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John Medeski 05/01/99
SuperJam, The Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LA
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Entered by Tom Luhrs
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary DSBD -> Apogee A/D 1000; DA20 -> ZA2 
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The Howlin' Wolf
New Orleans Jazz Festival
New Orleans, LA
May 1, 1999

Micheal Ray - vocals, trumpet
Jon Medeski - keyboards
Karl Denson - saxophones, flute
Marc Ribot - guitar
Stanton Moore - drums
Jim Singleton - bass

Source: DSBD -> Apogee A/D 1000
Conversion: DA20 -> ZA2
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0bd6b520e3069145fc7d2824ee3ebf80 *superjam_1999-05-01_d1t01.shn
6467b04f3d121be21777de0f61cf1f9b *superjam_1999-05-01_d1t02.shn
bdb79a827720102840f5827c6d65f217 *superjam_1999-05-01_d1t03.shn
cddf7a39364be0be262804b8e14e475e *superjam_1999-05-01_d1t04.shn
02013b20a52495092e069db9b235da54 *superjam_1999-05-01_d1t05.shn
be26979aea6cadcb1047eb01f223a489 *superjam_1999-05-01_d1t06.shn
98ae1fc4ddccedd0d05c19525945007d *superjam_1999-05-01_d1t07.shn
3a41c512ee524b663412392ae6a0d319 *superjam_1999-05-01_d2t01.shn
e2fbc056daec9979613d91560dd6ba28 *superjam_1999-05-01_d2t02.shn
55b67d8e43e8e27866ea606e7cf04159 *superjam_1999-05-01_d2t03.shn
e2f91c66e86c99a85458f1f114f90036 *superjam_1999-05-01_d2t04.shn
a4a530ffc674e6fb6def1a50bf174daa *superjam_1999-05-01_d2t05.shn
d1f6c800ff7d994b1ab2f90092e1c2ba *superjam_1999-05-01_d2t06.shn
9628e0bb571f130acb2980a3203346ea *superjam_1999-05-01_d2t07.shn

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03/15/2010 twilight The sets are mislabled -- d2 is the first set and d1 is the second set.
03/15/2010 twilight Also, Skerik is on sax during the second set