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Grateful Dead 10/31/79
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY
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Entered by Matt Vernon
Checksums orig-shn-md5 , shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary D1 (set 1) SBD> MR> C> DAT> CD; D2 (set 2a) SBD> MR> Dick Latvala's Cass> DAT> CD; D3 (set 2b) AUDMC (Nak 700's> Sony TC158)> DAT> CD; Seeded to etree by Dave Shepard, w/ thanks to Chuck Reynolds; also to abgd : upgrade now in circulation
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Grateful Dead
Nassau Coliseum
Uniondale, NY

4/02 Complete Version


D1 (set 1)  SBD>MR>C>DAT>CD
D2 (set 2a) SBD>MR>Dick Latvala's Cass>DAT>CD
D3 (set 2b) AUDMC (Nak 700's>Sony TC158)>DAT>CD

D1-Set 1
1. /China Cat Sunflower >
2. I Know You Rider
3. Cassidy
4. Loser
5. "Take a step back"/Tuning/Weir's Quiz
6. Me & My Uncle  >
7. Big River/
8. "Take a step back"/Tuning
9. Althea
10. Lost Sailor  >
11. Saint of Circumstance

D2-Set 2a
1. Shakedown Street
2. Passenger
3. Ramble On Rose
4. Estimated Prophet>
5. Eyes Of The World>
6. Space >              
7. Drums...

D3-Set 2b
1. Space >
2. Wharf Rat >
3. Truckin'

4. Johnny B. Goode > "Happy Halloween" outro

D2 (2/02) Notes for set 2a:
From 1:33 to 5:58 of Shakedown Street there is a level drop in the Right channel.
I used some FFT filters in Cool Edit Pro to make a version where the volume drop
is less jarring - however there is a significant increase in the hiss in the
Right channel.

I also retracked the Eyes>Space>Drums sequence. [email protected] 19th Feb 2002

**Compiled & SHN'd by Dave Shepard ([email protected]) 4/02

(thanks to my buddy Chuck Reynolds in Crested Butte, CO. for D1 & D3)

*D1 Flaws:
Tr1 /China Cat (beginning of intro-5-10 seconds in length)
Tr5 Couple of small dropouts/diginoise/power loss
Tr7 Big River/ (end of last verse-5-10 seconds in length)

*D2 4/02 Updated Notes:
I patched the Left channel onto the right channel from 1:33 to 5:58 of Shakedown Street. The paste is almost seamless, and makes the tune "just exactly perfect". Dave Shepard ([email protected])

The vocals don't sound like they came from NAK 700's, but the music sure does!

