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Phish 08/09/97
Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI
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Entered by Jason Sobel
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Set 1: Schopes CMC64's > Lunatic > Apogee AD-1000 > HHb PortaDat; Set 2: Microtech Gefell m210's -> Oade m248 -> Sbm1 -> DA-P1; DA302 -> Audiowerks AW2 -> Peak 4 -> xAct -> flac; Set 2 taped by Jason Wilhelm 
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Alpine Valley Music Theater
East Troy, WI

FROM THE KICKMEDOWN.COM ARCHIVE (From Angelo "Magickbrother" DeSalvo)

Set 1 Source: CMC64's>Audio Magic Cables>Lunatic preamp>Apogee AD-1000 > HHb PortaDat
Thanks timeflack for the DAT -> CD conversion and upload! (Taper ?????)

Set 2 Source: MG210's-> Oade m248-> Sbm1 -> Dap1  Taper - jason Wilhelm

transfer from Angelo's Patch Master
transfer - DA302 -> Audiowerks AW2 -> Peak 4 -> xAct -> flac

   Disk 1
01. Theme from the Bottom
03. Ghost ->
04. Taste
05. Dogs Stole Things
06. Reba
07. Lawn Boy
08. Crossroads

    Disk 2
01. Wilson ->
02. Foam

    Disk 3
01. Mike's Song ->
02. Ain't Love Funny ->
03. Simple ->
04. Swept Away ->
05. Steep ->
06. Scent of a Mule
07. Slave to the Traffic Light
08. Weekapaug Groove
09. Encore Break
10. When the Circus Comes to town
11. Rocky Top

This is a new transfer of set 2 as of Dec. 18 2004

I took the copy of the first set that was going around week4paug put the entire 1st set on
one disk (the original had the crossroads on disk 2) so the first set is still the original flacs

My copy of set 1 had massive drops in punch & Ghost

I transfered set 2 because of a nasty drop out in mike's on the Schoeps Source

Here you go enjoy

Ps - you can still break this shows up the way it was before ( slave starting disk 3)

but I perfered to keep the mike's groove on one disk

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ph1997-08-09d1t01.flac: 3600f006747d8dea4a67ed8367b36a56
ph1997-08-09d1t02.flac: a73a3e666ddedb10d66beff8079e5a95
ph1997-08-09d1t03.flac: 1721c135e3d6aabe48ed861ae9980298
ph1997-08-09d1t04.flac: 1d02395748ac442a0816d5e17e1338ee
ph1997-08-09d1t05.flac: 663e267638eece34fd2e89418fcb5406
ph1997-08-09d1t06.flac: 82f18420469e77322b08c3d3bf70fe96
ph1997-08-09d1t07.flac: 0e4658fa14581a2ecd49e6acbbb03ea6
ph1997-08-09d1t08.flac: 812cba81c81eb02dae82ad166564053e
ph1997-08-09d2t01.flac: 99a12f9cce919001a11e96db7c3b8bb7
ph1997-08-09d2t02.flac: 783ee446e2e98ec163fb811f8b38a35d
ph1997-08-09d3t01.flac: aeaaadf0b97ab1d31b5c302291f1d6d6
ph1997-08-09d3t02.flac: 18d82e392f3400798218d404cc6c1e4c
ph1997-08-09d3t03.flac: 5085167dc528fbce77586d0f646865d9
ph1997-08-09d3t04.flac: cc011dee6bbdb445268ebcb85b593ed2
ph1997-08-09d3t05.flac: 53af6e18c55214f00180fe2a7723a3c0
ph1997-08-09d3t06.flac: 773fe73631675c5fc3d2c95c4f88cbe3
ph1997-08-09d3t07.flac: 823dea857191902f81c8c3b225209d06
ph1997-08-09d3t08.flac: 139630b42fed7374ed7f465fe05bec6e
ph1997-08-09d3t09.flac: 00982343ad4d37f37b1c599205c06b70
ph1997-08-09d3t10.flac: a051f52e02731c0c35a286a908ba3b88
ph1997-08-09d3t11.flac: efabcce31cf405a4cbe4f94976e24b7a

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