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Gov't Mule 06/28/99
Garton's, Vail, CO
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Taper : Unknown Source: Audience Recording > Transfer: CD Wav(Plextor/PX-W1210A)>Flac Frontend(level8) Seeded By BluesOxator 
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1999 - 06 - 28
Vail, CO

Warren Haynes - guitar & vocals
Matt Abts - drums
Allen Woody - bass

Warren Haynes - guitar & vocals
Matt Abts - drums
Allen Woody - bass

Taper : Unknown
Source:  Audience Recording >
Transfer: CD Wav(Plextor/PX-W1210A)>Flac Frontend(level8)

Seeded By BluesOxator

From The German Mule-Junkies:
RoryGallagher (a.k.a. Axel)
Raimax (a.k.a. Rainer)
BluesOxator (a.k.a. Christian)
chico1610 (a.k.a HO)

\"One Kickin`Ass !\" Mule Project
**For the Fans......By the Fans**

CD - 1 -
01. Wandering Child
02. Thorazine Shuffle
03. Devil Likes It Slow
04. She Said, She Said >
05. Tomorrow Never
       Knows Jam
06. I Shall Return
07. Lively Up Yourself >
08. Mule > What Is Hip? >
      Mule outro >
09. Pass The Peas

CD - 2 -
01. Lay Your Burden Down >
02. Bad Little Doggie >
03. Drums >
04. Jam >
05. I Can\'t Quit You Baby >
06. Pygmy Twylyte > Dummy
      Up > Pygmy Twylyte >
07. Blind Man In The Dark
encore :
08. - crowd -
09. Little Wing >
10. Third Stone From The Sun

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gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr01.flac:193bd653235822ce2c45bd7f7d934f72
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr02.flac:4b1ad2fa6ab079a9b781cbf640a02523
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr03.flac:21c63882da65543fa8181d764a134f8e
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr04.flac:b680716c41ce0df3e7c1b739889ee726
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr05.flac:e0ae14757ae8ff805914f5d33673742b
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr06.flac:2b91a1bfe52d70afa627eb002d00f675
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr07.flac:b890bccc8f5709d6f259499f36b7224b
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr08.flac:9fa4a02de55685b2fa0b079bdf8f7e3c
gm1999-06-28 CD1 tr09.flac:0526487bffa99f34bd75c884d7711d64
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr01.flac:ed02777d789f819aa3db47324b6a5859
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr02.flac:62863a0b24c587d7f6355f75e5513fbb
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr03.flac:f452a0415cc0d6a163baa9791b73eae7
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr04.flac:40830daac7a6bd3d97554c7d0225a801
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr05.flac:799cd8f2860a03d4543f533b360635d2
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr06.flac:482189e26136f6a56bfc916ff6dc91f0
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr07.flac:10d5b150d32871b245ab6f9d39323fd3
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr08.flac:4237ddcb680205643fc2c4cc75455642
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr09.flac:f644284c2c5d43fdf34c861b69acbf5b
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr10.flac:e28d03570408c58894aaff288a782f20
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr01.flac:ae38e13014ba5f4ef72083ddaaf23ffe
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr02.flac:b5cd4c8d39453d67eae0eb23def23300
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr03.flac:9aa254de471c2fa56ebf71bd2ebaae03
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr04.flac:9e83c2a780ec95c68200c1abd8bed535
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr05.flac:d63eb81259f653d55f70b66e11f15eb8
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr06.flac:86d9df0bcf0bee569da932f9a3379040
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr07.flac:fffde8f86cd017df78fea8ec99544ab7
gm1999-07-22 CD1 tr08.flac:5e5641d60ee2bd85f663245b715cc77e
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr01.flac:14931755440df6bf20de5d5fb3bb7e6d
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr02.flac:3ec90f30ee0bd90da2f24f0daa5b98e5
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr03.flac:bbafd4a7f27c0dab4367be6f51e3b032
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr04.flac:4f262d245e2ee34c0e38e3eff85d8adf
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr05.flac:2c327a37665cfdd1e59e4dce70709295
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr06.flac:d61b79514633491b3036ca3dcb5cfce4
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr07.flac:a8d61bce9525b0682a02f9ce8124266a
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr08.flac:71df80b8dc7227ff418d8ee5fb1067be
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr09.flac:8f767978f9ae0430debde9c254500c82
gm1999-07-22 CD2 tr10.flac:c326ab1c8a5f8d7f98dcaa9559ecf839
gm1999-06-28 CD2 tr10.flac:e28d03570408c58894aaff288a782f20

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