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Gov't Mule 11/12/97
Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland, OH
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Gov't Mule 11/12/1997 Cleveland, OH - Peabody's Down Under

audience recording
source: unknown
taper: unknown

many thanks to raimax who provided me with this show!

1. Rockin' Horse->
2. Thelonius Beck,
3  Gameface,
4. Thorazine Shuffle,
5. Painted Silver Light,
6. Afro Blue->
7. Larger Than Life->
8. Pygmy Twylyte-> Blind Man In The Dark-> Drums-> Blind Man In The Dark->
9. Mother Earth->
10. Politician,

1. Kind Of Bird, 2. Nasty Dog & Funky Kings,
3. Mule-> Who Do You Love?-> Mule,
4. Encore: I Ain't Superstitious*,
5. I Can't Hold Out*
* = w/ Gordie Johnson & Kelly Hoppe of Big Sugar & Chris Duarte
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5578b27cf0b21ece157ab178c7d34f81 *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T01.flac
bc6b9d97bbcfa81d9f34d05c1285c684 *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T02.flac
05cc186bf2e970e59e082eb7d219e462 *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T03.flac
23bcd9ec86996036812a68855fc3dcb3 *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T04.flac
5bdcbc1dcf8e95e5992e97e6783bf35d *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T05.flac
870d474d8329297cbc1b99bc6b7635ff *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T06.flac
a9f524492e204e919c8a68dfdb8e3db3 *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T07.flac
f662114fcd91ef0e06895119d3edc17f *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T08.flac
10daff0f8cccb1a23c8304077140d454 *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T09.flac
defe75140418b837b123e21fc7d2586c *Mule 1997-11-12 D1T10.flac
97d486a258c7b48af28ae88941b8b51f *Mule 1997-11-12 D2T01.flac
3a5068f8be27febe5dbb7441a00456b4 *Mule 1997-11-12 D2T02.flac
89ed9c36e6fefb1c596397e8463bf4e7 *Mule 1997-11-12 D2T03.flac
173775310a0575365803543618e0e1ac *Mule 1997-11-12 D2T04.flac
aacdfa75ff9db9cfc70bb52da3f330b6 *Mule 1997-11-12 D2T05.flac

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