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String Cheese Incident 04/21/02
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA
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Entered by Daniel Shay
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (FOB) Schoeps mk4 > KC5 > CMC6 > V2 > AD2K+ > Tascam DA-P1; Transfer: Tascam DA-20 mkII > Audiowerk2 > SoundForge 4.5 > .shn 
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String Cheese Incident
4/21/02 The fabulous Fox Thtr.
Atlanta, GA

Source: DFOB schoeps mk4>kc5>cmc6>lunatec v2>sonic ad2k+>tascam dap-1
about 25' from stage lip, DFC. Taped from orch center section, row J. Seat 107.
ORTF, handheld for set I, on a stand for set II. Mics were kept at head height, about 5'8".
Taped By Scott Gordon ([email protected]) and Ian Stone ([email protected])

conversion: By Ian Stone ([email protected]) tascam da20mkII>audiowerk2>soundforge 4.5>wav>shn

Set 1:
Best Feeling >
Jam >
Walls of Time,
Windy Mountain >
It Is What It Is,
Lonesome Road Blues
Set 2:
Emma's Dream >
Restless Wind,
Lost >
Jam >
Sand Dollar,
Ain't Wastin' Time No More >
Come As You Are? >
Walk This Way
San Jose  
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73087e15f97139ccd74de8f51699b738 *sci4-21-02set1FOB01.shn
9181ed273f1630fa0ddd0b5a06e99306 *sci4-21-02set1FOB02.shn
be722842b9dded24080012f8647ae495 *sci4-21-02set1FOB03.shn
7980d1cb35b8148bcb6979e281c79633 *sci4-21-02set1FOB04.shn
47412343e712b55d517a161911df2795 *sci4-21-02set1FOB05.shn
0868dbe5ef6abbb58968e337f938f241 *sci4-21-02set1FOB06.shn
03a9aaa0a5ef577dba059a4c5a9b0cc7 *sci4-21-02set1FOB07.shn
65eea17997ff597266bb056b6fb1b277 *sci4-21-02set1FOB08.shn
aad7ca95d327b623e5f96d3a9dbb3e61 *sci4-21-02set1FOB09.shn
21f5d8899b99a123cd85cfd7f03ca467 *sci4-21-02set1FOB10.shn
f360515368466713de6f4b884fe5df55 *sci4-21-02set1FOB11.shn
45bb12db438c252b254e7ab9ed902d69 *sci4-21-02set2FOB01.shn
71c66b5d6d1159669bafa6a5b450d4c2 *sci4-21-02set2FOB02.shn
efd2a819405c153e24dda7566ef5fe10 *sci4-21-02set2FOB03.shn
a77e61844946f979d9f81c98f7bb8f85 *sci4-21-02set2FOB04.shn
0fa32e70cbced67f7d27e8e2ca5bdedf *sci4-21-02set2FOB05.shn
11e175daa5c7b6e5e59fe6d1ece73fa2 *sci4-21-02set2FOB06.shn
24cc5288731e8aaf06bcd8012bbb0868 *sci4-21-02set2FOB07.shn
a898a477a3024f2482d7247d7fd74e43 *sci4-21-02set2FOB08.shn
32cc4701b6c0bd8acba4c6f2c818b23c *sci4-21-02set2FOB09.shn
3e6596bb7635029d80a27c97caa34da3 *sci4-21-02set2FOB10.shn
e551581c1c28235c80fe4e52013cb4a5 *sci4-21-02set2FOB11.shn
f553f4f24b03b131d84c2d1148e0647f *sci4-21-02set2FOB12.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Schoeps CMC6/mk41 > MP-2 >... (0)
Date User Comment
06/18/2002 Carly and Randy
I like the sound of the 20th better then the 21st. Less crowd noise and "talking tommy's" on the 20th. Also noticed some digi noise at the beginning of set II, probably from the cables being jiggled or even just the stand being hit. . .it all clear after the first song of set II. I'll probably won't keep this source for this day.