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Ween 04/21/02
The Plex, North Charleston, SC
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Entered by Justin Weiss
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Source Summary No source info yet... Thanks to The Stallion 420 for the upload!!  
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Charleston, SC

No source info yet...
Thanks to The Stallion 420 for the upload!!

1  Exactly Where I'm At  
2  She Wanted To Leave  
3  Piss Up A Rope  
4  Grobe, The  
5  Baby Bitch  
6  Tick  
7  Waving My Dick In The Wind  
8  Mister Richard Smoker  
9  Papa Zit  
10  Stallion Pt. 5, The  
11  I'm In The Mood to Move  
12  Banana's And Blow  
13  Roses Are Free  
14  Back to Basom  
15  Marble Tulip Juicy Tree  
16  Ooh Va La  

disc 2
17  Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)  
18  Albino Sunburned Girl  
19  Ocean Man  
20  Joppa Road  
21  Birthday Boy  
22  She's Your Baby  
23  Take Me Away  
24  Dr. Rock  
25  Voodoo Lady  
26  Enabler, The  
27  Buckingham Green  
28  Nan  
29  Never Squeal on the Pusher  
30  Someday  

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9b686508d28ae146f60c2c5224a66332 *ween02-04-21d1t16.shn
18e5fffa953a5833952d576deecafd52 *ween02-04-21d1t02.shn
ca6dcac124b612e5215b9f3079bcea02 *ween02-04-21d1t03.shn
502d01d7362208e93bbce1dd7904c84c *ween02-04-21d1t04.shn
ca96f543afe0db3ec0043cc53af22c54 *ween02-04-21d1t05.shn
2f46db52597f83f1a5bac0a760629359 *ween02-04-21d1t06.shn
9d86fb22aaf89cb5a9064c2e433d2fb1 *ween02-04-21d1t07.shn
655d14ba4a351420d96ff3ff9116f6a3 *ween02-04-21d1t08.shn
8977586b4cb62ae6d0f6cd2011d5ca77 *ween02-04-21d1t09.shn
4eef169c3741315bce9ac3bc80f78d83 *ween02-04-21d1t10.shn
14a16673a7f49ab21fe24630321ef016 *ween02-04-21d1t11.shn
28dc4e731078bc4a504838a21a1ef6af *ween02-04-21d1t12.shn
7c7fc4b30a1b447ad0e2b7b11f383f5a *ween02-04-21d1t13.shn
71c74312dd97171189430cf5e5ffb360 *ween02-04-21d1t14.shn
64395160e0c425b2d0f24ea234fe745b *ween02-04-21d1t15.shn
d607143dcb13d6435670671d3dc54c4f *ween02-04-21d1t01.shn
e44459c8748947eac64b87b28b212773 *ween02-04-21d2t14.shn
8c6b84f66a2c1d2313b809a8320bed1f *ween02-04-21d2t02.shn
b4c84930503bd3594ed35fa249b3f2bb *ween02-04-21d2t03.shn
97d103d2c4acc5c1658efc220ffef234 *ween02-04-21d2t04.shn
0fdcbb11a99e7bec548e41b8c9442f4e *ween02-04-21d2t05.shn
ee323a793db4e59e8cd77587488c10ed *ween02-04-21d2t06.shn
472e0d38a5e3abf7be7f59b4d5286b99 *ween02-04-21d2t07.shn
d4f1968223690836c7e7e7b1158fba3c *ween02-04-21d2t08.shn
e93dd50cd1b9a6ea7386ff454b2af87d *ween02-04-21d2t09.shn
c2c67693e7735f92f1bcd40814de174b *ween02-04-21d2t10.shn
c56eac14a77b4dfb671caf69ae4e55ff *ween02-04-21d2t11.shn
12215a51dcbd9bdb46554dc6046ff8dd *ween02-04-21d2t12.shn
34197fe53d6f1b59b3152baaea680df9 *ween02-04-21d2t13.shn
554120ad23b3daec100241390c18de54 *ween02-04-21d2t01.shn

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Date User Comment
08/28/2002 Ween fan Pathetic that this show has no source or transfer info... Ween tapers are stupid...
02/27/2003 marc p The original source is: EW SR-78's > DA-P1 > ...
02/27/2003 Ween fan How do you know this is the source of this set of SHNs? Are you the person who generated the MD5s listed above? And what is the transfer?
03/28/2003 marc p This was the only set of mic's there. I do not know any other info. Just trying to help. Peace.