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Gov't Mule 09/23/95
Central City Park (Early Show), Macon, GA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Taper unknown Source: Video tape>CDR>Wave(EAC)>Flac Level6(Trader\'s Little Helper)>You brothers!  
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Gov\'t Mule
Elizabeth Reed Music Hall
Macon, GA

Taper unknown
Video tape>CDR>Wave(EAC)>Flac Level6(Trader\'s Little Helper)>You brothers!

Quality : A
There\'s some hiss here and there on vocals notably.
Temporary Saint was deleted cause of ruined magnetic tape.
First verse of Just Got Paid is missing.
Despite these little flaws this show sound\'s great and will
kick your ass! Enjoy!

cd.1 53:27
01 Mule
02 Rocking Horse
03 Mr. Big
04 Trane >
05 Eternity\'s Breath >
06 St. Stephen Jam
07 Painted Silver Light
08 The Same Thing

cd.2 63:30
01 crowd,(Woody\'s intervention)
02 Left Coast Groovies >
03 Drums >
04 Left Coast Groovies
05 World Of Difference
06 Pygmy Twylyte (Intro) >
07 Blind Man In The Dark
08 Kind Of Bird
09 // Just Got Paid
10 crowd - announcement
11 Look On Yonder Wall

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gm 1995-09-23 d1t01 Mule.flac:83fba424672210bd6fc4e38448f4291b
gm 1995-09-23 d1t02 Rocking Horse.flac:e532db97f48c4bb41c1966c88ce2d400
gm 1995-09-23 d1t03 Mr Big.flac:3957c8e6380240c7d56cd1bad4904154
gm 1995-09-23 d1t04 Trane.flac:941b4a412d974c623a66043f1e6a9d9b
gm 1995-09-23 d1t05 Eternity\'s Breath.flac:2042563665c0770d7d5d9e6a513d93dc
gm 1995-09-23 d1t06 St Stephen Jam.flac:6281611cf8a7f26ff2bb899e7182ea32
gm 1995-09-23 d1t07 Painted Silver Light.flac:581aa3839727a264aab1a9598e5b0411
gm 1995-09-23 d1t08 The Same Thing.flac:e6ad686e7d64b2d4385876a9d2ac3aa1
gm 1995-09-23 d2t01 Tuning.flac:124812a485d7ea5c83ec8da71ae55989
gm 1995-09-23 d2t02 Left Coast Groovies.flac:ec2cf6e8de148d4b2d5f467f3e8c8b37
gm 1995-09-23 d2t03 Drums.flac:3f58d28e4231548b211b8f1b575aad2e
gm 1995-09-23 d2t04 Left Coast Groovies.flac:cd08a79c86fd8e3ffa0b12b9a04e88dc
gm 1995-09-23 d2t05 World Of Difference.flac:c54a8cd40ad0158ff925110aac5aca59
gm 1995-09-23 d2t06 Pygmy Twylyte intro.flac:8d0241eeccb102101826886a8fedaf5c
gm 1995-09-23 d2t07 Blind Man In The Dark.flac:d90b563a182e22bebd76123549a17587
gm 1995-09-23 d2t08 Kind Of Bird.flac:e8970b8ff7033ff849d3fd7a53670239
gm 1995-09-23 d2t09 Just Got Paid.flac:e3f7667a5713df9da409529fe7ac8bc2
gm 1995-09-23 d2t10 Crowd Announcement Tuning.flac:56e2e43489412f56e6c2163ff431a92b
gm 1995-09-23 d2t11 Look On Yonder Wall.flac:c7b1f5a69c48ec019e83ffd67f672e85

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