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Ween 03/21/02
The Sterling Hotel, Allentown, PA
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Entered by Justin Weiss
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Source Summary MK4V's-> SXM2-> SBM1(mod-> D100 (center) 
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The Sterling Hotel, Allentown, PA

MK4V's-> SXM2-> SBM1(mod-> D100 (center)

Disc 01

1) "tuning"
2) Ice Castles
3) Golden Eel
4) What Deaner Was Talking About
5) Bananas & Blow
6) Roses Are Free
7) Flutes of the Chi
8) Captain Fantasy
9) Take Me Away
10) Waving my Dick in the Wind
11) Transdermal Celebration
12) Buckingham Green
13) Albino Sunburned Girl
14) Ooh Va La
15) Never Squeel on a Pusher
16) Dr. Rock

Disc 02

1) Springtheme (feat Rev. Bill Fowler)
2) Push tha' Little Daisies
3) The Mollusk
4) Don't Laugh (I Love You)
5) Puerto Rican Power
6) Touch My Tooter
7) Frank
8) If you Could Safe Yourself, You'd Save us All
9) Johnny on the Spot
10) Piss up a Rope
11) Spinal Meningitis
12) Tear 4 Eddie (feat Rev. Bill Fowler)
13) Polka Dot Tail (feat Rev. Bil Fowler)

Disc 03
1) "tuning"
2) Zoloft
3) Someday
4) Exactly Where I'm At
5) Voodoo Lady

Jimi Hendrix
Drake Hotel, NYC

Solo Acoustic

tracks 6-11

Show Checksums
77f77231e3892902d25306154a76ebeb *Ween- 02-03-21d01t01.shn
2f26fc18149d571b098cf27b04ec797f *Ween- 02-03-21d01t02.shn
d01fe75a14105e2778979f550ae3a974 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t03.shn
043acdd7b49cca1a4f50821bbf53102e *Ween- 02-03-21d01t04.shn
fdc9c47c5b7ca49375ad77961b3ce088 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t05.shn
687d1381d617e79925dfda1e22d418cb *Ween- 02-03-21d01t06.shn
7aa157d1e42bf55f283fda675c763a8e *Ween- 02-03-21d01t07.shn
c9280a5c29185313675707ff75ecee9c *Ween- 02-03-21d01t08.shn
9afb1495d8d6cff369c30dfe84e96a08 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t09.shn
c11f8873ac6388cda8b7bbdc92f6e555 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t10.shn
494f563b89549e0a90e3e2d05e853196 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t11.shn
64caad2b580807b76bc7ad46c0e7fd01 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t12.shn
a6e8c1cf8406862c7fcad845663b9172 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t13.shn
213891baef65c7566459b5540218390e *Ween- 02-03-21d01t14.shn
4f45356952a2bcf5dcbc5b08e536e218 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t15.shn
a933ab298e82ea71dd277b692ae020d6 *Ween- 02-03-21d01t16.shn
06b75ecfdcffd7558fc7456d6bf88b11 *ween- 02-03-21d02t01.shn
174177d5b4228fe96cc712087fb068b3 *ween- 02-03-21d02t02.shn
6376e250d3a0b7f2a8e64211cc66998f *ween- 02-03-21d02t03.shn
1e2bcd18aba7b8afb425b8877e8075fb *ween- 02-03-21d02t04.shn
382730550d04bb20447fdff72d12bc00 *ween- 02-03-21d02t05.shn
7ede3f77cb1bdd57d3dd2c7e906648d4 *ween- 02-03-21d02t06.shn
d3522fe4bb490aabe12e6ad1487c75d9 *ween- 02-03-21d02t07.shn
c596c23aa0d1612b3c797004c033f8b6 *ween- 02-03-21d02t08.shn
284ee753e511faf998daff42bd2ca3bd *ween- 02-03-21d02t09.shn
b007d8d1abffe836ecc2d941c902f5b3 *ween- 02-03-21d02t10.shn
10b7be5ee8e8967ae02e7554cddbe914 *ween- 02-03-21d02t11.shn
55e35126f6f5bc948eb61fcda4a316ec *ween- 02-03-21d02t12.shn
86776574a5a7192ccc2c2d01e0d613b2 *ween- 02-03-21d02t13.shn
6e59fe6e7cd55fa911f7e71be039a555 *ween- 02-03-21d03t01.shn
00087c3a0fdf31d54d3c51cd14cbbe38 *ween- 02-03-21d03t02.shn
79a003a67f9878f0a5664d133c81b4ad *ween- 02-03-21d03t03.shn
09c8b697a62f63f1b5b7eb4b0ec87188 *ween- 02-03-21d03t04.shn
7e39a08e5dcf66981d9afb9d71f482fa *ween- 02-03-21d03t05.shn
de6d0af2f1425eaa4e5160062902951c *ween- 02-03-21d03t06.shn
e1b4541faf630d7c54d83e59ccdf439c *ween- 02-03-21d03t07.shn
5e00d788718daf0e9108178dc5adb9e6 *ween- 02-03-21d03t08.shn
cef12c1df6d3288cb7254c85d861d41a *ween- 02-03-21d03t09.shn
f4af0dc97eb74a447199baf4c2895192 *ween- 02-03-21d03t10.shn
1c5c21770bd7a168ba2833ccac75d980 *ween- 02-03-21d03t11.shn

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