Show Checksums
9ed2ec9d74d1069fdd28c0ab7ac043fd *gd79-10-31-D1Track 1.shn
d71b077ce4037522334db4e9f9406dd5 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 2.shn
52594c8f54a8bdc76d645bdc30176f43 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 3.shn
3f25de616d2a8486887b2ca763bb0032 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 4.shn
51db0c4eeaa1f05a23e445315a133fc3 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 5.shn
047cfd76aa66fadcabaa28370d29a8c1 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 6.shn
eed0a88c41cbb3b79e361a86078fec47 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 7.shn
3d5c46c1ec34e5f28394076843364eab *gd79-10-31-D1Track 8.shn
d02a86d992519fd91cbb46f8af610963 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 9.shn
bd68f22c388000afbbf1004e0daaa4e1 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 10.shn
787c7c74dfbf7a39362a0ff6fae3e8e5 *gd79-10-31-D1Track 11.shn
b94a0f82b11313aefa2f821ed215b7d2 *gd79-10-31-D2Track 1.shn
42edb09fb8b44954bfc20e3d1ccdc72a *gd79-10-31-D2Track 2.shn
66262708eccdf2569fc7b9d210a3b638 *gd79-10-31-D2Track 3.shn
854137b9b75f76d0cc32dee3063bf8b9 *gd79-10-31-D2Track 4.shn
43b67eda9134473accaf67565acb3adb *gd79-10-31-D2Track 5.shn
4d81613f0689d5120a252d712e4aaebc *gd79-10-31-D2Track 6.shn
0184cd8be5da37d953d47e22fad1393e *gd79-10-31-D2Track 7.shn
8e46a9a8c648f03660837b50015aa027 *gd79-10-31-D3Track 1.shn
0416a535f124113731d29659363e2ca6 *gd79-10-31-D3Track 2.shn
e484756f1209a35f2edeb34780b75aec *gd79-10-31-D3Track 3.shn
d3ce4ad1fa3497c20ffcb76db30704a7 *gd79-10-31-D3Track 4.shn
9ed2ec9d74d1069fdd28c0ab7ac043fd *gd79-10-31-d1track1.shn
bd68f22c388000afbbf1004e0daaa4e1 *gd79-10-31-d1track10.shn
787c7c74dfbf7a39362a0ff6fae3e8e5 *gd79-10-31-d1track11.shn
d71b077ce4037522334db4e9f9406dd5 *gd79-10-31-d1track2.shn
52594c8f54a8bdc76d645bdc30176f43 *gd79-10-31-d1track3.shn
3f25de616d2a8486887b2ca763bb0032 *gd79-10-31-d1track4.shn
51db0c4eeaa1f05a23e445315a133fc3 *gd79-10-31-d1track5.shn
047cfd76aa66fadcabaa28370d29a8c1 *gd79-10-31-d1track6.shn
eed0a88c41cbb3b79e361a86078fec47 *gd79-10-31-d1track7.shn
3d5c46c1ec34e5f28394076843364eab *gd79-10-31-d1track8.shn
d02a86d992519fd91cbb46f8af610963 *gd79-10-31-d1track9.shn
b94a0f82b11313aefa2f821ed215b7d2 *gd79-10-31-d2track1.shn
42edb09fb8b44954bfc20e3d1ccdc72a *gd79-10-31-d2track2.shn
66262708eccdf2569fc7b9d210a3b638 *gd79-10-31-d2track3.shn
854137b9b75f76d0cc32dee3063bf8b9 *gd79-10-31-d2track4.shn
43b67eda9134473accaf67565acb3adb *gd79-10-31-d2track5.shn
4d81613f0689d5120a252d712e4aaebc *gd79-10-31-d2track6.shn
0184cd8be5da37d953d47e22fad1393e *gd79-10-31-d2track7.shn
8e46a9a8c648f03660837b50015aa027 *gd79-10-31-d3track1.shn
0416a535f124113731d29659363e2ca6 *gd79-10-31-d3track2.shn
e484756f1209a35f2edeb34780b75aec *gd79-10-31-d3track3.shn
d3ce4ad1fa3497c20ffcb76db30704a7 *gd79-10-31-d3track4.shn
5a15b19726f4c2d9d38694df8b3bcd5c [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track1.shn
163b65e2d8581f44eb2ac328c8790ed3 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track10.shn
ecf28d9bf2e0e668ed463ac68a3b8816 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track11.shn
25c8cb028e072f47ca87c231a4ce9c36 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track2.shn
ba878aa345ca0da20c9ce5044e6ec907 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track3.shn
6bf21461e79aa6c706c9d7a482e21d45 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track4.shn
ac820d4e83ddd740b1e294fc265bf118 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track5.shn
077319be8bbda015c50501cfdcafe70f [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track6.shn
4e86d080f559f76608af510472181d2f [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track7.shn
c50482270b368eafe5e9017b39d715a8 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track8.shn
de7d50fa9e1357bc8308b5cc43ca4bcb [shntool] gd79-10-31-d1track9.shn
dc22ee54ccb7fe1eb005bb17243f1807 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d2track1.shn
b7b793d1fdd176f67692fdc752adb1e7 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d2track2.shn
3122642149eaf8e0a128be488033a1a7 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d2track3.shn
72211dab15392da8f0125b6b9df6a6a6 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d2track4.shn
d5296a552d889a81ae30a6c43ac95d04 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d2track5.shn
9b7fa3e503e317fdfcb02e1bd1276dc9 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d2track6.shn
7837f0b175644d2a0182630aa1acaabb [shntool] gd79-10-31-d2track7.shn
6c113ed9a29452e9fb5987de974b7187 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d3track1.shn
5877f09bd97a52e231a8de1af292aca0 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d3track2.shn
21993e3f4a01ce6d6259e19db13b1336 [shntool] gd79-10-31-d3track3.shn
57269cc3aaa3e4038cd2161203886f6b [shntool] gd79-10-31-d3track4.shn

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