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Reconstruction 04/17/79
Rancho Nicasio, San Rafael, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Reconstruction: Phil Jaret's (FOB) JVC Electret condenser stereo mic (center floor) > Teac PC-10 MAC (Dolby B, TDK SA-90) > Sony TC-K615S playback > HHB CDR 800 (tracked "on the fly") > WAV > FLAC8, transferred by John M. 
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Rancho Nicasio, Nicasio, CA


Complete show. Direct from Master audience recording. Taped by Phil Jaret.

Location: Center floor. Teac PC-10 (TDK-SA 90 Dolby B on record and playback)
JVC Electret condenser stereo microphone.  Playback on a Sony TC-K615S
cassette deck directly to HHB CDR 800 burner. Tracked "On The Fly"

Transferred By John M. 7-26-08

D1T01 //What You Won't Do For Love
D1T02 Linda Chicana
D1T03 Someday Baby
D1T04 Soul Roach
D1T05 Make it Better
D1T06 Another Star

D2T01 A Lovely Night For Dancing
D2T02 Lovely Night For Dancing
D2T03 Mohican And The Great Spirit / I Just Wanna Stop
D2T04 Sama Layuca
D2T05 Strugglin' Man
D2T06 Long Train Running

Show Checksums
D1T01 What You Won't Do For Love.flac:70524d9eaa17cfc4f5efbedf9b12dc97
D1T02 Lyinda.flac:bee8d3d277525bc464b2b78e89033eda
D1T03 Someday Baby.flac:51b385372b4cec729e73eb8b096906ac
D1T04 Soul Roach.flac:3ccd86e879f4ce8dc5d9da2d3821fa00
D1T05 Make It Better.flac:d840c1d8abe846cad54010af4a4487b5
D1T06 Another Star.flac:43f114c04397e63a112f719dd40a28c0
D2T01 A Lovley Night For Dancing.flac:f81bef531f39dd79667b8d0585a8cdc4
D2T02 Mohican And The Great Spirit.flac:c49a12b2c48f8dc55c99e8a5cc8568f5
D2T03 I Just Wanna Stop.flac:5b16513c0e83063f48c713d4f783788c
D2T04 Welcome To The Basement.flac:09a474ca9398b783e93d9402468644ec
D2T05 Strugglin' Man.flac:b870236a53a3e213fc25f31d8026b8fa
D2T06 Long Train Running.flac:54972704d3cbdb0983697abec879e95b
420cc064b8f31bf0273cfc3b51169df3 *D1T01 What You Won't Do For Love.flac
4a7e8d28cdf6a4467d86d904771779cf *D1T02 Lyinda.flac
39b72dc8cbc046c119f99f3742b46b26 *D1T03 Someday Baby.flac
914d5d7260f4a89e6e8c8cfa471eca69 *D1T04 Soul Roach.flac
80cc0749cc5e3953362be5dd340c7110 *D1T05 Make It Better.flac
c275536a215915bf9bd4fe1074e8ef29 *D1T06 Another Star.flac
7a16b7b41876c1aabeb898a2e80c698c *D2T01 A Lovley Night For Dancing.flac
679c521ff1b9359127fbb27464d52d40 *D2T02 Mohican And The Great Spirit.flac
fd78ebb858d47d3f55c45c6b44be0f9d *D2T03 I Just Wanna Stop.flac
9535e92992fe502c132535a36a44ec8b *D2T04 Welcome To The Basement.flac
2530e31276912b7095cfe19a50c517d6 *D2T05 Strugglin' Man.flac
5bc3ccebf29405ed1b09aabf7f228eaf *D2T06 Long Train Running.flac

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Date User Comment
10/14/2017 jjoops s2t04 was labeled as "Welcome To The Basement", but it is McCoy Tyner's "Sama Layuca". See
10/15/2017 jjoops Also, s2t02 was listed as Horace Silver's "Mohican and the Great Spirit", but it's most definitely "Lovely Night For Dancing".