wonderful mic rig that he used to record this show. He got a line to his DA-P1 from me, we exchanged phone numbers & the rest is one of the greatest blessings of my life. This guy had(has) a collection that was astounding & he was very kind about sharing it with me at a time when I had no real resources for collecting DATs other than taping them myself with a sad little Sony mic. He got to know the guys in MMW simply by going & taping them a LOT from around 1998 to who knows. I have more great MMW tapes as well as many other recordings that he taped or traded for those years ago. I do not know if this source has been highly circulated or not, but here it is for those that want to hear a very different MMW show than what you may have heard before.

This one is especially for Bag's Groove by request.  I hope that
this will help you get this run of shows back in your collection,
and thank you for all that you share with all of us. If anyone has
the other shows from this run, please upload them and PM me & Bags
(I think he'd want to know).

Stay tuned...Jan. 17, 1999 coming soon (same source)

May 2008


I have MMW from Be Here Now - Asheville, NC 7/15/1996 (I think that's the date) from the ONLY (good) set of mics (mounted on a stand) in the room that night. The first 3 tunes of the show are material that I've not heard on any of the other tapes from that year (they may be improvs), but it is my absolute favorite 45 minutes of MMW ever. I have the whole show (the rest is standard Friday Afternoon fare, but good) if anyone's interested in having that uploaded. I really just don't know if it's been around or not, and I dont want to be redundant. If you do have that show, you can bet that you have the best copy (the ONLY good source unless you got a copy from my buddy Jay, he used a "sad little Sony mic", but I don't think he circulated it). Let me know (also have 12-6-2006 -PZMs source).
Show Checksums
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk01.flac:b1611baec25600963d3be6628173e809
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk02.flac:a5b48134bcd538654b19effaddfba01d
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk03.flac:335e2835e2cdb617155f476baee80bb8
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk04.flac:56143c33acf954e848b79178230ac187
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk05.flac:0cdbc4d66744676b8c9c1a740091c279
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk06.flac:c6af4d17f04a4d9448d0d84defc4b55a
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk07.flac:39eb4afe6cbb38e0773d960ef35c0c6f
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk08.flac:7b28c70b2b53b621493299740b592b59
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk09.flac:04253843b2c8cd1f36989fae584e5aaf
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk10.flac:379c5bced13489338185b87f145beac5
MMW - 1999.01.15_d1 - tk11.flac:642a38f15f4faeaa75d78b630f393a98
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk01.flac:6dd8f780884ac610fdae821c85c25948
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk02.flac:2fa63d028dcb7be9745a49333b29c243
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk03.flac:baaf7fef37cac9a4c513582d86c01b30
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk04.flac:8df550c008e0819645d7ad845f962f65
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk05.flac:1e12b94ccbe7349344b316974464b72b
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk06.flac:c9086757238d9b31c9cd9ae6f6244fde
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk07.flac:49ef19e85d5bbaec3b7be864d8e86d8a
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk08.flac:f74b4a2266c4013bca38e10d001a19a1
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk09.flac:c5e634a786ec36e7d0f06215091d6db0
MMW - 1999.01.15_d2 - tk10.flac:06dbf48ed15e4b096139673e677e04c1
MMW - 1999.01.15_d3 - tk01.flac:b13d35df3f2a81ddfaab125afaa0b4cc
MMW - 1999.01.15_d3 - tk02.flac:c4d61f6e5009da3b2c6c1d9d345ed549
MMW - 1999.01.15_d3 - tk03.flac:a54fb4262472f621f13024654c7745e2
MMW - 1999.01.15_d3 - tk04.flac:531a4cff175e8b9a57159ba33c531cdc
MMW - 1999.01.15_d3 - tk05.flac:65cabaa5cfcf4eddde1641c27ae58bcf
MMW - 1999.01.15_d3 - tk06.flac:457645f7b6f57dc7dacf099d406c3ac9
MMW - 1999.01.15_d3 - tk07.flac:b8e0feff2ce4a0e6c1aca40f2f62aba2

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