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Grateful Dead 11/07/87
Henry J Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary SBD > PCM > CDR; Transfer: PCM SBD -> Sony PCM 601ES -> RME Hammerfall > Soundforge 4.5 (editing- see notes)/CD Architect > CDR by Sean Weber-small; CDR > EAC > SHN by Bill Gardner 
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Grateful Dead, DATE 11/07/87
Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center, Oakland, CA

Source: SBD > PCM > CDR

Transfer: PCM SBD -> Sony PCM 601ES -> RME Hammerfall > Soundforge 4.5/CD Architect > CDR
by Sean Weber-small

Some static pops were removed from the Black Peter as well as a drop out in Playin
via sound forge.

CDR (Mitsui) > EAC (Plex 8X, see logs in each folder) > SHN via MKW .97
by Bill Gardner, [email protected]

**DISC 1**
T01: Hey Pocky Way
T02: Jack Straw
T03: Row Jimmy
T04: When I Paint My Masterpiece
T05: Dupree's Diamond Blues
T06: Box Of Rain
T07: Cassidy >
T08: Might As Well

**DISC 2**
T01: Uncle John's Band >
T02: Playing In The Band >
T03: Terrapin Station >
T04: Drums >

**DISC 3**
T01: Space >
T02: Jam
T03: I Need A Miracle >
T04: Black Peter >
T05: Throwing Stones >
T06: Not Fade Away
T07: Crowd
T08: ENCORE Not Fade Away >
T09: Knockin' On Heaven's Door
T10: One More Saturday Night
Show Checksums
92c5430f17cb97324e0cf6dc399d32bd *gd1987-11-07d1t05.shn
bc6ab10709c1682bd4fd36dc49cca384 *gd1987-11-07d1t02.shn
5659633ea55abc7c35fca994b02d8f16 *gd1987-11-07d1t03.shn
7e8990af637a3ad86b562c64aab6685e *gd1987-11-07d1t04.shn
a66640c7f900b6943b8a01736fd95ac3 *gd1987-11-07d1t01.shn
30e1027877d7bd1ceffaf24332f9ed16 *gd1987-11-07d1t06.shn
e140f74e81979cee2297c5a3c9631958 *gd1987-11-07d1t07.shn
54d0052944d6cce016032b081f3e5b51 *gd1987-11-07d1t08.shn
947761c4c62284bc03389225bb19ac5e *gd1987-11-07d2t02.shn
e0889da4a2b90ef2017ad14e00111962 *gd1987-11-07d2t01.shn
fa44bd29dbbc6e658814e3c58a2f159f *gd1987-11-07d2t03.shn
69038d3bc3040f2464d5a333faaffc86 *gd1987-11-07d2t04.shn
58221da6af0fd34ebf4a7a70e1507e7e *gd1987-11-07d3t06.shn
894c001869099988e10f4b583a6f6ae9 *gd1987-11-07d3t02.shn
fe7ae0688ea1ffc700f14301c5779c4d *gd1987-11-07d3t03.shn
3af9f0bc02d98e26804478311b9b4b04 *gd1987-11-07d3t04.shn
6eaf62eee70680cec3daf4ca40dc7bbb *gd1987-11-07d3t05.shn
d33f61db43bdf27c3ed18f843bf85652 *gd1987-11-07d3t01.shn
9f29947816514284f040acac3e5e8bf7 *gd1987-11-07d3t07.shn
1d6e2ae8c760bae44ac5a3e6d0c804f4 *gd1987-11-07d3t08.shn
494f38a910f0e5918e6067f9c4701994 *gd1987-11-07d3t09.shn
a971d4f34cc1f2183ac8ca0731ba01d7 *gd1987-11-07d3t10.shn
0ba248808d8af0f34731f2c0d8b44b6f [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t01.shn
b0b8dbab31a906c445c8c1bdd2d71273 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t02.shn
265296a9bbc0d5f2ecfc2c86c9845614 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t03.shn
9c3fb63bb8e5abf3016c337eb20527ff [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t04.shn
605b131866b34f49ec2590580c679be9 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t05.shn
7efef2107fd38a36dd9c361004a2c41d [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t06.shn
7af6a22d25ab3a7d40e3c338ebf23b52 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t07.shn
ed06c922009600240d832bd0e1798cb8 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d1t08.shn
8537dc7048add7b688351cfb1d4644fd [shntool] gd1987-11-07d2t01.shn
9dacf01dbe67b7640e88da89aa333288 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d2t02.shn
728141f22b0201475712c0a01e4191fd [shntool] gd1987-11-07d2t03.shn
849c0864316eb86283f8ea62cb093e8a [shntool] gd1987-11-07d2t04.shn
2c40d7eddaabd8bcb4785c136b353e0d [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t01.shn
4fb97fb4f7b3d7c2837d89eb48737e91 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t02.shn
dba60e7aea0416adfa889fcac2f7c964 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t03.shn
d8cd7e9176c9c50a6e30f46af95d9a2c [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t04.shn
c54641224eb3df254995d3dcb6824fd2 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t05.shn
8af49c0abf3041c74185deeb07f331e8 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t06.shn
652f7032f943dd0f4ab47d8d926d108a [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t07.shn
10d4b6dba65f5e331fecb514fb94db49 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t08.shn
41cebc592407e8ad41bf79eb013f2940 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t09.shn
2c77587b9a858e4cc38f6d406b0cd130 [shntool] gd1987-11-07d3t10.shn

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