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Phish 07/31/98
Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, OH
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Entered by Jason Sobel
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary B&K4011's -> Lunatec V2 -> AD1000 -> Tascam DA-P1; DA302-> audiowerks aw2-> Peak-> xact-> flac; Transferred by Angelo DeSalvo 
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Polaris Amphitheater
Columbus, OH

Source - B&K4011's -> Lunatec V2 -> AD1000 -> Tascam DA-P1
Angelo's Patch master used in this Transfer
Transfer - DA302-> audiowerks aw2-> Peak-> xact-> flac
Transfer dec 04 by angelo"magickbrother"DeSalvo

FROM THE KICKMEDOWN.COM ARCHIVE (From Angelo "Magickbrother" DeSalvo)
Disks 2 & 3 will fit on 1 80min disk if d3t01 is omitted

Disc 1:
Set I:
1. My Friend My Friend
2. Ya Mar
3. Roggae
4. Rift
5. Cities*,
6. Water in the Sky
7. Stash

Disc 2:
Set II:
1. The Curtain >
2. Free^
3. If I Could
4. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday ->
5. Avenu Malkenu
6. Twist ->
7. Izabella
8. Julius
9. Cavern

Disc 3: ENCORE
3. crowd noise
4. Punch You in the Eye
5. Slave to the Traffic Light

*"Oye Como Va" (Santana) jam at the end; theme
recurred in "Julius."
^With an "Eminence Front" (The Who) jam.
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PH1998-07-31D1T01.flac: e0fa9ae450fc07cff1c386f230a2116b
PH1998-07-31D1T02.flac: 71ff6dd3e24bb16adc9412c3005312dc
PH1998-07-31D1T03.flac: dbd541ffb6536ebef28e0d7369c63ecf
PH1998-07-31D1T04.flac: f58e6b852bdb1c0821457875f6a18ee2
PH1998-07-31D1T05.flac: 387a87bcaeb6caca3f9df1ec1c12e8a9
PH1998-07-31D1T06.flac: d6dce9222aae38c814589a0f3114c6a8
PH1998-07-31D1T07.flac: 87a7a280816bfb9190d716e1334d5643
ph1998-07-31d2t01.flac: 1d3bf4bf54848936e7776839aa1af855
ph1998-07-31d2t02.flac: 1759cb41045b920563350258ed00361f
ph1998-07-31d2t03.flac: e0c39b487c8dd80507a504be723d5676
ph1998-07-31d2t04.flac: 6c5615d25a959e02440716f05d17a26c
ph1998-07-31d2t05.flac: 8a224a3c18fdd3c07e2a6afab0e6e006
ph1998-07-31d2t06.flac: 2d95a9dd78ad6fca1cf44e1c488d2cc0
ph1998-07-31d2t07.flac: 825611d57129c6ec0135bcf12c1746b1
ph1998-07-31d2t08.flac: ccd63018339ea70717c275dcfe0a2716
ph1998-07-31d2t09.flac: 1b3fe56ac4d10b1a43545d84643e86b2
ph1998-07-31d3t01.flac: 4bec84280079c1aef3ba15542bcc01a1
ph1998-07-31d3t02.flac: 2a080bfb2be08504763604216c07ded8
ph1998-07-31d3t03.flac: 9e5c0b093589153fc64cb62fec7903fa

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