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Ratdog 07/09/08
Center for Performing Arts, San Jose, CA
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Entered by ziko
Checksums md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Neumann KM140s (ortf) > Sound Devices MP2 > Edirol R09 (16/44) CD Wave > FLAC  
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Performing Arts Center
San Jose CA
July 9, 2008 - Wednesday

Neumann KM140s (ortf) > Sound Devices MP2 > Edirol R09 (16/44)
CD Wave > FLAC

Microphones clamped to light rig front and dead center balcony.

01. Help On The Way > Slipknot >
02. All Over Now >
03. She Says
04. Greatest Story Ever Told
05. Aiko-Aiko
06. Peggy-O >
07. Me And My Uncle
-cd break-
08. Truckin' >
09. The Other One (1st verse) > Drums/Jam
10. To Lay Me Down
11. China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
12. Encore: Johnny B. Goode
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75c27fee212aa44d60564e74a50e93f4 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-01.flac
8462559067814b5cf5786423fed32c83 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-02.flac
a95d039a9b31633ac32921759dd5d8e3 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-03.flac
d9697031f32b5adc72446999e626c399 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-04.flac
feec3eb0ba58160b61d6f14dc74faec5 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-05.flac
50501c9b0dd5014d2e3dc78e8fb59274 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-06.flac
1115d429987c168b44fe872442aaa92c *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-07.flac
9e0b94236673ce67424fc125b149c001 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-08.flac
cf5318f9705dde640b06a23e0b3bc22e *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-09.flac
8f342388d7314aa02e27d301bc67f8b1 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-10.flac
93f8007903da1a0664865e381c0876ef *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-11.flac
5a70173311c1ff0f6b22ec4a1e2c0b97 *ratdog2008-0709-km140s-R09-12.flac

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